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    When someone gives you their email, set a chain of marketing magic in motion without lifting a finger:

    The way you keep customers engaged in what you do….is by tapping them on the shoulder and offering them something awesome.  One of the best ways to do this is with an email autoresponder.

    So here’s the deal: A lot of people want help making their entire autoresponder, but have no damn clue where to start, what to write, how to structure their autoresponder sequence, when to sell, and when NOT to sell (this is crucial).

    The WORST case scenario is when people just load their autoresponder up with sales messages. That’s the worst idea ever and always ends up badly!!

    That will be like the friend who only calls you when he needs something. Everyone hates that guy.  Don’t be that guy by simply spamming all your customers.

    What you’re trying to do is build a relationship with your customers.  But when I tell people that, they whine with the same complaint:

    "I dunno what to write!!"

    Of course they don’t, because you haven’t been trained on how to speak to a list of subscribers. If you don’t know the proven tactics/strategies/scripts to use when selling, then you’ll of course screw it up.

    You know what….I’m gonna solve this problem with a little equation right here.  Just use this basic sequence to sell something:

    EMAIL 1: Welcome the customer soon as they signup to email list. EMAIL 2: Send a helpful email showing how you can solve a problem they have. EMAIL 3: Introduce your product as the solution.                

    But there’s a specific science to how to sell through an autoresponder.  I’m gonna teach you that.

    “Why should I learn from Copywriting Course?”

    • People pay me hundreds of dollars an hour to help them with their copy…..and it works.
    • I’ve built many products that sold solely through autoresponders.
    • The autoresponders I have in place still to this day get people to email me, look forward to my “next” email, and warmed up to buy….without me lifting a finger.
    • I was the head Copywriter at AppSumo during our gigantic growth phase from 50,000 to 700,000 people, and had people waiting to read all my emails.
    • I will make kissy faces at you during the kourse (just seeing if you’re paying attention)  ;-)
    • I’ve done hundreds of individual consultations with people, so I know what to focus on with different people.
    • I’ve seen all kinds of techniques done in the marketing world….and know which ones usually work, and which ones usually fail.
    ….but mainly I’m a great person to learn from because I’ve created (and helped create) lots of email lists that make people hang onto every word and eventually BUY.  Checkout this (non-paid and non-solicited comment): neville-copy-compliment   Well that compliments my writing skills just fine……but let’s get down to some before & after stats. Here’s the stats of before/after:   This is from Jeff that runs UndergroundCellar.  They acquire fine wines on the cheap and send out the deals.  Let’s visualize out his statistics. Here’s two of Jeff’s emails weren’t really doing much. Here’s some of his “Before Copywriting Course” emails:

    So he was making SOME revenue, but not enough to cover all costs. Then Jeff consulted with me, and I explained some of the reasons his emails weren’t performing well:
    • They were just an attempt to “sell sell sell” which turns people off.
    • They didn’t include any good information wine lovers would like.
    • They flat out weren’t interesting.
    • ….other secret stuff…..
    So then after explaining how to write his email sequences in the right way, checkout Jeff’s numbers AFTER! So…. Before he was making a maximum of the $520 range. After he was making up to $5,400 per email. That’s more than a TEN TIMES increase in revenue per email simply because of some simply concepts I taught him.  And now he can use these concepts on all his marketing for the rest of his life!! And this experience of people liking my copy and sequencing techniques isn’t new…..  

    Here’s some nice things people have said about our writing (which I didn’t pay them to say):

    I bought your .pdf and wrote the copy for a startup, a competitor to Uber in NYC (lord knows they can use all the help they can get!) and that one single email lead to their BEST day ever :) –Brandon P.
    The Autoresponders Kourse is an essential in any legit entrepreneur’s arsenal for marketing awesomeness. I know for a fact my company would be paying ~thousands~ for a consultancy or some lame workshop at a conference to deliver this very same info in a way not even an iota as fun… Thanks, Neville–and AppSumo–for another hit! I think: between the Business Blueprint, the original Copywriting Course, and this Autoresponder Kourse…you’ve got 90% of the heavy lifting covered when it comes to figuring out business online. I can enthusiastically recommend all of ‘em. In fact, ~you~, dear reader, don’t wait…you really need this Kourse!!! –Sean Bradley
    I might just be really slowww, but I’ve actually known about autoresponders for years. I even had ppl explain that they’re for “making your customers remember you”…and “it take takes 7x in front of a customer before they buy’. But I never ever truly understood the power of them until watching the first 5-10 mins of this kourse. I never got excited to actually implement a serious autoresponder campaign until Neville showed how any business can use them to WARM UP its customers to get them excited to buy. On top of that, Neville’s gonna get your mind coming up with a list of ideas you could do to replicate the success he’s had. –Andrew Woo
    Neville pretty much made AppSumo what it is today. Before he came along, they sent out these lame emails that were short and boring. “Hey, get this thing for when it’s normally !” Nev came along and started writing these funny, medium-long emails that told a story, explained why this thing was awesome, and hey “it’s instead of . This was back in like 2010-2012, and I used to get so excited when a new AppSumo email came in. I bought so much stuff that it got to the point I was AFRAID to read the emails, because I knew I would want to buy whatever it was selling (no joke). I had to give myself an AppSumo budget so I didn’t go crazy. –Christopher Fletcher

     “OK this sounds cool, but much is it gonna cost me??”

