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    The Value of Copywriting

    There are many different ways to grow a business.

    The key is finding the ones that require the least effort but have the biggest impact.

    Copywriting is one of those ways.



    This guide will teach you:

    #1.) What copywriting is

    #2.) Why it is one of the easiest ways to grow your business

    #3.) Results other businesses have achieved with proper copywriting

    Let’s get started.



    What is Copywriting?

    Simply put, copywriting is a special form of writing designed to get people to buy or take an action.

    By knowing the right words to say (and when to say them), you can convince more people to buy from you.

    bad vs good copy

    Best of all, copywriting works in ANY industry (no matter how obscure).

    copywriting works with



    What Copywriting Can Do For You

    If you’re feeling a bit skeptical, take a look at these stats.



    79% of people only read headlines.

    It doesn’t matter how awesome your writing is if nobody actually reads it. By using subheadings, bullets, and other copywriting strategies, you can capture the attention of “skimmers” and draw them into your message.


    So even if someone just “skims” the article, they get value out of it.



    Most people only read 20% of a page’s content.

    Once you get them on your page, you need to hold their attention long enough to explain why your product is the right choice.

    amount page read good vs bad copy

    Without proper copywriting, you’re losing prospects prematurely.



    Writing at a third-grade reading level gets 36% more responses.

    Many businesses think they need to use big fancy words to appear professional. Turns out, this isn’t true. Copywriting is all about communicating ideas as simply as possible.

    copywriting reading level good vs bad

    Buyers don’t want to waste neurons deciphering jargon-filled writing (no matter how “formal” your industry is).



    Custom call-to-actions can increase clicks by 202%.

    By personalizing your CTA to your customer’s journey and using specific CTA copy in your links and buttons, you can potentially DOUBLE the number of customers who click.

    CTA good vs bad

    It seems insignificant, but optimizing little things like this can make a big impact on your bottom line.



    Adding testimonials can boost conversions by 34%.

    Testimonials are one of many types of “social proof” that help back up the claims your business makes. By sprinkling these trust-builders throughout your website and marketing, you’re more likely to convince prospects that you can solve their problems.

    social proof good vs bad

    Social proof is one of the best ways to build trust and confidence with people who have never heard of your business before.



    How Copywriting Increases Revenue

    Now that we’ve seen some statistics, let’s look at real results businesses have seen with copywriting:

    Online wine merchant uses copywriting to 10x revenue per email sent.

    wine email before and after



    Power washing company uses copywriting to transform a failed marketing campaign into a $13,202 of new business.

    power wash email before and after



    Shoe repair shop tweaks the message on their street sign and increases walk-ins by 50% (an extra $100K+ in revenue/year).

    shoe repair before and after



    More Examples of How Copywriting Boosts Business Growth

    In the Copywriting Course Forums, we help businesses write their copy and get crazy results. For example...

    Joyce helps musicians grow their business

    Joyce wanted help increasing her email capture conversion rate on her homepage. After following our advice in the Copywriting Course forums, her conversion increased from 1.77% to 6.21% (and later to 12.84%).



    Joyce helps musicians grow their business

    Joyce wanted help increasing her email capture conversion rate on her homepage. After following our advice in the Copywriting Course forums, her conversion increased from 1.77% to 6.21% (and later to 12.84%).

    joyce forum results 2



    Dr. Jeff helps people with spinal disc pain

    Dr. Jeff is a chiropractor who exploded his revenue by niching down and optimizing the copy in his ads. These subtle messaging tweaks have helped him grow his practice from high 5-figures per month to high 6-figures per month.

    dr jeff chiropractor growth



    Jessica sells household products on Amazon

    Jessica runs an Amazon store and wanted help optimizing one of her product listings. After chatting with us in the forums and tweaking her page, Jessica’s conversion rate jumped from 18% to 25%—bumping up sales by an extra 3-4 units per day.

    jessica conversion boost



    Michael sells music courses online

    Michael is a solopreneur who sells an online music course. He used copywriting to increase his course sales by 133%...all by simply changing the name of his course and some words on his sales page.

    michael raise in sales



    Adam runs a digital marketing agency

    Adam used principles taught in the Copywriting Course to quadruple the turnout for his digital marketing webinars. Now he has 4X the number of eyeballs on each of his webinars...all from making some simple changes to his title.

    adam testimonial screen



    Brian offers professional music-mixing services

    Brian used the AIDA copywriting formula to structure his first blog post on a brand new blog. The article took off, and his email list ballooned to 2000 in just 3 days.

    brian testimonial


    The point of all these examples is simple...



    Copywriting is the “work smarter, not harder” approach to increasing sales

    By applying copywriting principles to your marketing and testing different variations, it’s impossible not to increase your conversion rates.

    testing copy science stickman

    And the effects of optimized copywriting last FOREVER. You invest in copywriting once, and those words increase sales month after month.

    extra revenue daily from copywriting

    Investing in copywriting has both an immediate and long-term ROI.

    Best of all, it’s easy (and cheap) to get trained in copywriting.



    How to Get Copywriting Help

    One way to get help is to hire a freelance copywriter—but that’s not always the easiest or cost-effective way…

    hire a freelance copywriter

    A cheaper and more convenient option is to train your team in copywriting.

    train your team for copywriting

    In fact, many companies require their employees to go through Copywriting Course to become copywriting machines.

    edmund makes team take copywriting course

    Especially team members who represent the face of the company.

    my body tutor testimonial

    Not only does Copywriting Course teach your team persuasive copywriting skills, but they’ll also get unlimited advice and critiques from three professional copywriters. They just post content they want reviewed...

    help with cold email

    Then multiple professional copywriters give helpful feedback or full rewrites.

    forum rewrites and advice

    By working with us, you can rest easy knowing all of your content is optimized for maximum sales.

    copywriting experience and numbers

    Best of all, everything we do is measurable. You’ll be able to see the difference good copy makes right away.

    good copy generator machine


    So, are you ready to use copywriting to grow YOUR business?


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