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    Writing a Sales Page: Step 11: About The Author Section Examples

    about the author section mockup

    It's time in our sales page to let people know about YOU.

    Normally I teach everyone this:

    No one cares about you, they care about themselves.

    This means there should be nothing about YOU on the sales page right??


    People extremely care about who they are learning from.  This means you need to show you are the right person.

    If I wanna learn how to be rich, I'd far rather listen to Warren Buffett than some broke dude.

    If I wanna learn how to run really fast, I'd rather listen to Usain Bolt than some slo-mo.

    If I wanna learn how to program a computer, I'd rather listen to a Google computer engineer than someone who can barely work an iPad.


    Here's 5 "About The Author" examples from different pages so you can reference to see how others have done it.

    1.) Social Media Manger School Teachers:

    This is an example taken from the sales page of Social Media Manager School.  What I like about this example is not so much the copy, but the "Dummies" books underneath each picture.

    Showing that each teach literally "wrote the book on social media" is a great way to instantly build credibility.




    2.) Social Triggers "About Author" Blurb:

    This is an example of the Social Triggers Email Bootcamp product page (you can see a copy of the page in my swipe file here). This section starts very soon into the sales page (around Page 2)



    3.) Pat Flynn Smart From Scratch:

    This is an example from Start From Scratch by Pat Flynn. He has a really friendly picture and a non-braggy blurb explaining who he is. In this blurb about himself, Pat doesn't get too in-depth about his story as most of the people landing on his page already know who he is.



    4.) Content School Mentors Sections:

    This is an example (where I'm one of the instructors!) from Content School. Underneath the photos it lists the companies we are involved with, which instantly gives a degree of credibility.



    5.) KopywritingKourse "Word From Your Instructor":

    This is an example from my current sales page. I think the copy is relatively good, but in the final sales page we will be changing around some of the formatting.


    Here we are slightly re-vamping the "About The Author" blurb on our sales page that we're writing together:

    All we have to do for this "About The Author" section is just give people a quick glimpse into who you are.


    Neville N. Medhora


    P.S. These "About The Author" sections are more tiny little blurbs rather than full articles, so they are  different than full About Pages. You can see how to write an About Page here.

    P.P.S. Here's the other sections of our sales page piece-by-piece being built (starting in a few days we're gonna start assembling all the different pieces together like Lego's and we'll have a sales page put together)!

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