    If you’re a total newbie to business, this isn’t for you. –but– If you have a list of people signed up to you…..THIS IS FOR YOU. If you have a website where you sell something…..THIS IS FOR YOU. If you’re a sales person who routines gets new leads…..THIS IS FOR YOU. If you already have an autoresponder in place but it sucks…..THIS IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU. If you currently get just ONE signup a day from your website, that’s 30 new people a month. Imagine you implement an autoresponder that can get a 1/3rd of those people to buy something.  That’s TEN extra sales even from a page that gets just 1 new person a day. And considering most people aren’t even making money off their new subscribers, THIS IS FREAKING HUGE. Still to this day my entire business is built around an autoresponder: I do the work upfront, and let the “magical email slave machine” do the rest. Look at the numbers I have here for this copywriting stuff: Now of those 21 people who joined my list yesterday…..what do you think would NORMALLY happen if I didn’t have an autoresponder in place?? LAZY ASS NEVILLE will randomly send them an email every week, but they won’t get much use out of my email because there’s no rhyme or reason to them. And even if Lazy Ass Neville manages to crank out some really primo content over the years…..the 21 new people won’t ever see it!!  See: fred-missing-content   …..instead…….   ……..SMART AUTORESPONDER NEVILLE will send these 21 new people a specifically designed sequence of emails, which showcase awesome material, and will take these 21 new people through a journey about writing better copy. These 21 new people will learn. These 21 new people will laugh. These 21 new people will get to know me. These 21 new people will start to like receiving my emails. These 21 new people will likely BUY SOMETHING FROM ME. Oh…..and how much work did I do to take these 21 people on an epic Copywriting journey??  ZERO. Because the autoresponder did all the work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now I’ll be making sales on my Copywriting Course, my copywriting Book, my Copywriting Checklist and more, all because they signed up once, and now my “magical email slave machine” is doing the rest of the work!! This is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to market to your new customers. So…..how do you learn this for yourself? Well…..I have created something that will teach you a new skill you can apply to any business you go in FOREVER:  

    Autoresponder That Sells!

        Here’s the details of Autoresponder That Sells: Immediately when you join, you’ll get access to a self-paced course that will teach you all my tricks and tips about autoresponders.  BUT……that’s just the foreplay! By the end of this class you will have a scientifically designed autoresponder to place in your business.  Guaranteed.   That’s because this is going to be a real class….not just a self-paced course you may-or-may-not use. I’m gonna help you with everything including:
    • The concepts and mindsets to know when writing your emails.
    • Exactly WHAT to write in that crucial first email.
    • How to “warm up your customers” to like you within the first three emails (crucial part).
    • How to NOT disgust people.
    • My findings on the best times/dates to send emails.
    • Examples of great emails and autoresponder sequences in different industries.
    • Full access to see the autoresponders I have in place now….and why they work so well.
    • Methods to come up with an endless amount of emails to send.
    • Getting your whole sequence written, setup, and live on your business.
    You’ll get access to me for help, plus you’ll have “Classmates” who are making their autoresponders right alongside you.  This part is my favorite, because you’re not alone.  Your classmates will give you ideas & feedback, as well as me.  We’ll be like one big copywriting family in the class!     ——If you’re part of the class, you get into our private “classroom” ——- Inside the class you get the self guided AutoresponderKourse. You can watch this at your own pace. Some people are totally n00bies, some people are more advanced, so this part is self paced.  But don’t worry, I made these videos fun and easy to watch (You pay me not for LONG videos, but for editing out all the boring stuff). I then take you inside my own auto responder sequences.  I show you auto responder sequences I’ve used for AppSumo products I’ve made that’ve sold $1,000,000+ in revenue.  I’ll show you why putting people on an auto responder sequence is better than shoving a BUY button in their face.

    Here’s the steps we’ll be taking to get your very own autoresponder up and running in 4 weeks flat:


    Some more things we’ll be doing inside Autoresponder That Sells:
    • We’ll be planning out a Sticky-Eye sequence of emails….designed to make people read and buy.
    • We’ll find super-interesting topics to make people click on those emails and devour them (not send them to junk mail like most newsletters).
    • You’re going to write your 1st email in a very specific way.  We’re NOT gonna make crap-ass newsletters.  We’re NOT gonna scare people away by saying BUY MY STUFF.  Different businesses can send different types of emails. We will go through all of this.
    • In your third email the magic starts happening! This is where we will craft your email to ever-so-slightly hint that you have a product to sell.  This is a delicate combination of giving and asking.
    • By your 4th email the customer will be “warmed up and cozy”, will understand WHY they need your product/services, and is MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH more likely to buy. At this point a lot of them will literally be asking for a button to buy from. That’s the beauty of a well-designed auto responder sequence.
    • We’ll set you up with a giant list of topics to talk about. This is like a cheat-sheet of good emails you’ll have forever. After you’re done with this course you’ll NEVER have a problem writing emails again.  My friend Jeff thought he had hit the limit of sending emails about wine to his wine-list……he was SO wrong. After a 3 minute brain-dump we had over 20 super-interesting emails his customers would love.


