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    Who is a good writer?


    Who do you admire as a "good writer?"

    It used to be the person reporting about cool people or events was the good writer, but now with the internet you can just directly follow the interesting person.

    The flow of information used to be controlled like this:


    For example:

    You → CNN → Steve Jobs

    You → CNBC → Warren Buffett

    You → New York Times → Elon Musk

    There was always an intermediary delivery person (or channel) that wrote about the interesting person.

    But then social media comes along and you can get information directly from the horses mouth:


    This allows you to totally bypass the reporter and go straight to the interesting person!

    You → Elon Musk

    You → President

    You → Oprah

    This change in dynamic has greatly changed my personal perception of who a "good writer" is.

    I think Lex Fridman is an amazing writer.

    I think Julie Gurner is an amazing writer.

    I think Elon Musk is an amazing writer.

    These are all people who would not consider "writer" as a career.

    I was trying to distill down "why" they are good writers, and here are some similarities I see:

    • People who are clear thinkers.

    • People who have interesting things going on.

    • People who can communicate in their chosen medium.

    • People who can explain complex topics into simple language.



    Neville N. Medhora

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