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    The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Cohort Edition)

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    This is an all-cohort edition of the STUPID Email. I've had a couple of interesting conversations on "cohort classes" in the last few days, so this is all fresh on my mind:


    It's kind of wild when looking at the pricing of cohort classes.
    Generally a simple online class will cost between $50 and $500.
    Almost every cohort I've seen ranges from $1,500 to $4,500!
    Here's a pricing example from a company called TackleBox:
    Tacklebox idea accelerator


    We did some analysis, and Q1 is the lowest revenue quarter of our baby community (it's almost 2 years old)!!
    So we decided we'll just be experimenting for the next 1-2 months!
    I think we're gonna hop on a trend and do a #BuildInPublic project on Twitter for Q1 of the year. It will likely be a series on building a small digital product (even smaller than a full course).
    I sometimes take it for granted because I've been building online since roughly 1999, but many people who work in the physical economy don't know much about building/selling online.
    The goal will be to get a digital product running that handles promotion, purchase, and delivery all while you're asleep.
    Here's a preview of the video I'm making on it:
    sell while you sleep slide
    sell while you sleep slide 2
    Sell while you sleep slide 3
    Sell while you sleep slide 4
    Sell while you sleep slide 5


    It's kind of wild that in the last 10 years a whole range of people who would otherwise be working boring jobs are now making YouTube videos, TikTok videos, and blog content about fun stuff they like.
    The trend is these people:
    Start making content --> Build an audience --> Create things to sell that audience --> Become their own little business empire.
    20 years ago it would be hilarious to think a random grandma could record herself cooking old recipes from her iPhone and somehow make a living from that.
    Ankur Nagpal creators twitter post


    As I'm writing this in the morning, this is a picture of the hills of Austin I get to look out out my window :-)
    Nev's morning view


    On Tuesday or Thursday next week I'm putting out an interview I did with Gagan Biyani who is one of the founders of Udemy.com.
    He is heavily investing in what he calls Cohort Based Courses.
    This was a SUPER INTERESTING conversation that answered:

    • The pro’s and con’s of cohorts and communities.
      “Cohort based courses have a 75% and 95% completion rate.”

    • Putting deadlines, goals, and specific outcomes on cohorts & communities.
      “Cohorts generally have some specific outcome.”

    • The “tool stack” to build a cohort or community, and why not just use Facebook Groups?

    • How do you keep a community of people engaged?
      “Almost all learning will likely go in the direction of cohorts.”

    This interview will go live next week.
    Neville Gagan interview image


    Remember above I was talking about a small digital product?
    This is an example of a tiny product that in one simple screen:
    - Promotes itself.
    - Handles payment.
    - Delivers itself.
    Oney's tutorials drawing
    If you would like to follow along as I build this out, please:
    - Follow on Twitter here
    - Follow the YouTube channel here
    Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits :)
    Neville Medhora - CopywritingCourse.com
    P.S. Also let me know in the comments if this is a good idea!

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