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    Copywriting Quotes

    Neville Medhora quote about being interesting

    Sometime just hearing a quote can make you completely change the way you're viewing something.

    Years ago I first heard the quote "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

    I pondered on that concept, and realized it was quite true. That same day I organized a small event for some friends that are doing big things in life, just to be around them more.

    copywriting quotes reading with lightbulb

    That action started all because of a one-sentence quote.

    Well here's a list of copywriting quotes I've learned from over the years. Hopefully some of them inspire you in the right direction :-)


    Gary Halbert Quote find a market first

    Joseph Sugarman quote about the need to justify selling using logic

    Gary Halbert Quote get a good swipe file for direct mail

    David Ogilvy Quote the customer is not a moron she's your wife

    William Bernbach quote about impressions

    Eugene Schwartz Quote about writing an effective sentence

    Mary Wells Lawrence quote about how advertising should make you nervous about what you are not buying

    Leo Burnett Quote about turning yourself into your customer

    Shirley Polykoff quote about writing being a direct conversation with the consumer

    Maurice Saatchi quote about reducing your argument into a few crisp words

    David Ogilvy quote on testing and improving

    Gary Halbert quote power of the written word

    Eugene Schwartz quote on audience

    David Ogilvy quote on headlines

    Joseph Sugarman quote about headlines  Neville Medhora quote write for others

    david ogilvy quote about idiots

    Stuart H Britt advertising quote

    William Bernbach quote about the power of truth

    Paul McCartney quote about writing

    Collection of helpful Copywriting Quotes:

    Here's my collection of copywriting and marketing quotes you can use in your materials or get inspired by:

    [table id=2 /]


    Hope these help you! If you need more marketing inspiration, I've posted my entire personal swipe file for all to use.


    Neville Medhora


    P.S. What's a quote you've got a lot of value from?  Post it in the comments below!

    Post them in comments below. I will be sending 2 lucky commenters a free shirt, of any style, of any size, to any location in the world...for free!


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    Totally true. You see it online and in person, there's always a super-vocal 5 or 10 percent of a population.
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    Nice...Felix Dennis is one of my favorite authors. "How To Get Rich" is in my Top 3 books.
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    Lol.....selling insurance with Einstein quotes?? I'm no insurance person, but I imagine that's not going to be super effective vs showing how to save money or get the best insurance for the money.

    Is Quote.com your site?

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    Good one! Warren Buffet has a similar thing (paraphrased): "You can simply look at the people you admire, and just start acting like them."
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    "You can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit" - high school coach
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    Guest Austin Miller


    "Money is, at its essence, that measure of a man’s choices." Marty Byrde from Netflix's Ozark.
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    Guest Benjamin Kjos


    "All good things come to an end, and in the end: all things come good." — Misappropriated to way too many old sage sayings.
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    Guest Kasey Luck


    I like Sugarman's "buying on emotion, then justifying with logic". So true, and speaks a lot to what I've been exploring recently (that everything we do comes from our emotional world, either emotional comfort or discomfort, but as creatures of modern society, we don't live in the emotional world, and we think everything is either mental or physical, so we justify it on that level).
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    Guest Punit Kumar


    "People don't remember who you are, they remember how do you make them feel" !!
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    "You can't cross a chasm with two small jumps" Former British Prime Minister David Lloyd George
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    'You regret more the things you didn't do than the things you did.' Don't know where I heard this although researching it now seems to be a summary of a Mark Twain quote. To me it means that you don't want to be left wondering in 20 years: "What if I had done that?" I'd rather try something and fail than not try at all...and I have failed a lot.
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    “Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void but out of chaos.” ― Mary Shelley

    I love this quote because it encourages you to look around and reflect on what to use as building blocks for your work and not wait around for an idea to pop out of nowhere. The Universe was created out of chaos after all :)

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