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The Company "Ahrefs" wants Webpage Copy Re-Written: Can <u>YOU</u> Help?


Scenario: You are a pro copywriter



 You've been hired by Ahrefs to re-write their Site Audit Tool page:



Ahrefs is a big company with the top SEO tool on the market


- Their website gets millions of visits per month -

- Doing around $100,000,000/yr in revenue -

- Thousands of new signups every day -


How would you go about making their page better?



Maybe you would make sections more understandable? Like this:



How would YOU make this page better?



Leave some feedback below in the comments!


5 of the top commenters will win:

C❤️PY shirt + tshirt shirt + Swag Pack



Ahrefs is going to hire a contractor from this thread to help re-write 5 of their top pages!

This is a GREAT opportunity to work with a major software company, get some major credibility, and practice your copy game.



Leave your feedback on their Site Audit Tool page in the comments!

You can suggest however much you want. Suggest new headlines, copy, image recommendations, or general feedback.


User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Guest Neville Medhora


Here's some extra info you can use when creating copy or suggestions:


What makes Ahrefs' Site Audit special:

It's FREE for an unlimited number of verified* websites (up to 5,000 crawled pages per website per month)

You get it as part of  the industry favorite Ahrefs platform, which has many other kick-ass SEO tools - this should be a common message on all 5 landing pages

Integrates with Ahrefs' industry standard SEO metrics

People can register to get a free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools account and try Site Audit on their own website for free.

Talking points for "average" users:

Scans website for 100+ common SEO issues

Shows your website's "SEO Health Score" - people love scores

Gives clear detailed actionable no shit concise logical instructions on how to fix each SEO issue - I know that our users love that

Prioritises issues into Critical, Warnings & Notices for your convenience and piece of mind

"Printable" visual reports (with colored charts) dedicated to common technical SEO categories: Performance, Indexability, Images, Redirects, etc

Can crawl the mobile version of your website

Schedule automated crawls

Easy to see your progress over time (for individual issues as well as for overall website health)

Cloud-based - no need to install anything or use resources of your computer

Talking points for "advanced" users:

Can crawl JavaScript pages

Can pull Core Web Vitals (via Google’s PageSpeed Insights API; read more) - this one is quite a hot trend in SEO right now

SEO nerds can get access to raw crawl data via highly flexible and customizable "Data explorer" and "Link explorer" tools and slice and dice it to their liking

Flexibility in setting up "crawl scope" - in case you have a multi-million pages website and you need to crawl a specific part of it

Can crawl at high speeds, up to 1,800 URLs per minute (faster than most websites can handle) - if you need to get a report 5 minutes before the meeting starts

Interesting Site Audit Tool crawl stats:

1,300 new crawls started per day

170,000 URLs are being crawled each minute

951,000 websites were crawled to date

Ahrefs company stats, you can say that:

Website gets millions of visits per month

Thousands of new users register accounts every day

Professional SEOs love us

We're doing almost $100M in ARR

And we're working on the launch of our search engine

Snapshot of the Audit Tool page that needs to be reviewed:


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Guest Tim Brownson


I don't like the way the benefit isn't blindingly obvious.


It assumes that everybody will know the benefits of a site audit. Their users and SEO pros will, but when I first signed up for them I didn't. Anybody into SEO knows about Ahrefs, so they need to be pitching to companies who are new to it and aren't sure of the huge benefits of tracking their traffic and their competitor's traffic, as well as stuff like link building.


I'd like to see a headline like:


5 things you are missing out on by not using Ahrefs.




Companies who use Ahrefs for their SEO earn X more in profit than those who ignore SEO.


That gets around it being specifically just Ahrefs because Moz and SEMRush can offer similar benefits.


Of course, you need some stats for that. If you have none you can go with a data non-specific headline like:


More and more companies are using Ahrefs to increase their profitablity, isn't it time you were one of them?


