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    The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (3-11-2021)

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    This is a fun email for Friday March 11th, 2021. Hope you like it :)

    Optionally listen to this as an audio file:



    This old school Coca-Cola ad is just gorgeous. Some of those old ads were so pretty you could hang them up as art 🙂

    vintage art coca cola ad



    Use this formula on everything you've bought:

    [Cost] / [Hours Used Per Day] / 365

    Run this formula on everything, your phone will likely be the best purchase you’ve ever made.
    - Tesla Model 3: $45,000 / 2 / 365 = $61/hr
    - Lasik surgery: $5,000 / 18 / 365 = $0.76/hr
    - iPhone 12: $1,300 / 12 / 365 = $0.30/hr
    You can use this calculator to try out different items:

    How much does it cost?

    Hours used per day:

    New Phone $800  |  MacBook Pro $1,800  |  Porsche 911 $89,000

    If you use it for 1 year, it costs $1.46/hour

    If you use it for 2 years, it costs $0.73/hour

    If you use it for 3 years, it costs $0.48/hour

    If you use it for 4 years, it costs $0.36/hour

    If you use it for 5 years, it costs $0.29/hour

    If you use it for 6 years, it costs $0.22/hour

    If you use it for 7 years, it costs $0.19/hour

    If you use it for 8 years, it costs $0.16/hour

    If you use it for 9 years, it costs $0.14/hour

    If you use it for 10 years, it costs $0.15/hour



    We’re getting closer to a world where content creators get paid directly for their craft.
    content creators getting paid
    This could come true via micro crypto payments:
    EXAMPLE: At the end of the day you can “tip” content creators for media you’ve consumed, even just $0.25 and it will auto-distribute to thousands of people.
    So if you read one of my articles and like it, I might get paid $0.0001 for your time spent reading.
    Multiply this by thousands or millions of views for a single piece of content and this could add up quickly.
    Currently writers or video makers must setup their own network of advertisers or create products to make money, or be at the mercy of ad networks.
    Imagine a world where instead of having to gate content and charge, all views could be directly monetized as well 🙂


    When randomly browsing Zillow I saw a house nearby that had some Ogilvy art on the wall like I do at my place!
    Loved this framed book cover of "Ogilvy On Adverting"
    Ogilvy On Adverting on wall
    Might need to add that book cover to my collection!
    nevs Ogilvy wall


    I saw a very easy breakdown of how markets get hyped up, go crazy, then reset....all shown in one simple image:
    how trading markets reset image


    Here's a Mental Model for choosing between two options:
    Expands You: ​
    - You get excited thinking of it!
    - You can’t stop imagining it!
    - You really hope it happens!
    Contracts You:
    - Something feels wrong.
    - Feels like settling.
    - Feels meh.
    Here's a couple other mental models I like:
    mental models list

    Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday :)
    Neville Medhora - CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed

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