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    How to write a good AirBnB listing description (plus real life example)

    How to write an airbnb description house

    Sites like AirBnb all allow you to list a vacation property.

    Whether you're pimping out your spare bedroom to budget travelers, or renting an entire estate to corporate events, your AirBnB page is essentially a sales page!

    There's literally just 3 steps to making a great AirBnB description, and it can be boiled down to

    Step 1.) Write a description for each room (or feature) of the property.

    Step 2.) Attract the kind of guests you want.

    Step 3.) Slap all those different sections together.

    That's it!



    Step 1.) Write a description for each room (or feature) of the property:

    Writing an AirBnB description listing for travel

    Got 3 different bedrooms? Describe each of them:

    Guests want to know deeper descriptions of each room. Imagine a group of friends renting an AirBnB together, and they want to know the sleeping arrangements beforehand.



    Got an amazing kitchen area? List everything inside it!

    You need to let people know all the things (or LACK of things) included in their rental.


    Have something like a pool or hot tub? Make sure to write about that too!



    Step 2.) Attract the kind of guests you want:

    airbnb honeymoon listing description

    Want to attract quite guests to rent out a small side room?

    Write something like:

    Want to attract corporate events?

    Write something like:

    Want to attract insane bachelor parties?

    Write something like:

    You get the point. Based on how you "position" your rental, you will attract those kinds of clients.



    Step 3.) Slap all those different sections together!

    airbnb description assembly

    Simply take all the descriptions you made from Section 1 and 2, slap them together, and BAM! You have a nice AirBnB description ready to go 🙂



    Let's do a real life example:

    This is the Rockin' Y Ranch is a 30 acre ranch just outside Austin, Texas:


    Here's some links to the listings on HomeAway, AirBnB, and their personal website:

    HomeAway Listing: Rockin' Y Ranch Oasis Near Downtown Austin

    AirBnB Listing: Rockin' Y Private 30 Acre Ranch

    Website: Rockin' Y Ranch

    Renting out the Rockin Y Ranch has been exceptionally easy for the family who owns it, However in 2017 something changed and reservations went down.

    It was still booked up every weekend, but on weekdays it would sometimes just sit empty.

    We speculate it was caused by a few things:

    • More and more people started renting out their homes in the area, and natural market competition crept up.
    • The lake rose 40+ feet in 2017, giving many lake houses their waterfront back (Austin went through a long drought, and a lot of "lake houses" literally had no lake in front of them anymore.
    • More hotels sprang up in the area, giving people more location options for holding corporate retreats or family reunions.

    So we at Copywriting Course took a glance at the listing for Rockin' Y Ranch, and figured out how we could improve it.


    Previous Rockin' Y Ranch Description:

    Here's what the original listing looked like:


    For a giant property with tons of different features, attractions, and cool amenities, this listing is NOT really selling it well!

    The Rockin' Y Ranch is an unbelievably cool property, but this descriptions don't do it justice AT ALL!!

    So how can we improve this listing to make it way more awesome, and attract more of the people they want?

    Let's follow our 3-Step process for improving an AirBnB description:

    Step 1.) Write a description for each room (or feature) of the property.

    Step 2.) Attract the kind of guests you want.

    Step 3.) Slap all those different sections together!


    Step 1.) Write a description for each room (or feature) of the property.

    Let's tell the customers about all the sweet stuff at the Rockin' Y Ranch. For example, there's an awesome "Party Barn" which is great for large amounts of people to horse around in and have a good time.

    This is one of the coolest parts of the house, yet it was just "casually mentioned" in the original description.

    SO by asking the owners a bunch of questions, I was able to pull out all this awesome information about this cool party barn:

    See how all we did was list out the cool features of The Party Barn?

    Most parties probably don't care about each individual point on there, but they might care about a few. For example, if I was renting the Rockin Y' Ranch for a bachelor party, it would be GREAT to know The Party Barn has a fridge that can hold 200 beverages, has a big TV, and WiFi all around.

    Now let's repeat this process for other parts of the house! I personally think it's especially important to list out the stuff the kitchen has. This is because when you rent an AirBnB for a home-style environment with your friends and family, FOOD is a big part of the experience. And you can't cook up a storm without the proper equipment.

    So let's list out everything in the Rockin' Y Ranch kitchen:


    Step 3.) Attract the kind of clients you want.

    The Rockin' Y Ranch loves 3 main type of events:

    • Family reunions.
    • Corporate events.
    • Chill bachelor parties.

