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    πŸ—ž The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (12-10-2021)

    (Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Do-over)

    This is a fun email for Friday December 10th, 2021. Hope you like it :)

    🎀 Listen to this email here:



    This old-school ad for a pressure cooker goes into detail about how you can cook quick meals with this device, and goes into detail on specific meals:
    presto pressure cooker ad
    It even shows how fast something would cook in a pressure cooker versus a normal pot, and shows features like how it won’t boil away some tasty ingredients:
    15 minutes for Swiss Steak, instead of 1 hour!
    Delicious gravy won’t boil away.
    Overall this was a great ad, with a lot of great copy!


    I have't actually written a proper blog post for all of 2021 🀯

    happily typing animation

    Well, technically I've written many things in 2021, just not a simple traditional blog post:
    In 2021 so far I've posted:
    β€’ SwipeFile.com (140 posts)
    β€’ CC Members Area (3,790 posts)
    β€’ CC Blog (85 posts)
    β€’ Twitter (2,384)
    β€’ Instagram (175 stories)
    β€’ YouTube (30 videos)
    For example on the Copywriting Course Blog all the blog posts have been either Stupid Email replications (what you're reading now) or video companion posts.
    There's so many places you post & interact online that JUST posting on a blog is no longer the norm.
    The downside to this is a lot of that content just "fades into the ether" when posted on social media.
    But when I create "classic blog posts" they can live on forever!
    For example here's some old blog posts and numbers:
    β€’ How to Create A Tagline: 540,052 reads
    β€’ How to Become A Copywriter: 535,131 reads
    β€’ What Is Copywriting: Brought in 362,988 reads
    It's definitely harder to create a blog post rather than a series of Tweets, but if done correctly, these pieces can "live on" year after year.
    In 2022 I would like to create more of these evergreen pieces. It's harder and more work, but like many things in life, the short term pain is outweighed by longterm gain.


    I've been spending all of December to contemplate where to aim for 2022.
    Goals list
    I've been asking questions such as:
    β€’ What I want to do more of?
    β€’ What I want to do less of?
    β€’ How will these actions play out in 5 years?
    β€’ What has worked well this year?
    β€’ What has not worked well this year?
    Some of these questions are harder than they appear:
    For example when I post interviews on YouTube, they get ZERO new subscribers each time.
    These interviews are immensely helpful to me, I like doing them, and they get a lot of responses from people....but in terms of growing the audience they do NOTHING.
    interviews no subscribersHowever if I post a quick video of me teaching something, it tends to grow subscribers:
    teaching-video-stats.jpgIt's weird little things like this that I want to reflect on for the rest of the year so I can decide where to aim.


    Of all the things I’ve posted on Instagram somehow this random post by @SaraSodineParr showcasing Dyson was my most responded to story ever πŸ˜‚
    I guess SO MANY PEOPLE own these Dyson vacuums and also share the same love for them πŸ˜‚


    When it comes to growing your business, it seems everything just comes down to these 3 things:
    1.) Get more customers.
    2.) Offer more products.
    3.) Keep customers on longer.
    Pull one of those 3 levers and your business can potentially bring in more income.


    As mentioned earlier in this email:

    "There's so many places to post & interact online that JUST posting on a blog is no longer the norm."

    It's interesting to think that each new method of communications we invent, whole new industries and businesses are created:


    In the 1900's you had physical phone lines that you could communicate over.

    In the 1950's we got television technology which opened up a whole new form of communication and a whole host of new businesses based around it.

    In the 2000's we got internet which transformed the world and almost every industry.

    In 2021 the entire world has mobile computers and internet that's always on (no more "logging on"), and the world has transformed incredibly since the year 2000.

    It'll be wild to watch the next 30 years play out 😬

    Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!
    Neville Medhora - CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed

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