Using more and more implies a trend and people love trends.


If it was my business I'd want to split test for different markets too because there are millions of businesses that could benefit from understanding SEO best practice, if they knew about it.


A business using SEO internally is not the same as an SEO agency.


Similarly, a small biz toying with diving into SEO will have different pain points and concerns thane somebody who knows all the jargon. They'll need more hand-holding.


Ahrefs CRUSH it with their 'how to' videos, but I think that specific sales page is poor.


The page they link to from PPS ads of 'With Ahrefs, you don’t have to be an SEO pro to rank higher and get more traffic' is better but still super vague and not very compelling.


I'm not a professional copywriter (more of a keen amateur) and was only here researching whether I want to talk you course tbh, but that's my 2 cents worth after about 5 minutes though.



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Guest Neville Medhora


Thank you for the feedback Tim! I like that angle of marketing it towards more of an amateur SEO crowd, but with this product they can get professional results. Nice!
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Guest Amit Singh


First I will create a customer value profile (CVP) for ahrefs

Their customers are tech savvy

Forward thinking SEO's

Online seo tool is only wat to run an effective audit of their websites

Next I will create a google sheets containing words and phrases used by ahrefs customers which will help us write better copy


How do I collect these words and phrases

Read reviews of other seo tools like moz, semrush, ubersuggest

Ask in online seo community for their pain point relating to seo audit

 (Best one) ask to a small number of ahrefs email subscribers.

Then we will start by doing the title of the page


Then message


And call to action


And so on and so forth using my personal copywriter secrets




PS: what do you think about it nev, cheers.

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See instantly what works, and how to improve the rest



Site Audit crawls all the pages it finds on your website, and then —


· Provides an overall SEO health score


· Flags all possible SEO issues


· Gives you steps to fix them


· Visualizes key data in charts for an instant read and easy sharing



Have a huge website? Crawl it faster by verifying your domain and tuning the speed settings. Customize your audit — set crawling parameters to exclude or include specific sections. Trusted by Adobe, Shopify, NetFlix, Uber and more.



Ahrefs indept section



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SEO got you down?


Our powerful, easy to use SEO auditor will provide insight so you can fix it.



Include or exclude webpages to make auditing faster.

Results are shown in easy to understand graphs, so you can make changes and move up the list.


Check out our video < page down to video>

or schedule a 1:1 demo with a real person


Want to look under the hood? (Learn more about how this works)-- < link to more tech stuff for those who need tech>



**notes>> avoid the word crawl, it is freaky. Make the language human, you have a great start. Make a 1:1 option happen depending on your price point. and don't assume mere mortals, some of whom are in marketing, know lingo.

Even SEO should be spelled out somewhere early in the page. Many folks wonder: Does it even still matter when ads are possible? might want to say why and how it matters.

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Guest Austin D


The “Second Set of Eyes” you need.


Site Audit scans each page on your website and provides steps to improve multiple areas of performance. What you’ll receive:

SEO Health Score. (0-100)

Notifications if your Health Score changes. (Trends can be fast)

Visual dashboard for easy to digest data.




How? Site Audit has 100+ pre-defined SEO issues that it checks on each website URL. Issues include:


Performance (Page load, etc)

HTML (Meta description length, missing tags)

Social (Twitter cards, improper links)

Quality (Word count can contribute to poor Google scores)

Links (Both incoming and outgoing can affect legitimacy of your site)



Need more? Watch our Demo below!

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Guest Kris Keyes


Headline 1

When you don’t know what you don’t know…

Our Site Audit Tool is the way to go!

Headline 2

Websites are made for traffic so give them the green light!

Headline 3

With the Site Audit Tool, change your website from deserted island to internet beacon!

Website Analysis (or show us what you’re working with)

Site Audit crawlers cover your entire website to provide the following:

·         Your site’s overall SEO Health  on a scale of 0 to 100

·         Get the full picture with charts and graphs on a dashboard display

·         SEO issues flagged with recommendations on how to fix them

·         Large sites get the same love as small sites (no page counts here)

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Site Audit

Free SEO audit - the one you've been waiting for.


