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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday October 14th, 2022)

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    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

    Edition: Friday, October 14th, 2022


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    Every consultant or freelancer has had to justify their cost at times. 

    This fun swipe shows a dog groomer who was sick of people snarky remarks like, "WOW it costs less to cut MY hair than my DOGS hair 🙄"

    So they made this clever sign as a price justification!



    I decided to put this chart in the "Wisdom" section because so many people drink coffee and use it to concentrate.

    If you're like me, you have no idea what different coffee's mean, but this little chart explains it all perfectly:


    Kind of interesting that almost every coffee drink is just different levels of milk and espresso!


    This is a great little chart that outlines what could be "pseudoscience" and how to spot it.

    I love mental frameworks like this, and this is a great one:

    Fet38vnWIAIRrqh (1).jpg


    Have you ever seen something (furniture, item, whatever...) and wondered where it's from? 

    For example I have these little woven "stool" thingies in my garage gym area:


    Let's find out how to buy more (or one's just like them for cheaper)!

    You use "Google Lens" to find them. Just his that camera icon on the Google app on your phone:


    ...and point your camera at the stool, and it'll find similar items!


    Instantly I can see a list of items just like it! A lot of times you can find the same item except way cheaper:


    For example I like this lamp....so let's try to find it:


    Bam! I instantly found a bunch of similar ones!




    "Don't Undercharge"
    tl;dr: A quick story how not to undercharge when doing client work.
    In college I bought a used moped from a Ducati dealership, look at that hog 😏


    Me and the owner of the Ducati dealership somehow began talking about ways to change his website to start ranking in Google at the #1 result for "Ducati Dealership."

    He asked me to do the changes and send an invoice...

    I had NO idea what to charge.

    Being 20 at the time, I thought $500 would be incredible.

    I told my mentor about this, and he said, "YOU BETTER CHARGE HIM AT LEAST $5,000 OR I WILL SLAP YOU!"

    It was hard to fathom someone would pay that much for a simple SEO project..

    Best case scenario I thought:
    I'd tell him $5,000, he'd laugh in my face, and I'd negotiate down to $1,000. Still great money to me!

    But a funny thing happened: I told him the price and he instantly said, "Ok cool, when do we start." 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯

    He didn't question the price and he immediately agreed to it.

    That's when I realized to him $5,000 was cheap to be ranked for "Ducati Dealership."

    He sells $25,000 sport bikes all day long, so to him $5,000 wasn't much.

    Lesson: When working with businesses, try charging high....like 10X more than you think. Charge for the value. You can always negotiate lower.


    A company I run called Copywriting Course that has 8 revenue streams: 



    These revenue streams include:
    #1.) Copywriting Course subscriptions
    #2.) SwipeFile.com ad revenue
    #3.) Book
    #4.) 1-on-1 Consulting
    #5.) YouTube Channel
    #6.) Amazon Affiliate
    #7.) Email Sponsorships
    #8.) Advising Companies

    I made a breakdown of how each one works here in this video:

    I think to further optimize these revenue streams for 2023 I would like to make the more "passive" revenue streams higher. 

    This would include: 
    - YouTube ads
    - SwipeFile ads 
    - Book revenue 
    - Friday SWIPES email ad sponsorships

    Let's all make our 2023 New Year's Resolutions now!

    OCTOBER 2022: Write out all resolutions, narrow down the list.

    NOVEMBER 2022: Figure out how to systematize each goal.

    DECEMBER 2022: Implement the plan.

    JANUARY 1st 2023: The goals are already in place and running! 😎


    Whatchya think of that plan....making your New Year's Resolutions NOW, and having them implemented by January 1st?? Respond and let me know!
    Neville Medhora



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    Recommended Comments

    Good stuff as always. 

    I make resolutions any day of the year. I have more built-in enthusiasm when the inspiration first hits. I tend to procrastinate otherwise, and that's a bad habit to encourage in myself. 

    It IS good to plan ahead methodically. Your method is a great combination of planning + taking instant action.

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    • Administrator

    Thanks Mary! 

    I think I'll formulate my New Year's Resolutions for 2023 by the end of this month, and work on having them systematized and RUNNING by Jan 1st!

    Seems better to do them now rather than New Year's when everyone has lofty goals.

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    I love your plan for new year’s resolutions. It would probably skyrocket compliance because you know exactly what to do.

    In general though, new year’s resolutions are a pet peeve of mine. If you’re going to do something, do it. Waiting for January 1 and expected to get it done is like waiting for next Monday to have motivation because it’s Wednesday and you already messed up so you better try again Monday.

    Just Do It!

    Happy Friday!

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    • Administrator

    I agree Jenna!

    I do like New Year's as a time of reflection though. You'll have lofty goals set out, and if you don't accomplish them next year you'll feel bad and maybe try again, so in that sense I like them. 

    But yes....I would like to start NOW and have them fully up and running by Jan 1st!

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    Lesson: When working with businesses, try charging high....like 10X more than you think. Charge for the value. You can always negotiate lower.

    Such great advice.  I tell people all the team, especially with working with any type of corporation.  

    These companies have budgets allocated at the start of every year for certain tasks (let's call it creative for campaigns.)  Those numbers are insane when you start comparing to what a normal person would consider charging for any project.

    And often times they have been anchored by such a larger budget that a $5k-10k proposal for something won't make them blink.

    Plus, they often need to spend it or it goes away.

    Another mindset - they are spending the money to make themselves look good to other people in the company (plus its not really their money, it's the companies.) 

    When selling, show them how your services and the work you do will make them look smarter to their colleagues.

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    • Administrator

    Totally true Max! I learned this lesson a long time ago, and it blew my mind to think the person paying your fee.....that isn't THEIR money, so they sometimes don't really care 😬

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    Great email!

    Google lens  🤯 

    What’s your business model for advisory?

    1. I’m curious
    2. I have a few companies that I’m in the zone of advisory roles and am curious how you structure it for yourself

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    • Administrator

    Thanks Mike! Google Lens is soooo cool. 

    As for advising, it'll get brought up by myself or the company while we're consulting together....each deal is usually a little different 🙂 

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    Love your Friday emails. They are always filled with inspiring ways to accumulate knowledge. Love the notion of goal-setting early, beginning now! I added this to my calendar as an action step. Thanks! 

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