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    Become A Triple Threat (It will make you more dangerous)

    have a diploma but no job

    Over 10 years ago the famous venture capitalist Marc Andreessen published a guide for planning your career, and the main concept is focusing on becoming at least a double-threat.

    Here's what that means:

    "Single Threat"

    This is someone who only knows how to do one thing.

    This is like going out into the real world with a dull knife.

    single threat guy



    "Double Threat"

    This is someone who knows two things really well.

    These people are better armed to take on the real world.

    double threat guy



    "Triple Threat"

    This is someone who knows three things really well.

    This is like going into the real world armed with an assault rifle and whole arsenal.

    triple threat guy with tank and gun and flamethrower


    The other thing Marc Andreessen highly encourages is for people to learn at least one TECHNICAL skill.

    He said it like this:

    The funny thing is, my own college degree is a liberal arts subject: Political Science!

    It's a $50,000 piece of paper that won't (by itself) get me anything at all. (Although to be fair, I originally went to college trying to do computer science but failed out of the program).

    However, there's a glint of hope for people without any technical skills:

    The acquisition of new skills nowadays is incredibly easy!!

    You can pick up all these skills if you deliberately practice within only a year or two:

    learning new stuff

    If you take some time, you can learn any skill for free!

    (Free books from Library, free YouTube videos, free Facebook Groups, free Meetup groups).

    If you pay some money, you can learn any skill even faster!

    (Joining classes, hiring tutors, buying courses, buying books).

    You also don't have to be the best in the world at every skill, just "pretty good."

    I’ve been able to charge higher rates and create more stuff than many other copywriters because I’m a triple threat in the copywriting industry. Let me demonstrate:


    Single Threat Neville can only type words:

    neville single threat


    Double Threat Neville can type words AND make images:

    neville double threat


    Triple Threat Neville can type words AND make images AND make videos:

    neville triple threat

    Because I know three different skills relatively well, I can take on more projects than other copywriters, convey information through more mediums than other copywriters, and just in general be able to do things someone who can ONLY type words couldn't do.

    Maybe sit down tonight with a pen and paper and decide on how you're gonna make yourself at least a Double Threat by the end of this year.

    Here's a quick story how John became a Double Threat with very little effort:


    The best part about becoming a Double or Triple Threat is that you often have relatively little competition amongst your peers!

    Many people are bitch ass whiny losers who don't realize how good they have it:

    Life is so hard

    ...these people will do the bare minimum to get by, so anyone who puts forth a LITTLE BIT of extra effort can get ahead!!

    So even if you have a college degree, or even if you have a successful career, learning a new skill is never a bad thing.

    It keeps your brain occupied, it gives you a sense of accomplishment, and then a year after all your hard work is put in someone can say, "You're so lucky you know how to _____!"


    Watch the Triple Threat video:


    Download this Triple Threat post:

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    -- Download in PDF, Word, or Google Docs formats --


    Neville N. Medhora

    single threat guy   double threat guy   triple threat guy with tank and gun and flamethrower



    - - - P.S. - - -

    Are you a Single Threat, Double Threat, or Triple Threat??

    List your skills below, or tell me what skill you want to develop more in the next 12 months:

    (By publicly stating what you want to learn, it can help the odds of you sticking to it)!

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    Guest Neville


    Hey Mark, your skills definitely don't need to be related! The prepper/survival/military/off-grid industry is HUGE, and it seems like you can appeal to those type of people.

    I would maybe try to improve your ability to make images, that would extremely help compliment your emails!

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    Guest Neville


    Oh wow, you've actually been publicly posting your drawings everyday...that's super impressive Saumil! Would be cool after a few months to see before/after pictures :)
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    Guest Neville


    Well......list out the specific skills you'd like to learn, and rank them in order. I would choose skills you personally would be very interested in, and build on that. Spend 3-6 months doing it everyday and you will get very good very quick!
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    Hi Neville,

    This is a great article thank you. I work in the Organisational Capability space now but am gearing up for the future so have commenced and am halfway through a Business Analyst course, the deadline is July 18, I. I have recently seen on Airtasker the number of people asking for infographics and resumes, so am thinking I should look at Photoshop for my next study opportunity (am currently creating graphics and materials on Canva). Also I would love to learn how to create videos, to aid in my role to create videos for our online learning platform.

    Thanks Neville!

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    Guest Neville


    Hey Crobz, glad you're looking towards the future :)

    As for technical skills to create infographics, you don't necessarily only need to learn Photoshop (although that's a FANTASTIC start).

    You can also learn infographic services like Piktochart and such. An analogy is: I don't need to learn HTML to make a website, I just learn how to use Wordpress....although also knowing HTML super helps.

    As for video, I use Camtasia and find it really easy to use, and it does all the things I need in video without all the expense and complexity of Adobe Premier or After Effects.

    Best of luck learning your new skills!!

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    Guest Neville


    Awesome Mat, best of luck in your quest to learn more skills!

    I've been playing around with Portrait Mode on my iPhone X and it's amazing!

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    Guest Neville


    Much skills.

    Many talents.

    Very impressive!

    Looks like you have learn down to a science, best of luck learning banjo JT!!

