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    Running An 8-Income Stream Copywriting Business (How I do it)

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    I get a lot of questions (especially from non-techie people) on how I make money from what I do, specifically copywriting stuff.

    The good part about making money from the internet is there’s multiple ways to monetize something. 

    For example here's how Copywriting Course brings in income:


    Many people think all the income comes from selling a subscription to The Copywriting Course, my training program for writers, but there’s actually 8 different income streams surrounding my copywriting content.

    Here’s the way each revenue steam works:

    #1.) Copywriting Course Subscriptions:

    It sells a training course that teaches people to become better writers with a focus on selling. Small businesses buy this to learn how to write better copy, and companies buy it for their employees to teach them to write better copy.


    If people want help on their copy, they post it here, and myself and writers go through it and change it up for them. Then on Thursdays we get on an Office Hours call and take up to 8 questions from members, and re-do copy or talk strategy live on the call.

    So the Copywriting Course is a combination training and community…and we sell monthly and yearly subscriptions to it. 

    #2.) Swipe File:

    image for step 2

    A swipe file is a collection of good marketing materials you like or can learn from. Years ago I started building my own swipe file on a desktop folder. Also a phone folder. But then when I wanted to recall something like Pricing structures, I’d have to sift through the whole damn thing.

    So I created SwipeFile.com, where the whole world could access my private swipe file. I wanted to SwipeFile to be an independent site, and not necessarily related to Copywriting Course. The way it makes money is it has Google Adsense ads on it, and when someone clicks an ad, I get a portion of that revenue.

    Swipe File makes money and pays for itself, but the main goal of it is to build the worlds best swipe file.

    #3.) Selling A Book:

    image for step 3

    I self published a book called This Book Will Teach You To Write Better. it sells on Amazon. I originally tried to make it free, but with Amazon I have to charge some money. I made it $5, and it was designed to be a readable-in-30 minutes crash course on writing copy. Till this day it still sells and has hundreds of reviews.


    I will say, of any form of income I make from the copywriting world, this book is the most “PASSIVE” of them all. I published it a few years ago, and have done NOTHING since. It just naturally sells on the Amazon platform, and still keeps going to this day. Honestly if I wanted to boost my passive income, I’d re-do this book and boost the price to $20/pop.

    #4.) 1-on-1 Consulting (aka, actually doing copywriting)!

    image for step 4

    Before I started copywriting course people would ask for help with their email newsletters, and I’d charge them by the hour, sometimes by the project depending on the client.

    I would help people re-write things on the spot, which is honestly very rewarding in many ways: I got to see insider numbers of different companies, hear what methods work and don’t work for them, get to meet really cool people, and they pay me money. All around it’s pretty awesome.

    If all I did was consult, that would make a pretty good living. I think the reason most people find other income streams though is if you ONLY consult, your time becomes quite in demand, and your business can’t function without you. In fact, YOU are the business. This is why finding other streams of income outside of just consulting is good.

    #5.) YouTube Channel:

    image for step 5

    I post videos about copywriting, people subscribe, and I get paid in two ways:

    1.) People decide to buy our copywriting course training. So they signup for a subscription.


    2.) I get a percentage of ad revenue. Whenever people watch my videos, YouTube will show advertisements, and you get to share in a percentage of those. 

    You can see all my YouTube stats at CopywritingCourse.com/stats

    #6.) Amazon Affiliate:

    When people click links (like these book links), and buy a book, I get a small percentage of that. This usually isn’t HUGE revenue, but if you make a few hundred bucks a month like this, it’s usually very passive. 

    For example I wrote a post about how I setup my home office camera setup and lighting. When it started ranking in the search results, people would often buy the cameras I recommended, and if I get 4% of an $900 purchase that’s $36 I didn’t have to work too hard for.

    So this isn’t full time income, but it adds up to a nice little nugget!

    #7.) Email Sponsorships:

    Sometimes people sponsor my Friday SWIPES email and pay me for it. This email goes out to just shy of 60,000 people every week, and sponsors can promote their product in a small section of the email.

    I’m even testing out a self-serve method at copywritingcourse.com/sponsor

    #8.) Advising Companies:

    image for step 8

    Sometimes medium to large companies will bring me on as an adviser. This means I get equity in the company, and a certain amount of advising fees. I often help the companies develop their email newsletters out, much like with TheHustle or AppSumo, and if there’s a sale or acquisition, I might see piece of that upside too.

    So if you’ve ever wondered how someone likes me “makes money on the internet”....with respect to my copywriting activities this where the income comes from!



    So to re-cap the 8 revenue streams are:
    Copywriting Course subscriptions
    #2.) SwipeFile.com ad revenue
    #3.) Book
    #4.) 1-on-1 Consulting
    #5.) YouTube Channel
    #6.) Amazon Affiliate
    #7.) Email Sponsorships
    #8.) Advising Companies

    Most of the money comes from Copywriting Course and consulting, but I would like to make the advertising income higher, including the Friday email ads, YouTube ads, and SwipeFile.com ads etc...