    Since they want more of these, they need to specifically attract those events by describing previous successful events of the same type.

    For example, since they want to get more corporate events during the weekdays, they can describe WHY the Rockin' Y Ranch is perfect for corporate events, and EXAMPLES of corporate events they've held:



    Step 3.) Slap all those different sections together.

    So for the Rockin' Y Ranch we've listed out all the amenities, and let people know the ranch is great for family reunions, bachelor parties, and corporate events.....so now let's smash all those individual sections together, and put together a great "Sales Pitch" for the Rockin' Y Ranch!!

    airbnb description assembly

    Here's what the entire listing will read like:

    All we did was take several sections of the house, write descriptions for them individually, and then smash them together in our 3-Step process:

    Step 1.) Write a description for each room (or feature) of the property.

    Step 2.) Attract the kind of guests you want.

    Step 3.) Slap all those different sections together.


    Bonus Brownie Points if you put pictures WITH descriptions!

    Want some extra brownie points on your listing? Make images with descriptions on top of them. This instills the descriptions in someone's head quicker than plain copy!

    *NOTE* Some rental sites will not allow text on images. They DEFINITELY don't allow you to put contact info or logos on them.


    Here's some examples of descriptive text over images:

    AirBnB Description Images with Text

    AirBnB Description Images with Text

    AirBnB Description Images with Text



    Writing a great AirBnB description is not about adding fancy words or exaggerating how great your property is. It's all about showcasing all the positive aspects of a home, listing out everything that's included in the hone, and setting their expectations correctly:

    Setting guests expectations correctly is the best way to get 5-Star reviews in the long run:

    If you paint a picture of a fancy AirBnB that's really nice, but then when the guest gets there, it's really crappy....you will eventually develop a very poor rating.

    airbnb expectation

    terrible airbnb reality

    As you can see it's relatively simple to write a great AirBnB listing description using our simple 3-step process:

    Hopefully this simple 3-step process helps some of you AirBnB'ers write better descriptions and provide your guests with more information for a happy trip 🙂


    Neville N. Medhora - Copywriter Staying In An AirBnB As I Write This


    P.S. Do you have an AirBnb (or other vacation rental) listing? Post a link to it here!

    ....you might get a comment back with some feedback 😉

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    I thought this was going to be a much more complex process, but it was delightfully simple and replicatable. Very cool =)
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    A long time ago I worked for Airbnb in their customer service department and one thing bad listings had in common were bad headlines paired with cheating pictures.

    "A cozy room" sounds cute, but 99/100 times it's just a glorified backroom that's small enough to give you anxiety. No, your wide lens shot doesn't cover up the fact that people can't turn around or stand straight in your room.

    Here's the thing, you don't need to live in a palace and you can make a killing with normal rooms IF you are honest about it. There are tons of Superhosts with everyday rooms who replaced their day job because they focus on the experience and not the room. Most people will book a mediocre room with a kickass host who has tons of raving reviews over someone with a great room and nothing else.

    Quick advice list:

    - Don't use cliche headlines and buzzwords. Everyone else is doing it, it doesn't work and your rating will be lower by setting wrong expectations. (Yes, even if your room is cozy, it means something else for every guest and that will fire back.)

    - Don't cheat on your pictures. If your pictures have candles, artwork and what not, but the actual room doesn't you will be in deep shit.

    - Focus on added value. Living in a tourist area and you know your way around? Make it your mission to help your guests to have a great time. Make suggestions, things they can't miss etc.

    - Throw in a bonus. Small things like 2 bottles of cold water in the fridge for the guest convenience or some tea/coffee go a long way for better ratings and increased room prices. Don't make it part of your description, make it something extra. People love extra.

    Last but not least, be careful! with descriptive pictures. Most scam accounts on Airbnb do this to include Email addresses, bank details and what not. You don't want to be associated with those when starting out and Airbnb might close your listing for investigation.

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    Guest Neville


    Awww why thank you Reed! I try my best to make things ULTRA simple for two reasons:

    1.) I'm kinda dumb and it's helpful for me to understand things in a simple way.

    2.) Easy stuff is better :)

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    Guest Margaret


    Hi Neville, thanks for this super thorough post! I rent a room in my house on Airbnb and we've been had some success with it but I'm always looking for ways to attract great guests. I'll be going through your suggestions carefully, but in the meanwhile if wanna check out my listing, have at 'er!


