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    Become A Triple Threat (It will make you more dangerous)

    have a diploma but no job

    Over 10 years ago the famous venture capitalist Marc Andreessen published a guide for planning your career, and the main concept is focusing on becoming at least a double-threat.

    Here's what that means:

    "Single Threat"

    This is someone who only knows how to do one thing.

    This is like going out into the real world with a dull knife.

    single threat guy



    "Double Threat"

    This is someone who knows two things really well.

    These people are better armed to take on the real world.

    double threat guy



    "Triple Threat"

    This is someone who knows three things really well.

    This is like going into the real world armed with an assault rifle and whole arsenal.

    triple threat guy with tank and gun and flamethrower


    The other thing Marc Andreessen highly encourages is for people to learn at least one TECHNICAL skill.

    He said it like this:

    The funny thing is, my own college degree is a liberal arts subject: Political Science!

    It's a $50,000 piece of paper that won't (by itself) get me anything at all. (Although to be fair, I originally went to college trying to do computer science but failed out of the program).

    However, there's a glint of hope for people without any technical skills:

    The acquisition of new skills nowadays is incredibly easy!!

    You can pick up all these skills if you deliberately practice within only a year or two:

    learning new stuff

    If you take some time, you can learn any skill for free!

    (Free books from Library, free YouTube videos, free Facebook Groups, free Meetup groups).

    If you pay some money, you can learn any skill even faster!

    (Joining classes, hiring tutors, buying courses, buying books).

    You also don't have to be the best in the world at every skill, just "pretty good."

    I’ve been able to charge higher rates and create more stuff than many other copywriters because I’m a triple threat in the copywriting industry. Let me demonstrate:


    Single Threat Neville can only type words:

    neville single threat


    Double Threat Neville can type words AND make images:

    neville double threat


    Triple Threat Neville can type words AND make images AND make videos:

    neville triple threat

    Because I know three different skills relatively well, I can take on more projects than other copywriters, convey information through more mediums than other copywriters, and just in general be able to do things someone who can ONLY type words couldn't do.

    Maybe sit down tonight with a pen and paper and decide on how you're gonna make yourself at least a Double Threat by the end of this year.

    Here's a quick story how John became a Double Threat with very little effort:


    The best part about becoming a Double or Triple Threat is that you often have relatively little competition amongst your peers!

    Many people are bitch ass whiny losers who don't realize how good they have it:

    Life is so hard

    ...these people will do the bare minimum to get by, so anyone who puts forth a LITTLE BIT of extra effort can get ahead!!

    So even if you have a college degree, or even if you have a successful career, learning a new skill is never a bad thing.

    It keeps your brain occupied, it gives you a sense of accomplishment, and then a year after all your hard work is put in someone can say, "You're so lucky you know how to _____!"


    Watch the Triple Threat video:


    Download this Triple Threat post:

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    -- Keep it in your files --

    -- Share with someone it can help --

    -- Download in PDF, Word, or Google Docs formats --


    Neville N. Medhora

    single threat guy   double threat guy   triple threat guy with tank and gun and flamethrower



    - - - P.S. - - -

    Are you a Single Threat, Double Threat, or Triple Threat??

    List your skills below, or tell me what skill you want to develop more in the next 12 months:

    (By publicly stating what you want to learn, it can help the odds of you sticking to it)!

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    Guest Neville


    Hey Ben, I think those two are roughly the same thing. I'm always a fan of people learning useful coding (meaning if you already run a Wordpress site, simply learning HTML and CSS will expand your Wordpress capabilities massively).

    Bahahhaa and yes, you can then become a "Full Stack Marketer" 😂

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    Guest Neville


    Hey Roland! What blogs do you currently write? I must see this Top 1% writing :)
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    Guest Neville


    Oh man I loved that book! There really is a flywheel in your skills and work. The more you push it, somehow it gets slightly easier to succeed :)
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    Guest Neville


    Hey Maliha, I think you should look at this in reverse:

    Figure out if you like writing for free (write your essays, write your blogs, publish)....and if it's something you truly love, you'd probably do it in your spare time.

    If you have a penchant for it, perhaps there might be an opportunity to monetize it when you find your audience.

    If you build an audience first, it's easy to monetize that!

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    Guest Neville


    Oh wow, it seems you've got all the skills down Maria!

    I can attest for myself that writing down goals is extremely useful. I'll usually have a general direction I want to go for a full year, but to hit the goal I need monthly goals.

    In fact, I've been publicly posting my monthly goals for maybe 7+ years now on my personal blog: http://www.nevblog.com/category/goals/

    Hopefully this helps you too! Here's my personal method:


    P.S. Go to your local library, they will let you checkout unlimited numbers of audiobooks for free ;)

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    Guest Neville


    It's funny, when starting this post I wrote notes, and one of them was "Dilbert creator guy was the only MBA that could also draw cartoons!"

    I think you're doing this in the right way: Starting small and building.

    With your small wins, this year alone you will have grown your reading videos business, learning to make better websites, collaborated with one of the top poker players on his business, and established yourself in a couple of communities you participate in.

    Not a bad start Rob!!

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    Guest Neville


    Oh that's cool.....and I bet if you sell commercial arial photography you could hella promote that through LinkedIn to business....using copywriting!