    Then outside of strict income streams…..the other cool thing about publishing on the internet is the OTHER opportunities it brings. For example, greater access and reach.

    Let’s say I’d like to start podcasting more, and want to invite high profile guests. Well if I have a large platform on the internet, guests are far more likely to say yes to an interview. Then I could start monetizing that method.

    Hope this sheds some light on how someone like myself makes money online. This has been a common question I get from people, and this should clear it up. 

    Maybe you could even learn a thing or two from this and start making income online on your own!

    Neville Medhora


    P.S. Do you have any questions about these income streams? I'm happy to help! 


    Recommended Comments

    I took your copywriting course, and I enjoyed it very much. I am a better writer today for it I believe. Your artwork is so funny, your stick figures are so cute and unique to you . I always laugh at it. You are no artist but you’re a great copywriter.

    Thanks for your help and support!

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    I am one of the "silent ones" on your email list. Thank you for your amazing emails. 

    I have a question about your book. 

    Once you uploaded the book to Amazon, what steps you took to promote it? 

    I am planning to upload a book about WordPress website optimization to Amazon. As you know WordPress is a very crowded niche, what are your recommendations for promoting the book? 

    I have planned a landing page, social media (FB, LI) content, and YT video(s). What else could I do to promote the book?

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    I appreciate your emails and as a novice beginning the copy writing journey, I find your commentary on copy writing insightful.

    Not sure if this is a minor oversight or I am such a novice I just don't get it, but in today email, I don't comprehend this word/sentence and am hoping you can clarify.

    Small businesses buy this to learn how to write better company,
    and companies buy it for their employees to teach them to write better copy.

    Unrelated, do you recommend using Grammarly?

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    • Administrator

    Hey Chuks, this is EXACTLY what we do!

    If you had a subscription to Copywriting Course and could get help with all your sales materials, and optimize them to make them stronger?? 💪🏼


    You could just hit this "Copy Reviewer" button inside:



    Then enter the details of the copy you want reviewed (for example this user wants to optimize a Facebook ad for an artificial plant company):


    The same day you'll start getting feedback, changes, new mockups, and often full re-writes!

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    Love this! Thank you for your emails. They’ve been so helpful. I do have a question. 

    I plan on joining your Copywriting Course. I have an executive career coaching business. Most of my clientele come from LinkedIn. So I spend most of my time there writing posts on LinkedIn. I’ve seen some success but want to write in a way that gets more views and ultimately more leads. Does your course help with post rewrites? For example, if I have a post I’m thinking of posting to get engagement and views, do you all help with reviewing post, helping me rewrite for greater impact, etc? 

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    • Administrator

    Ooof......not sure you will make it with that language and grammar.....and trying to learn copywriting JUST to make money is a bad idea 😬

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    Big fan of your work - took the Copywriting Course years ago.

    I've questions about your email newsletter:

    1.)  How did you grow it to 60k subs (did you promote it actively or just compounded over the years?)
    2.)  What's your funnel for driving more email subs?
    3.) Why charge so little for sponsorships? I know Sahil Bloom was charging 3-4k for each sponsor when his email list had around 60k subs.

    Thank you for your time,

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    • Administrator

    Hey Tanyo!

    1.) Through natural growth, although I would like to get more active about it.

    2.) Mainly through going on other people's podcasts and trying to be a great guest!

    3.) I just started that sponsorship page....yesterday! So I put it at $1,000 as a self-checkout thing. Will increase as needed. I've charged up to $5k for sponsors before, but that was a lot of back-n-forth. 

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    • Administrator

    Hey Waqar, overall it has 5 stars from hundreds of people. Of 800+ reviews if 2% of people don't like it, that's still ~20-ish horrible reviews. 

    Look at overall number 🙂 

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    Love this. 

    Day job for me. 

    • Real estate rentals - 3 making decent profit 
    • GLG calls monthly about Ed tech 
    • Some consulting by the hour in Ed tech. 

    You seem to be living a fun and content happy life. Which at the end of the day is most important 😊

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    My only income stream is my full-time job as a housekeeper in a hospital.

    But I'm taking a course in email copywriting. It's going a bit slow.

    Do you offer anything related to email copywriting?

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    • Administrator

    Hey Ken that's awesome! Our Copywriting Course has two courses inside you might be interested in:

    One called "Getting Your First Freelance Gig" and one called "Become A Copywriter." 

    A lot of people have jumpstarted their copywriting (or freelancing in general) careers from these!

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    I was a Graphic Designer until I had to know how to boost my sales (which led me to Copywriting)...

    It hasn't been easy but I've been getting better everyday by day. 

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    My Income stream for the moment is just translation. I would like to expand into other fields like writing for example.

    I have never done any copywriting. But I have done some content writing. But I still find it a bit hard. I don't know SEO and each time I write for a test. It is always about SEO.

    Anyway, I believe I will achieve it one day.

    Wish you the best for your activity. I like to see that you are always smiling. I guess it is your tool for success😄😄

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