    If you’re already selling something, this is how you can add a “passive income” branch to your business.   OFFICE HOURS: Every week I will hold office hours. In our own classroom private video you’ll be able to ask questions….and even more valuable, be able to see what OTHER people ask.
    • Having trouble coming up with what to write? Ask me I’ll help.
    • Have a question on the best way to end a particular email? Ask me I’ll help.
    • Think your users won’t want to get your emails at all? Ask me I’ll help.
    • Have a question on how to position it? Ask me I’ll help.
    Here’s the timeline of when this will all be going down: klass-dates-2017 “I like this Neville!  But how much does it cost?” The cost to join this class is $397…..and it’s one helluva a bargain. Starting in 2014 it was my goal to do consults with 100 non-corporation individuals. Since then I've consulted with several hundred clients now, and those consults go for $597/hour ($450/hour if bought in bulk). And that money is well spent! Remember Jeff’s examples above about his wine email list?  Well simply from two consults he increased his revenue over 900% by just writing emails better.   900-percent-increases That is ONE HELL OF AN IMPROVEMENT by just learning how to write emails better! He went from making about $500 per email, to around $5,000 per email! And in this class you get 12+ class calls with me where you can ask anything you want (think about it….Jeff only had two one-hour sessions). I’ve been through this email-sequence-planning process and email-writing-process so many times it now comes naturally to me.  And if you’re a student in the class, you’ll have easy access to me to answer any questions. Not only that…..but your other classmates will be posting their own email sequences and actual emails….meaning you’ll get PLENTY of support and suggestions and examples to go off of. By the end of this class I want every single student to have a fully functioning autoresponder warming up customers on their business without them lifting a finger each time someone signs up.   So when you signup for this class, just know that each week starting Feb. 16th we’ll be writing one of your emails and getting them uploaded to your autoresponder.  Meaning you won’t just be learning, you’ll be DOING.  So join me, and join your fellow classmates in re-vamping your business with a kickass autoresponder.
    devesh-test“I really liked that you responded to every one of our updates on the comment threads for each week. To pay that kind of money was tough at first, but knowing that you are basically personally reviewing and giving great ideas to our exact autoresponders is cool. That was the best part. I also liked that we got the autoresponder videos on record. That’s useful as I had to miss them. I ended up leaving my job, but I took my skills to implement the autoresponder on my personal consulting business. When I first heard of the autoresponder class, I wasn’t sure if I was a good fit because I didn’t have a huge (or even a small) email list. But I decided I WOULD have one soon so I should know how to have a killer autoresponder. What a great decision. I’m using my autoresponder now so as my subscribers get immediate value AND I’m seeing all kinds of opportunities with my clients to improve their business (and have them love me) by improving THEIR autoresponders. Great investment!” --Devesh Khanal   Every single time you acquire a customer via email address, you have the opportunity to "slowly sell them" with an autoresponder. The best part is after you set it up once, the autoresponder does all of the work!  

    If you are getting customer email addresses and NOT sending them follow-up emails, you may as well be throwing away 80% of those potential customers:

      More than 80% of the people who find your business online won't buy right away, which is why you need an autoresponder to keep sending them great stuff which makes them come back. With the Autoresponder That Sells, by the end of the 4 weeks you will have a fully functioning autoresponder in place that's designed to keep customers happy, and keep them buying.   Look at the results from just a few previous Autoresponder That Sells students: Not only have people helped their own businesses do better by implementing a great autoresponder, freelancers have gone on to help clients increase their results. Once this skill of autoresponders is learned, a freelancer can add-on this service to their billing fees: Trevor now can apply his newfound knowledge of selling through email to EVERY next business or promotion he gets involved with. Here are the details in plain English:
    • What: A 4-week long Autoresponder That Sells class where we build and setup a 4-sequence autoresponder for your business.
    • When: The Class begins June 1st, 2021 and ends June 30th, 2021.
    • Who: Neville Medhora and Dan McDermott are the instructors, and you will be in a group forum and plenty of live office hours with other class members. We have multiple live calls every week (all optional) where you can ask questions live on the air. You also get a full year of Copywriting Course support, like having a personal copywriter all year!
    • Why: To develop a working autoresponder sequence for your business that automates your content delivery and sales. This isn't just "information" we're selling, we're actually all going to build autoresponders together. You will have a working autoresponder by June 30th, 2021!

    Time to join is limited, offer ends:


    Yes, I want to join the Autoresponder That Sells which starts June 1st, 2021 and will help me build and setup a working 3-5 email autoresponder in my business that can make me more money when being lazy:

    join now

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