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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday October 7th, 2022)

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    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

    Edition: Friday, October 7th, 2022

    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    I never understood the differences between chocolates until seeing this chart!


    I love when something so simple (like the chart above) finally makes a concept *click* into place!


    I've always liked this acronym H.A.L.T. which means....

    If you're not in a good mood, you're either:

    This is a tactic developed for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), but it's used for many different fields.
    It's used to prevent medical errors:

    It's used to prevent medical errors:



    It's used for people in grief:



    It's used to prevent over-eating:


    It's a neat framework to identify when you're about to make bad decisions.


    This might be the best title of any book on money. 

    ✔️ Everyone wants to make money. 
    ✔️ Everyone wants to make it in the fastest way.
    How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time 😂


    The title of something can be important, because it conveys to the user what they're about to see....and how it can help them.

    For example, here's the same video, just re-named which would you more likely click?





    I bet you'd pick the "Books To Read To Make You Rich" version.

    It does sound a bit more cheesy, but it's currently what would captivate a large audience more, and it tells you if you read these books it could have some financial benefit to you. 


    I was on NetFlix!!!!!!! 

    .....for about 0.75 seconds 😂

    I don't want the fame to go to my head....but for a brief second you can see me and some friends (Codie Sanchez, Nick Gray, Chris Petkas) on the recent Andrew Schultz  NetFlix special.  


    Look at my high-quality cameo on NetFlix. Should I update my IMDB?? 😂



    On another TV note:

    It's kinda fun to find to find an old show you’ve never seen, and are able to watch all the seasons however often you want, so you never run out of stuff to watch!

    Current find: The Sopranos 

    Such a cool show (although I'm 23 years late to the game) 😬


    It's cool to have a show I can watch during lunch or dinner and have 6 seasons to run through. 

    Another benefit is The Sopranos was made before streaming, so the episodes all end nicely. They don't have that intensely grabbing ending like modern streaming shows where you HAVE to watch the next episode.


    Writing a book has been the MOST "passive income" thing I've ever done. 

    I wrote it once in 2013, and Amazon continually pimps it out. ZERO involvement since it's inception.

    If I were smarter I would've put out a book every two years since then!


    I still make between $500 and $1,200 per month from the book (occasionally more if it gets shared).

    Considering I wrote it ONCE in 2013 that’s not bad.

    I self-published the book from Amazon KDP, it sells at a 3-to-1 ratio of eBook format vs physical format.

    I self published using this method:

    The book was written 100% in a Google Doc:

    If you want launch promotion ideas I suggest Chandlers interview:


    Potential 2023 plan for book:  Give it a refresh and charge more!


    Right now I charge $5.00 and make $1.71/book.

    I would probably bump up price to $20 and make ~$14/book.


    Try this today: “The Amish Hour”

    This is simply an hour where you “shun” technology for 1 hour before bed:

    Benefits you’ll see: 
    - Better sleep 
    - Reading more 
    - More productivity 
    - Increased concentration 
    - Drum up great new ideas

    Instead of scrolling social media or watching TV...spend some time with a book or notepad. 
    Physical reading before bed increases quality of sleep and calms the mind.

    I find myself taking an immense amount of notes and getting quality ideas when in this distraction-free environment.

    Pictured: Amish Brother Nevilleton


    I've personally had so "schedule in" screen downtime, because it's just so damn tempting to scroll on my phone before bed. 

    The nights I fall asleep reading I have a noticeably better sleep, and hope you find the same too 🙂

    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!

    Neville Medhora


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    Recommended Comments

    I love today's email - it feels like I knowwwww you. 😆

    I'm Adenike, and this is the first time I'm replying.

    And yes, I'm also writing a book on Google Doc and preparing to use Amazon KDP. Done some research already.

    But I just wanted to thank you for sharing more resources on this. 

    A confession - your SWIPES emails seem to stay with me more even though the STUDIP series often got my attention quicker. Intrigue.

    Now, I look forward to the SWIPES. I practically count down😂😂😂 to 12 PM Nigerian time.

    One Friday, when it came late or so, I was worried. You know why? 

    Your emails always have a spiritual guidance that match what I'm already been guided to do by the Holy Spirit.

    So thank you, Neville. 

    Thank you for being such an amazing human. 🙏🤗

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    • Administrator

    Thank you so much for the kind words Adenike!! 

    I hope we can keep these SWIPES emails coming to ya at the exact right time each week!

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    I've been drinking up your content for a long time, Neville, but have to say that I really loved this email! "Nevilleton" gave me a good cackle. Thanks for being awesome (and congrats on the big screen debut!).

    A novice copywriter and big fan,

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    Just wanted to say nice email!  I’ve really been enjoying this format, and read them pretty much every Friday.

    You got me thinking with your chocolate chart, I love it.  I’m going to try creating one for olive oil and the various grades, which could help people understand the crap they buy in the store I hope 😊 LOL!

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    • Administrator

    Great to hear from ya Dewey! The olive oil chart would be great, I definitely have ZERO clue the differences between them, so it might be super helpful 🙂 

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