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    Guest Neville


    Awesome, keep writing! It'll quickly teach you if you hate it or love it :)
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    Guest Neville


    Nice Yair! You're like a full-stack computer person, great job :)
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    Neville. I can do the following:

    - write blogs better than 99% of the planet (exception:some other writers)

    - persuade on the fly via self taught hypnotism and sales exp

    - I read all of the Scott Adams persuasion reading list

    - I read The Copywriters Handbook and made two basic ads so far

    - I understand color coordination and how colors feel

    - I have 5 years of experience making music via a computer

    Um, does anyone see a service-to-market match for me?

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    Man, this has been nagging in my mind for a while.

    I think I'm a double threat now:

    1. content marketing (link building, content promotion)

    2. copywriting

    (are these two the same things?)

    Skills I want to develop over the next 12 months:

    1. coding (for web dev)

    2. video editing (should sorta cover for basic graphic design)

    (to form the trinity of the Startup Boy - digital marketer, designer, developer).

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    Guest Katherine Chalmers


    Learning new ways to master your craft and skills adjacent to it never gets old. And like the flywheel in Good to Great, relentless learning keeps building the momentum and excitement to keep you going.
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    Guest Ben Chiedu


    Hi Robert. Could you please be kind enough to share your email with me? I want to shoot you an email.
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    Guest Utku Shokohiazar


    Man, I swear, those book covers you make kill me every time.

    I particularly agree on the "you can learn anything you want fairly easily" thing.

    It didn't use to be the same - even just 20 years ago. People had to go buy books and then figure stuff on their own, simply because they had no access to immediate feedback or to up-to-date information on their topic of choice.

    We're blessed beyond measure.

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    Sure Ben.

    Email me at RobertGoluba@evertouchinc.com

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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    Guest Devon Vesper


    I've been reading your posts like mad. Very informative, and I've been trying to get better at copywriting to further along my own business.

    Here are my skills:

    -I write fantasy and paranormal novels with gay protagonists. Over 6 published under this pen name, and another almost done. 5 more published under another pen name.


    -Line Editing

    -Professional Book Formatting (Adobe InDesign)

    -Professional Book Cover Design

    -Social Media Teaser Image Creation

    -Video Editing (decent, but not the best. I use this to make book trailer videos.)

    -Wordpress Website Creation and Design

    -Basic SEO (I'm getting better thanks to some of your posts!)

    -Coding (HTML, CSS. I can also edit PHP. Can't write it yet.)

    In the next 12 months, I want to become better at:

    1. Self-Discipline (Working for yourself is a landmine of procrastination if you don't watch yourself)

    2. Social Media (My posts don't really go anywhere)

    3. Copywriting

    4. Marketing

    I work completely for myself, a one-woman show. But, I'd like to get better. Do you have any suggestions? And, I'd LOVE to have you do a tear-down of my website, both the main site ( https://www.devonvesper.com/ ), and the member's site ( https://www.devonvesper.com/members/ ). I'm always looking to improve.

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    Guest Bevan Hirst


    "Many people are bitch ass whiny losers who don’t realize how good they have it"

    Hahahaha, I didn't see this on LinkedIn...

    I worked hard to learn excel, specifically database design, then paired that with a thorough knowledge of Tableau so I could do both back end data collection with front end presentation of pretty graphs

    It basically made me indispensable to the company, double threat FTW!

    (Also I can play guitar, does that count as a triple threat?)

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    Guest Neville


    That's awesome Ernie! I would suggest you make some sort of hard goal for yourself like: "I will write and film a short YouTube video about a boy who gets his bicycle stolen and then finds it again by March 15th."

    Something like that will allow you work backwards and learn storytelling, write the script, then film/edit.

    I would recommend the book "Save The Cat"....it's a book about writing movies. It takes you through 11 different “archetypes” of screenplays you can write, and the exact elements each needs to be a great story (with lots of famous movie examples).

    Best of luck!

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    Guest Neville


    Hahahah, that part wasn't included ;)

    That's awesome you became indispensable by putting forth a bit of effort.

    Many people don't realize they don't need to necessarily learn a programming language, but just even learning a platform like Tableu really well can go a long way, great job Bevan!

    P.S. Guitar doesn't count 😛

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    Guest Neville


    Hey Devon, looks like you're doing great already having published so many books under that name!

    I think the technical skills aspect for you is not a problem as you clearly seem proficient....maybe start setting new metrics for yourself?

    For example, maybe you're trying to sell more books, so pull up stats for your old books, and then make a goal for the next one:

    - Book #1: 15 sales.

    - Book #2: 115 sales.

    - Book #3: 553 sales.

    - Book #4: 1,034 sales.

    - Book #5: 2,498 sales.

    - Book #6: 4,982 sales.

    - Book #1: 7,000 sales.

    ....you can then work backwards and figure out how to achieve that number.

    Best of luck!!

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    Guest Neville


    Hahaha, those are fun to make :)

    And yes it's crazy how within my own lifetime this access to information has changed so dramatically.

    You used to have to REALLY want to learn something, go to the library etc....now if you're curious about the 1960's space race (or whatever) you can watch amazing videos on your phone from bed!

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