    Of course, if you ever find yourself in this part of the world, I've got a room!


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    We have been struggling with our AirBnB listing. So many people rent and many are willing to rent at a very low rate just to get the income. Our house is pretty magnificent and the view is literally unbelievably gorgeous. I'd love some feedback on our listing. We are not willing to compromise on the price, so we want the copy to express what a lovely home this is and really highlight what a sanctuary it is. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/21052488
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    Guest Neville


    Hey Travis, great job on your listing, it looks really cool and you did a great job describing it.

    One piece of formatting advice:

    In your "The Neighborhood" section, I would maybe break up that list of locations and add the driving time. Maybe something like this:

    The Neighbourhood:

    At our place, you are only a 20 min drive from Picton, and just a short drive to a bunch of great wineries and other great locations:

    - Half Moon Bay Winery - 5 minutes.

    - Lighthall Vineyard - 5 minutes.

    - Long Dog Winery and Exultet Estates - 6 minutes.

    - Waupoos Cider and Waupoos Winery - 7 minutes.

    - Black River Cheese Factory - 8 minutes.

    - Bird Observatory - 10 minutes.

    - Sandbanks Provincial Park - 10 minutes.

    Listing locations in this format helps people see how close (or far) everything is so they can better plan their trip.

    Great listing Travis!

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    Guest Neville


    I completely agree you should OWN UP to your rental.

    Some people feel the need to lie and exaggerate, but pretty quickly people will complain, ask for refunds, and rate you poorly.

    airbnb expectation

    - vs -

    terrible airbnb reality

    Thanks for the advice Kim, possibly shirt-worthy comment :)

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    Guest Neville


    Wow, I love that right off the bat you mention there is a neighboring home that's under construction. It's good to be 100% upfront on these listings.

    I think your listing description is great, HOWEVER the one thing I noticed missing was "Nearby Places."

    It might be helpful to make a list of nearby amenities or attractions. Such as:

    This room is in Brooklyn, and very close to many attractions and great restaurants:

    - Grocery store - 1 minute walk.

    - Bike rental stand - 1 minute walk.

    - WeWork Coworking space - 3 minute walk.

    - Sweet Basil Restaurant - 3 minute walk.

    - Times Square - 5 minute train ride.

    - Statue of Liberty - 20 minute Uber ride.

    While people can obviously use Google to search for nearby things, it always helps to add your own "local knowledge" in there. Maybe even list your favorite nearby coffee shops or lunch spots.

    Something like that could help people plan their trip a little better, and get them a bit excited about the neighborhood. Other than that you have a great listing with an IMPRESSIVE number of 5-Star reviews!

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    Guest Neville


    Hey Jimmy!

    There's not a lot of description you're giving the guests in your listing.

    1.) It seems you could change the headline of your property to something like:

    "Perfect location, great value and lots of privacy!"

    2.) I would use the 3-Step Process as defined above and list out the different things the townhouse comes with.

    3.) Maybe list out some nearby attractions or amenities such as grocery stores or coffee shops. You write that it's only 2 minutes from Downtown, so it must have a TON of stuff nearby!

    4.) I would even include a section such as:

    Pet friendly!

    You're welcome to bring up to 2 dogs or cats. They will have plenty of space to run around and play. We already have some leashes, water bowls and food bowls here for you to use.

    Adding features of the house like that often help attract more guests!

    Best of luck on the updates Jimmy!

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    Guest Neville


    Hey Dan!

    I wonder if you can catch the whole "Tiny House" craze with the little studio?

    Also, I would make sure you properly list the amenities (or lack of) for each room, such as:

    The house comes with:

    - Full 88-Key standup piano from 1949.

    - Cool mod lamp for mood lighting.

    - 3 Big windows.

    - Lounger chair.

    - Small desk (good enough for a laptop).

    - There is no TV as we try to keep this a nature-friendly environment.

    - Queen sized bed with nightstand and lamp.

    See how just listing out what it comes with gives people a better idea of their stay??

    Great listings Dan, just go though this 3-step process and add some more descriptions to it!

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    Thanks for the feedback Neville! I'll do exactly as you suggest. The 3-step process us super helpful!
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    Guest Neville


    Hey Jennifer, it looks like you have a GREAT listing here!

    1.) Since you have so many cool activities and amenities for the guests, I would highly suggest listing those out for them, such as:

    Fun stuff for guests to use:

    - 6 chair outdoor patio table by pool.

