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Writing A Book In May (or else Noah gets to brand me)


I've been lazy AF and never got this little book I had planned done. In fact I have it listed as a goal on FOUR different months, and still haven't done it:

book not write dunce hat

Sometimes you've just gotta admit you're a lazy asshole and ask for help.

So I asked my friend Noah Kagan to make a "consequence" for me if I don't finish it this month.

At first it was money. Like I have to donate $500 to a charity. 

Meh....I wouldn't really MIND donating money to a charity.

Then it was I have to do a long bike ride to challenge myself. 

Meh.....that would almost be a good thing.

Then he asked if he could "brand" me, like they brand cattle with a hot iron.

YIKES.....that would scare me! I don't want any tattoo's, and I DEFINITELY don't want a brand!

So it was set, if I don't publish this book by May 31st, 2020, at 11:59pm CST....Noah Kagan gets to brand me like a cattle.

I've previously written a book:


And documented how I made it here:



So I wanna take some of those lessons learned and apply them to this book.

Please harass and shame me this month into getting it published.

Neville Medhora

P.S. I re-continued writing the book starting May 5th:

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