    They all tie together at some point :)

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    Guest Neville


    Nice webpage Zakaria.....now learn to make it mobile friendly ;)

    That's so cool you're learning + applying, that's by far the best way to learn. I think it's super beneficial for anyone who runs a website to be able to do some light front-end coding, it really helps expand the amount of stuff you can create.

    As for people in the corporate world it's totally true just learning some piece of software (like Excel or PowerPoint) really really well can make you more valuable.

    Thanks for the kind words on the page Zakaria, screenshotted and saved it :-)

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    Guest Jake Toughill


    Solid advice. Learning extra skills is sometimes all it takes to quickly propel you into the 6 or 7-figure realm. Suddenly you go from a generic copywriter to someone pretty unique.

    But I think some people go about this the wrong way. They stretch themselves thin trying to become great at everything.

    Instead, focus on one thing. Then, build your secondary skillset.

    And here's a pro-tip about those secondary skills: you don't necessarily have to become an expert in them.

    For example, SEO, PPC ads, sales funnels, and marketing are all GREAT complimentary skills for a copywriter.

    But that doesn't mean you have to know all the advanced technicalities of implementing a sales funnel or building a PPC campaign.

    You can have someone else do the grunt work for you.

    You just gotta know how it all ties together and how to spot when something isn't right.

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    Hey Nev, thanks for the reply!

    Cool to know its HTML and CSS that I need to learn on.

    When it comes to designing cool and cheesy pictures like yours, do you learn Illustrator or mostly Photoshop (i know you use Paint, but if I had to create client work 😜?)

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    Guest Theontae Bonner


    I've been working diligently and I really want to master copywriting and direct response marketing in order to be able to be a consultant. I've been studying guys like yourself and eben pagan to get a solid foundation in both. I believe that learning these two skills will make really valuable in todays world.
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    Guest Neville


    Totes agree Jake! I'm not that great at programming at all....but I'm proficient enough to make mockups so I can send real programmers the work, and they know exactly what to do.
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    1) Graphic design.

    2) Excel

    3)(Learning) Copywriting.

    Now I want to keep adding on these for the future, but I have a problem.

    How do you monetize these skills without going on sites like Upwork and other platforms?

    How does one find people who need these skills as a freelancer?

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    Guest Marc Bollon


    I have several years of experience coding and designing HTML emails, photo editing, and designing business literature using Adobe InDesign. I also know how to develop iPhone apps in Swift. I do it as a side job and haven't had many clients in the last year. I was working as a sub contractor for a relative, but she changed directions with her business so I haven't had much work. Luckily I still have a full-time job. My day-job involves writing a lot. I have always enjoyed writing and want to get into copy writing. I feel the best option is to offer the above design skills to now include the ability to write the content, not just design it. Marketing is what I need to learn and could definitely use some direction in marketing myself better. Where to look, how to get those clients.
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    Guest Theontae Bonner


    I think you may have changed my life in 3 links. This is exactly what I needed. I'm going to read through them and apply it and I'll report back to you with the results! Thank you so much man!
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    Guest Markus Winkler


    Hey Nev,

    you make it not easy for me ... with your solid advice! Don't know how many threat's I have.

    I run a small retail business and made an MBA on the side of that.

    Becoming a certified bookkeeper right now and in September the Accountant training starts.

    Got training as financial planner and insurance agent but didn't make the last tests,

    because some bankers in 2008 made some shenanigans and the whole training didn't

    counted anymore.

    Kopywriting will be my focus till 03.31 with 8 planned blog posts and a auto-responder sequence

    with 10 mails. And my google doc will get a least 3 testimonials with before and after pictures.

    Here are some other skills I'm not that amazing but I get by.

    Build and maintain a Wordpress and Squarespace site.

    Can basic photo and video editing/making.

    Use and maintain Windows, Mac and Linux Computers.

    Build Computers and small networks.

    Repair Computers, laptops and cellphones.

    But I have to increase my online threat count!

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    Guest Neville


    Bahahhaha....I use Photoshop for almost all the pictures I make myself (I do NOT use Paint)! 😂 😂 😂

    Learning basic Photoshop has helped me a ton over the years, I'd highly recommend it.

    I also draw on my iPad pro in an app called Sketches, and sometimes in OneNote.

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    I just discovered freelance writing, and right now I don't have a degree of any sort.

    I am more like a zero threat. I started a blog to encourage myself to write regularly. My goal is to become a single threat by the end of this year. I want to learn copywriting, and start making money from my freelance writing.

    I printed the Boron Letters!

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    Guest Neville


    Hey Kumbi!

    I think the way to look at it is NOT how you can get paid directly for these skills.....but to what industry or job you can apply them too.

    Also, I would not discount the option of using Fiverr or Upwork to start building a resume or portfolio of work.

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    Guest Neville


    Hey Marc, it sounds like you already write a lot, can program, can make apps.....it sounds like your skillset is broadening.

    I think it WOULD be good for you to learn a bit more about sales.

    People in sales can often make the most amount of money because they're directly linked to the generation of money.

    For example, if you can bring in $500,000 in new business for your company, it's not unreasonable to think that 5% or 10% of that could be a bonus or extra salary.

    Keep learning! It sounds like you've already got the technical chops, now start learning the marketing side!

    Try these articles to start getting a few clients:


    -or use a script like this-


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