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    The Power of Batching Your Work

    Batching is perfect for people who feel like their days are too short and are always running out of time.

    Every time you switch tasks, you lose your flow. You have to open up new files on your computer, shift gears, and refocus your mind. This usually takes at least a few minutes.

    Those minutes add up.

    If you’re checking your email, answering phone calls, and moving from project to project multiple times each hour—that’s a lot of time spent refocusing over the course of a day.

    A simple solution is to batch similar work together to minimize this refocus time.

    The Power of Batching Your Work

    The trick is being strict about it.

    For example, purposely schedule all your calls together. If you’re focused on a project and get pinged with a new email notification, ignore it.

    99% of messages aren’t urgent. They can wait a few hours until message time.


    Mitch Glass


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    I can't agree more on the effectiveness of batching you work. Multitasking makes you feel busy and creates the illusion that you're being productive.
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    Amen to that, Lee! When you multitask, you look back on your busy day and realize you didn't really accomplish anything.
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    Guest Jon Wilburn


    Totally agree. I hate when people ask if I'm a good Multi Tasker... the answer is NO. NO, I'm not. I'm horrible. If I focus on one thing, I'm much better.
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    The one thing I struggle with is getting other parties to be available at the same times to be able to batch calls.
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    It can be tricky, but where there's a will, there's a way! A lot of times it comes down to training others that you are only available at certain times, and that's just how things work. Check out Dan Kennedy's No BS Time Management book for other tips on how to do it 🤓
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    Guest Succeeding In The Gig Economy By Focusing On “Deep Work” - Your Optimized Mind


    […] Image via copywritingcourse.com“Example of batching work” […]
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