    - 2 full sized kayaks (1 person each) with paddles. They are parked next to the lake, so just slide them in the water and you're off!

    - Small pier by the pool. Our favorite thing is to bring some chairs to the peer, and sit there with some beer and strawberries while watching the lake.

    - 3 Snorkel masks.

    - Hiking and biking trail just across the property.

    - Fully setup badminton set with several sets of rackets and shuttlecocks.

    2.) I would also list out the things you have in the kitchen. This is important as sometimes people want to cook, or make coffee, or serve snacks...and they have no idea what utensils and such you'll have for them.

    3.) Like some of the other feedbacks I've given above, I would highly suggest you give your "local knowledge" of the area by listing out some nearby stuff, such as:

    Lots of stuff nearby:

    - Hiking and biking trail - 30 steps from the front door!

    - Whole Foods - 2 minute walk.

    - Gas station and liquor store - 2 minute walk.

    - Alligator tour - 5 minute Uber drive.

    This stuff will definitely help out your guests, and make your place more desirable :-)

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    Guest Neville


    Hey Margaret!

    1.) I think you should try positioning this room as an "Affordable" room in a family home.

    Sometimes people try to say "Cozy" when in reality it just means "Small" :-P

    2.) I would more thoroughly describe the situation they will be living in, such as:

    This is a large family home, and you will get 1 whole room and connected bathroom to yourself. We are a husband and wife that live together, no children or pets, and our bedroom is on the first floor. This gives you lots of privacy and comfort on the 2nd floor!

    3.) Maybe list the ideal scenarios for guests? Such as:

    Previous guests of our home have included:

    - Small families visiting relatives in the same neighborhood.

    - University students visiting for the summer and looking for an affordable place.

    - Families remodeling their homes in the neighborhood.

    - Travelers looking for a nice place to stay on a budget.

    Hopefully these things will help convince more people to stay in your AirBnB :-)

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    Guest Neville


    Hi Wendy! It looks like you have a great place there, buttttttt.....

    I don't think the pictures are so great :-/

    Here would be my suggestions:

    1.) Get better photos of the property. Either hire a photographer, or get a friend with a nice DSLR camera to take some proper photos. Photos do 90% of the selling on AirBnB listings!!

    2.) Break up that GIANT BLOCK OF TEXT you have into different sections. The different sections could cover all the topics in a much more organized way.

    3.) List out all the amenities and activities nearby, such as:

    Things nearby this Winter Wonderland Cabin:

    - Snow hiking trail - Right outside the front door!

    - Grocery and Gas - 1 minute drive.

    - Snowmobile tours - 3 minute drive.

    - Skiing - 8 minute drive or Uber to Stone Mountain Trails.

    By doing these 3 things, I think you will have a much better chance at renting out your place for a tidy little profit :)

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    Guest Margaret


    Thank you so much for the feedback. I had just read the part about using the word 'cozy' moments before I saw your reply. Your point makes sense because the room can feel cozy, but it is not small...it's pretty spacious actually!

    I'll implement these changes and see what happens!

    Thanks again Neville ;)

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    Guest Neville


    Hi Amy, cool little cabin! However I have some suggestions:

    1.) The pics are quite ordinary looking. I would highly suggest cleaning the place up and bringing in someone with a nice camera.

    2.) You need to list out all the amenities and activities, such as:

    Master Bedroom

    - King sized bed with comforter and 4 pillows.

    - Private attached en suite full bathroom. It is fully stocked with soap, shampoo, towels, and has a hair dryer.

    Living Room:

    - Fire place with plenty of wood and stoking set.

    - No TV (we love the woodsy feel of this cabin and don't keep a TV in the house).

    - Seating for 6 at the dining table.

    - Full 88-key piano organ.

    Things nearby:

    - Hiking trails - 1 minute walk.

    - Grocery store - 1 minute drive.

    - Trader Joe's - 2 minute drive.

    See how simply diving up the different sections makes it easy to understand??

    Give those suggestions a try and hopefully you're start getting even more guests :-)

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    Guest Amy Spaulding


    Thanks, Neville! We'll work on it and repost. Thanks for your suggestions. I especially like, "we love the woodsy feel of this cabin and don't keep a TV in the house." (I wonder whether the Bernstain Bears need a summer getaway...) Thanks again! Amy
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    Guest Amy Spaulding


    Ooh, I just had an idea. "No Internet or TV -- perfect for writers to finish that novel -- or painters who seek beauty and peaceful solitude."
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