Ahrefs will tell you what’s holding your website back from ranking

Site Audit will do many things for you, among them:


* It crawls every single page of your website

* Then give you an SEO score (0-100).

* It flags any SEO issue that you didn’t notice before

* If you have a huge website, Site Audit will handle it for you


Check your website for 100+ pre-defined SEO issues

Site Audit automatically groups issues by type and pulls printable reports – all fully visualized with colored charts.

Check for issues related to:

* Performance: slow pages, too-large CSS or HTML

* HTML tags: missing, duplicate, or non-optimal length of title tags, meta descriptions, and H1 tags

* Social tags: incomplete or missing Open Graph tags and Twitter cards

* Content quality: low word counts, unconsolidated duplicate pages

* Localization: all issues with Hreflang

* Incoming links: detecting orphan pages, issues with nofollow links

* Outgoing links: detecting links to redirects, broken pages

* Resources: issues with images, JavaScript, CSS

* External pages

* And more!


I don’t know any of these issues

You don’t have to! Site Adit flags issues and tells you exactly how to fix them


We make technical SEO as easy as possible

If you’re experienced in technical SEO, you probably have your own issues checklist in place. Data Explorer gives you the ability to explore your data any way you want:

1. Create custom filters and/or add custom issues

2. Choose the scope of your audit (a property, a segment of pages, your entire website,...)

3. One-click will show every single metric from backlinks to duplicates and resources


You could choose a simpler and easier Free SEO audit tool instead, but…

Does this tool give you:

* Automatic software updates

* Mobility of data

* JavaScript execution while crawling

* Mobile crawling

* And 5,000 monthly crawled pages for FREE?


BONUS: Since Ahrefs’ Site Audit is entirely cloud-based, you don’t need to install it or keep saving audits every time. All you have to do is schedule daily, weekly, or monthly crawls for your projects, and Site Audit will automatically run, save, and notify you every time.

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Guest Neville Medhora


Nice headline re-writes Kris!


I would personally make them a little more descriptive than clever, like:


"Our Site Audit Tool keeps a constant lookout for your site, so you can spot and fix issues right away."

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Guest Neville Medhora


Hey Austin thanks for pitching in!


I REALLY liked that 2nd part showing how the Site Audit tool works.


GREAT suggestions, this might make it into the final page 😬

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Guest Neville Medhora


Hey Kate!


I think the primary feedback here is "don’t assume mere mortals, some of whom are in marketing, know lingo."


I totally agree!


The current page is VERY technical, and would benefit from toning that down a notch.

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Guest Caitlin Lemon


Get the ultimate roadmap to improving your website's SEO:


No matter your site's size, we'll help you:

Know where you stand with an overall SEO health score.

Find all SEO problem spots. And, most importantly, tell you how to fix them.

Understand the story your data is telling you, with charts to visualize the numbers.

But don't just take our word for it. See for yourself what people are saying on Capterra. We're also trusted by Facebook, eBay, Netflix, and more.

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Guest Michael Muttiah


Hey Kris,


Nice job man. We could tighten these up with a little tweak :)


1. When you don't know what you don't know. Our Site Audit Tool is the way to go! = Check for 100+ SEO Issues you may not know are hurting your website


2. Website are made for traffic so give them the green light = Grow your traffic up to 78% with Ahrefs

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Site Audit Tool - your guide you get high(er) in Google search


ultimate SEO diagnosis of your page 

step by step help how to fix what needs to be fixed

the tool which will cut through your page data and make them work for you

Stop underperforming - START CRAWLING.

...and this is (the) only one tool to start with...

