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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday September 30th, 2022)

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    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

    Edition: Friday, September 30th, 2022


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    I love seeing lots of data in a crunched in a small space. Look at this awesome "$100 Trillion World Economy" chart. 

    In this layout, within seconds you are delivered tons of information:


    Right away you can spot:
    ➡ The largest economies.
    ➡ The largest combined economies.
    ➡ Economic size differences between countries.

    It's so much better than a boring chart like this!



    Every once in a while, take an honest stock of your life. 
    Look in the mirror:


    How you physically look RIGHT NOW is a direct reflection of what you’ve been doing for the last 6 months:

    • What you’ve been eating.
    • What you’ve been doing for exercise.
    • How you’ve been taking care of your body.

    Look at your environment around you RIGHT NOW.

    • What do you like about it?
    • What do you hate about it?
    • What would you change about it?

    Maybe you want nothing changed, but maybe there's stuff you DO want changes.

    Write those thing out:


    ....now “Word Backwards” to find a plan to make your environment and life how you want it.

    Taking an honest inventory of where you're at, so you can make your future self even better.


    I bet 99% of you don't know about Google Keep

    It's a free "Pinterest-style" board where you can keep notes, pics, screenshots etc in categorized tabs. 

    You can make your own marketing "Swipe File" with it for free, and it natively runs through all of Google Suite:



    It's awesome to keep quotes and pictures in.....then conveniently drop them into a Google Doc when needed.


    This is one of those odd pieces of Google that's pretty helpful but few people know about.....but now you do 🙂

    Try it out at keep.google.com


    So I've been doing these "customer calls" twice a week where I talk on the phone to previous, current, and (potentially) future customers:

    Does this pic make it look like I'm hard at work?? 😛

    I've been trying to do ~5 calls in a row each session:


    Some of the questions I ask (depending on who I'm speaking to) are:

    • What made you join? What did you hope to get out of it?
    • What would've made you stay on longer? 
    • What could I have done better?
    • How did you originally find me or Copywriting Course?
    • What did you most like about Copywriting Course when you were a member? 
    • What feature did you use the most?

    I have about 12 questions written down, but for the most part each call goes a little different, and it's super interesting to hear everyone's stories.

    I've been learning a ton from consistently doing these. Might be interesting for you to try these on your own business too!

    The reason I do these calls is because I'm too "in the box" on Copywriting Course:


    ....so it's helpful to hear outside opinions of what people want and use.

    Reply to this email "I WANNA CHAT!" if you're down to talk for 10 minutes!


    Since I run a copywriting company people frequently come to me asking if they know any good writers. 

    Well....here's my easy methods on finding and hiring a good writer:


    OPTION 1 ($): Find a cheap copywriter from a cheap freelancer platform like Fiverr.


    OPTION 2 ($$): Find someone just starting out, and train them yourself.


    OPTION 3 ($$$): Find a freelancer through a higher quality freelancer platform like UpWork.


    OPTION 4 ($$$$): Find someone who writes the way you like, and pay them.


    This is my personal favorite way to hire a writer. It's just best to find someone ALREADY WRITING THE WAY YOU LIKE then hiring them.

    I'll generally do this:
    1.) Find someone already writing the type of stuff you want. 
    2.) Ask them to do a single project for money. 
    3.) If like their work, hire multiple times. 


    Did you know tomorrow (October 1st) is the start of Q4 of 2022 😮

    All that's left in the year are three major months:
    October, November, December.

    Don't get caught off guard and be unprepared for this!


    Q4 is typically the most profitable time of the year for many businesses (especially retail businesses):


    The best sales of the year happen in Q4, and each promotion might include making:
    ✔️ Emails
    ✔️ Images
    ✔️ FB Ads copy
    ✔️ Google ads copy
    ✔️ Autoresponder copy
    ✔️ Email campaign copy
    ✔️ Social media post copy
    ✔️ Website campaign copy
    ✔️ Funnel flow planning.......

    ....there's a lot of work to do BEFORE these holiday's roll around.

    BUT WHAT IF.....

    You had a subscription to Copywriting Course and could get help with all your sales materials, and optimize them to make them stronger?? 💪🏼


    The most popular way to learn using Copywriting Course is our self-paced courses. Copywriting Course is actually a COLLECTION of courses:


    The next most popular way to use Copywriting Course is to come to Office Hours where I'll personally help you with any question or problem:


    We share screens and work on your problem together. This isn't "conceptual" advice, but rather real-world re-writing and creating on the spot!

    Q4 (starting tomorrow) is an extremely important time to join Copywriting Course so you can take advantage of the super busy holiday season!
    ⬇ ⬇ ⬇

    Join this instant and use code LEVELUPYEAR for 30% off Copywriting Course, and start learning today! (Promo ends today)


    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!

    Neville Medhora



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