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    What are your Q4 goals?

    What are you hoping to achieve by the end of this year?

    I will anonymize and share the answers.

    Neville Medhora


    Before the end of this year, I want to be making $5k/month retainer.


    I have been pursuing my career in software development now for about one year. I have watched your videos on youtube and they helped me to learn about copywriting. I want to pursue the course but I am really clueless about whether learning copywriting as a skill will complement my software developer skill. I would love to hear your take on how copywriting will help web developers. 


    100k IG followers & first $5k in product sales. Let's go! 🚀 


    I want to publish one piece of YT content every week in spite of my busy schedule. 


    Create 1 new revenue stream
    finish an essay collection I am working on
    Bench 315 ! 


    My goals for Q4 are:

    1. To become more organized and have a system in place to help me in my new role as a freelance copywriter.

    2. Soak up as much information from my new gig that I booked. Listening, learning, and applying!

    3. To start my blog and get to writing on a more consistent basis. 


    I'd like to secure 4-5 offers for my brand identity roadmap!


    Publish 160 blog posts and videos. 


    Trying to convert a list if 10,000 real estate agents to buy our transaction coordinating services (clear close)


    In Q4 I want to learn how to build an acquisition funnel and write a high quality eBook for therapists.


    Making $1000 a week.


    To finish my brand website and earn 600€ per month from my designs 


    Make a great work teaching math and physics at high school 


    To finish my signature course by my deadline (work on it an hour a day and more than that the last week of the month because I don’t do consultations then). 

    • Go back to making YouTube videos to market the course and my other services, twice a week when my course is done.
    • Go deeper into email marketing and connecting with my subscribers (use the notes I made in my notebooks).
    • Create video shorts for TikTok (GaryVee seems to think TikTok is the next instagram and the time to do this is now)

    This is probably too much for the last three months of the year, but these are my goals anyway!


    Complete 2 half-marathons (on track)

    Complete Google IT Automation with Python course (transitioning vein into tech field) (on track)

    Write 1 thank you letter (or card)/month (behind)

    Places to visit:
    Niagara Falls (unlikely to meet)


    Scaling our DTC Email/SMS Agency to $200k. We're at $122k now. That's $26k/month.


    Here are my goals to finish up 2022:
    - Read 5 more books
    - Drop another 5lbs
    - Increase investments to 401k & IRA
    - Increase savings rate to 10% of income
    - Open 529 accounts for the kids


    Start building a SAAS product!


    - 5 subscription paying coaching clients
    - 1 paid stage Appearance
    - 500 more YouTube subscribers
    - Find a great girlfriend


    Grow my current empty Etsy store to at least 50 products and $1000/month sales revenue

    Build and grow a new blog based on my weight loss success (255 to 175 in 6 months) on a domain I bought but never used

    If I focus like I've never focused before I know I can achieve both these goals.

    Wish me luck 🙂


    1.  Over 1000 subscribers.

    2. Make valuable connections with community leaders and businesses.

    3. Lay out a plan to expand to YouTube and improve my social media strategy.

    4. Start making money.


    Raise recurring revenue to $6K monthly and quit my full time job.

    I hope my plans achieve this. Yes, I know that’s not the correct “manifestation” language, but there’s a certain hard reality about all this.


    - I am trying to save 10% of the monthly income every month, if I reach the quota of 1560 by the end of the year I will be able to do it
    - Open the VAT number and earn my first 1000 euros (for now I have opened the VAT number and I have two customers, maybe I will be able to invoice at least 1000 euros by December
    - Change job and change sector - goal achieved, I will start my new job in November and I will be an ADV Specialist
    - Read at least 12 books - I think I have already achieved this goal
    - First 1000 followers on TikTok - I haven't posted any videos yet
    - Top 100 subscribers on my Youtube Channel (which I haven't opened yet haha)
    - First 100 monthly visitors to my Blog (which I haven't published yet, oops!)


    I hope to concretize my business after 2 years and start getting some cash flow. 


    - 20+ sales for my online course 
    - Finish Pilates certification. 
    - Meditate and journal each am 🙂


    1) Freelance business revenue to $10,000 per month
    2) Niche website traffic to 10,000 pageviews per month
    3) Bodyweight reduced to 180 lbs


    I'm hoping to start earning money with my FB and PInterest ads for my e-commerce store so that I can provide for my family


    I want to hit $5k a month as a Copywriter by the end of this yea. 

    I'm currently working with some clients. 


