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Words that sell, brands that succeed.

Imagine if you had only ONE customer.

You could:
Wine ‘em
Dine ‘em
Sweep ‘em off their feet!

Now add 10 customers.
Now add 100 customers.
Now add 1,000 customers.

You simply CANNOT pay attention to all those people individually!

HOWEVER….there’s a Magical Slave Machine that can do the grunt work for you.

You can simply write emails like you’re trying to swoon just ONE customer…..but it can be replicated over and over….
…and over
…and over and over
…and over and over and over
…and over and over and over and over
…and over and over and over and over and over
…and over and over and over and over and over and over
…and over and over and over and over and over and over and over!

OK my young & dumb friend….you get the point :-)

So what we’re talking about is autoresponders….

Autoresponders are basically email robots that you set and forget‚ just once‚ and they do all the customer swooning for you.

YOU KNOW THAT ANNOYING FRIEND YOU HAVE that only calls when he needs something?

You HATE that guy!!

It’s also why people HATE getting emails from companies, because they only hit you up when they want to sell something.

But what if you actually GAVE your customers GOOD stuff all the time?
Your customers would actually:

  • get value from your emails.
  • look forward to getting your emails.
  • be much more open to buying from your emails.
  • see you (or your company) as the go to guys in your industry.

This is exactly how I use autoresponders for business.

Here is an over-dramatic drawing of this process (forgive the poor drawing, my Indian heritage prevented anything but math and science to be taught to me)!

That picture is really damn cheesy. But the principle behind it works really damn well.

Giving customers amazing information makes them MUCH more likely to listen to you, and eventually BUY from you.

Buuuttttt Neevvviillleeeeee…….I don’t think autoresponders will work in MY industry!!

Stop your annoying whining….

…autoresponders can help pretty much ANY business you’re in. In fact, we even go through REAL case studies in this AutoresponderKourse, and even setup a REAL autoresponder in front of your face.

We go through examples of:

  • Blog autoresponders
  • eCommerce autoresponders
  • Digital products autoresponders
  • Consulting business autoresponders
  • Even autoresponders for boring industries & businesses

I’m gonna show you (right in front of your face) what kind of content works best for autoresponders.

FREE TIP: Really boring businesses can send out case studies in their autoresponders with great success.

AND IF YOU SUCK AT WRITING, I’m gonna even show you where to get great stuff your email list (and no, this isn’t some spammy fake-article generation crap).

So if you have a list of contacts, and AREN’T regularly hitting them up with good stuff, I would HIIIIGGGHLY suggest you checkout this kourse.

It’s a very simple-to-read-and-view format. Here’s a sample of three of the pages so you can see what it looks like (minus the blurring of course):

And I pride myself on keeping this kourse short and to-the-point.
By the end you’ll know:

  • The psychology behind WHY autoresponders work so well.
  • How to setup your own autoresponder.
  • All the technical stuff you need to know (don’t worry it’s simple).
  • What kind of info to send people.
  • You’ll get several case studies for different industries.
  • Tricks of trade (learned the hard way by me).

So get your greedy little hands on this AutoresponderKourse, and by TONIGHT you will know exactly how to implement them on your site and start warming up your customers.


Join the KopywritingKourse Premium and get the Autoresponder Kourse with it –> See full schedule of courses with KopywritingKourse Premium.


Your favorite “Made in the USA” Brown Guy

P.S. If you have employees who do marketing for you, this is a FANTASTIC kourse for them to watch (and it won’t take em long either).

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