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    • A Free Copywriting Course (Learn Copywriting Basics In a Few Minutes)

      Welcome to this free copywriting course! This 25 minute copywriting training is for complete beginners who barely know what "copywriting" is. Here's some suggestions to help you absorb this copywriting course effectively:

      • 🤚🏼 Block out about 32 minutes to watch these training videos.
      • ✏️ Grab a pen and paper and take notes.
      • 📄 Send this page to a friend or colleague who needs some help learning copywriting.

      Now let's get started! 


      VIDEO 1: What is Copywriting?!

      Copywriting permeates everything you do. Your emails, your webpages, your videos....all your communication.

      By using some psychology and formulas, you can increase the response rate you get for everything. That's why copy is one of the bedrocks of marketing. Knowing how to write high-converting copy will put you ahead of 90% of people in the workforce.

      Further Explanation: What is copywriting, a visual guide


      VIDEO 2: The difference between selling and educating.

      Let’s change your mindset about "selling" right now. Trying to sell too hard is the single biggest rookie mistake people make. Let's learn how to still sell hard.....without annoying people and making them leave.



      VIDEO 3: Follow this AIDA formula for everything you write:

      Throw out that boring academic-sounding crap and start fresh. Watch this and learn:

      The AIDA formula is unbelievably powerful as you can see.

      Here's the blank template I use for every piece of copy I write. Even when I show huge companies how to write, this is what they learn.

      Make a Google Drive copy of this template for your own files (or do "Save As PDF" if you choose):

      AIDA Blank Template:



      VIDEO 4: Write like you talk....not like your English class teacher.

      Throw out all the academic-sounding crap and start fresh. Watch this video so you don't sounding like Stuffy McBorington:

      Talking casual almost always outperforms professional speak. Unless you're purposely trying to confuse your customer (like bank fine print or lawyers documents), then speak in a so-easy-to-under-stand manner. 


      VIDEO 5: Write what appeals to your customers...and how to find it.

      If you want to make articles that are ASSETS in the future, you've gotta write about things people want to hear about. Not just random blog posts.

      Here's exactly how to find all that info, and build your own "copywriting swipe file" to keep ideas:

      We're going to train some dogs in this video.....



      VIDEO 6: Features VS Benefits.

      Many people tend to accidentally confuse their readers by simply listing out "impressive sounding" features. This video will show you how to write out the BENEFITS instead, and even marry the two together:

      Let's get started.....



      PART 7: The Copywriting Checklist Download:

      Let's say you've only got 45 minutes to write a piece of copy.....

      ....and you have no clue what to do. Yikes.

      If you don't have time to figure everything out yourself, then download this guide and follow along step-by-step.

      It's called The Copywriting Checklist and it's a paid product we've sold over $75,000 of on AppSumo.

      I'm hooking you up with the doc, so you can keep it in your files....and use it whenever you need:

      Make sure to keep this handy PDF document on your desktop. Whenever you have a piece of copy to write, quickly read through it.

      It's meant to be super-short and quick to follow.

      The Copywriting Checklist

      $75,000 sold on AppSumo....but yours free to download here:




      PART 8: More Copywriting Resources & Books Here's my personal recommendations for more copywriting books and resources:

      My full list of copywriting books. 


      Oh no! Our time together is done!

      I sincerely hope you learned something new during this mini copywriting crash course!

      Just remember: Even if you took away only ONE change to your writing that improves it by even 10%.....think of the impact it'll have over your entire career.

      If you would like to keep learning, upgrade to The Copywriting Course to get god-like at copy. The full course is for people who want to dive much deeper into copywriting. The Copywriting Course is a multi-part course designed to take you through all the mental tricks, hacks and formulas I use to develop high-selling copy. You also get weekly office hours where you get live help.

      This is the closest thing you get to sitting by my side and getting a lesson in copywriting. Click here to see the full details of the Copywriting Course.

      This course is used by individual business owners, up to publicly traded companies in sales departments (really). If you would like to hone your copywriting skills so you can sell EVERYTHING better, this is a fantastic investment. Also, every time there's new sections or updates, you get them all for free.

      Grab the full Copywriting Course if you'd like to learn more:


      Sincerely, Neville Medhora - Your Copywriting Friend


      Want more learning? Checkout this free freelance writing course >
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