    Hi Neville! I hope to draft another novel this year (young-adult horror fiction is my jam). 😊


    I am about to turn 19 and my knowledge in sales and client acquisition has been improving, i just simply wanna change my behaviours and personality in order to make my first $10k/m and move out of my parents house. I wanna focus on client acquisition and building systems in my marketing agency.

    I wanna move out and start my new life and meet new people. I wanna read more books and build new things and also wanna get shredded soon.



    • Playing covers in bars / cafes
    • Teach english through songwriting (in person + online)
    • Teach songwriting (in person + online)
    • Upwork music gigs (jingles + adding foleys, etc)
    • Simple (yet powerful) health + human development online courses (too much work… huge effort required to get first clients)


    • Release 1 Song per month


    5 desired results that are attainable this year if I got off my ass and applied myself


    • Have a client to work with.
    • Become a better person through constant self reflection and reading.
    • Earn a cumulative sum of $650 for the year with my marketing skills
    • Overcome my self-doubt with enough practice, some wins and putting myself out there.
    • Get an appreciation gift for everyone that made an impact in my life this year.


    Level up into consultancy

    What I need to do:
    - Get better clients 

    What I need to do: 
    - Create more noise
    - Find the signal 
    - Publish more on signal 
    - Distribute more
    - Share more 


    Make money with copywriting. 


    I want to finish my French online course, so i can speak 3 foreign languages. 🙂

    and start learning another language - the ultimate goal is 20✌😎


    • To stay consistent with my creativity newsletter 
    • To reach 400 subscribers from 300 subscribers by Dec. 2022 end.
    • Creating a professional portfolio for my B2B writing


    • Lose 5 kgs per months
    • Get enrolled into kopywriting course by making at least $1000 dollars in the next 2 months.
    • Get few high paying gigs which are not happening at the moment.


    I want to have atleast 5 clients by the end of this year. I've been trying to find opportunities in freelancing but haven't yet succeeded around 100 proposal I've sent in past 8 months but got no client at all , so I'm focusing on gaining some skills, building my portfolio and at least have 5 clients by the end of the year.


    To build my blog, and writing career 


    Personally, my main goal for this year is to really be able to start my career in copywriting as a freelancer.


    Get my first sale.


    - Start a passive income stream.
    - Work out 5 days  a week.
    - 5k in revenue from current side hustle. 




    This isn’t copywriting but your question prompted breaking down my oil painting project into steps in order to achieve best results.

    Q4 Goals:
     To paint a portrait of my daughter in oils. Using skills and knowledge gained over the past year.

    - practise painting Neutrals: black, grey & white values & warm/cold hues - by creating a still life of a brown egg on a black background
    - repeat for a face
    - repeat for face using 3 colours
    - practice painting long curly hair
    - based on these practices, create portrait.


    To get a new phone for myself and my sister. 
    To get a job. 
    To get my book signed. 
    To get an apartment. 


    By the end of this year I’d like to buy my first DSLR/ mirrorless camera and start my professional photography career.


    I'm challenging myself to produce 3 short videos per day for 95 days straight.

    So far I am on day 5 😅

    Extra goals: 4 hours of deep work per day + 35 minutes of physical book reading per day


    • 3rd investment property
    • clear out all bad debt
    • Come up with a list of ideas for creative biz/co. for '23
    • Draw up a list of ways I can volunteer time '23


    Defining my goals has bee one of the challenges that I have had but at least I can say that I have some.
    These are my goals in five years time.
    1. Become a successful finance writer featured in various publications
    2. Have a successful finance YouTube channel
    3. Invest in myself and the money 
    4. Living the life of my dreams while working from home
    Those are my main goals and I am willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish them.


    Get my marketing automation saas to 15k a month without me doing anything but making sure my team gets everything they need. 


    complete a website with web copy


    Learn to write better


    Make https://twitter.com/9_by_16 cross $20K MRR


    I really wanted to know copywriting and get a premium client.


    Launch another ecomm product successfully 


    Find a life partner / baby momma AND get Permanent Residence in Canada AND add 2 more clients to my agency company tbh


    Saving Fridays entirely for working on my business (content marketing, growth brainstorming), not client work.


    1) Get a specific feature working, at least for internal use.

    2) Hire an Outreach Person, and start outreach to collaborate with content creators.

    3) Do the Bundle Promotion with one partner, and expand if it goes well.

    4) Find a specific subject matter expert to collaborate with.


    I would like to learn to copywrite as a side hustle, and get started with this journey!


    Have a year runway to start a business that I can do from anywhere so I can go and study abroad without having to work a job over there


    Start journey of Secondary Income


    Get 7 retainer high ticket clients!


    Net positive returns of at least 10% in Options trading.


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