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Sorry for typo


Site Audit Tool – your guide TO get high(er) in Google search

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Guest Brittany Nicole Smith


Check For 100+ SEO Issues On Your Website

Site Audit automatically groups issues by type and pulls printable reports – all with visually engaging data

Check For Issues Related To:

***can the issues be separated into categories and there be a swipe here – so people can swipe through the multiple issues by category – will give you some space back***

picture after "issues" - I think this picture is explaining how “issues” work – would be helpful to make this interactive with arrows or circles pointing to highlights in the picture.

Get The Data You Need

Dig deeper through your analytics with our powerful Data Explorer – use filters to discover hundreds of different data points on your website pages

***Would be helpful to add numbers on each paragraph here to keep track of which video belongs to which paragraph – helpful for people like me who don’t know a lot about SEO, but still want to know the capabilities of the software.***

Change the “Note” paragraph to say: “All traffic metrics are integrated for data to be viewed easily in one place.”

Easily Track Your Progress

Our cloud-based software means:

-        -   No installation

-       -   Log in anywhere, 24/7

-        -  No payment fees

-       -   Software is updated and saved automatically

Hear what our customers and professional SEOs say about us


Start Your 7-Day Full Access Trial – button

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Guest Mikey Caplin


Oh man, well, nothing is terrible, but there are definitely a lot of little things that would help.


1. Change the color scheme, split tests always show higher metrics for sites that have DARK text and LIGHT background.

2. Reduce visitors' options. On that top menu bar there are 5 options. They know their data better than I do, but I would assume they can totally get rid of the Enterprise link, because I would guess it is very rarely clicked. I would probably just include that on the pricing page. That brings you down to 4 options. Now that you have 4 menu buttons, get rid of the drop downs. The idea is make things as simple as possible for visitors so that it is clear what they should click. So now you just have tools.

3. Combine all of the tools onto one page instead of 5 separate ones. Divide the page into 5 sections that HIGHLIGHT the best parts of these tools. Each section should have one demonstration video and no other screenshots of charts or anything like that. Having multiple images of the charts/tools just feels overwhelming. At this point in time, visitors are not users of the software, so it doesn't mean anything to them.

4. Benefits > Features. Headlines of each section on the tools page should be a CLEAR BENEFIT of HOW the user's life will CHANGE if they start using AHREFS! This is your thesis for each section, your supporting points of that thesis can then be what features you offer and why they are better than the competition.

5. Try to make all copy have a logical flow. This leads to that which leads to this which leads to that. You want to hook visitors and make it easy for them to want to keep on reading. Specifically for AHREFS they ought to cut out a lot of their copy, and rewrite it assuming their readers don't know that much about the internet. Simplicity rules.

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Guest Kris Keyes


Thanks, Michael.  A little tease in the headline to keep users scrolling. Noted!
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Guest 🗞 The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (9-17-2021) :: Copywriting Course


[…] I’m giving away free t-shirts and swag to the top 5 best comments on this page: […]
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shorter - better


Site Audit Tool – get  you high(er) in Google search

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Guest Michael Muttiah


Hey Mikey some great comments there :)


Black text on White vs Reverse copy , I am sure Mr.Ogilvy would agree with you!


Definitely benefits > features!


If I do X then I will get Y


Plus simplicity all the way. As they say a confused mind says no ;-)

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Guest Michael Muttiah


Hey Brittany,


I like the idea of a visual. Have you seen this anywhere else so you could give an example of what you are going for?


I would suggest it would good to bullet point them out like:


Check for 100+ issues

What pages aren't working

Where your broken links are

What's hurting your Google Rankings

Definitely like your emphasis on helping less sophisticated SEO users, and ending with a bullet pointed list of benefits.


Great job!

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Guest Michael Muttiah


Hi Jan,


This is great, I love your headline it's VERY CLEAR what we get from this tool.


Great work :)


Perhaps even shorter


Site Audit Tool - Get Higher(er) on Google Search


<Find Out How> ---- CTA Button

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