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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday September 16th, 2022)

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    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

    Edition: Friday, September 23rd, 2022


    Today's Swipe find is homage to compacting lots of information into a little space.

    I see a lot of these shared on Instagram. In one glance, you can pickup a lot of information without having to think a lot, read a lot, or spend a lot of time. 

    Here's an example of daily plan, compacted into a small space:



    Here's an example of a "boosting happiness" strategy, compacted into a small space:



    Here's an example of a 30 day content calendar, compacted into a small space:



    Here's my full workout plan, compacted into a small space (I stole this from my friend Billy, and reference it at the gym all the time):


    It's kinda neat when there's so much information in one eye-shot.


    Over the years much of my marketing has looked crappy and juvenile. 

    For example this is the image header to a popular post I wrote 😂


    A few years ago I tried cleaning up my act and created something called "Copywriting for Business."

    • I wore a suit. 
    • I didn't curse.
    • I was more serious.
    • I made more professional-looking images.

    ....it utterly flopped.

    When I would try to sell it to businesses, they wanted my original stuff that was more funny and entertaining. 

    Ironically the thing I was trying to

    Lesson: Be yourself 🙂


    Earlier in this email I talked about compressing lots of information into a small space....well here's another great example.

    I particularly liked these, because I've always struggled to understand the calorie and protein differences of different foods I commonly eat. 

    When I saw these on an account @MeowMeix I just had to screenshot them:


    was legitimately having trouble understanding the difference between some of these things, and a simple visual chart like this instantly made it all "click!"


    A couple years ago I hired a stylist to build out a basic mens wardrobe for me.

    She tried explaining to me which clothes pair together, and she quickly realized I was incapable of it myself.....so she decided to make a customized “Look Book” I could reference.

    She took all the clothes we bought together, and made the following "Look Book" as a PDF file.

    For 3 years before I went out, I’d get dressed based on these pictures!




    This was maybe 8+ years ago she made this, but if it were nowadays, that stylist could've shared these Look Books as content, and maybe even take pics of the person in each outfit (if they were down for it).

    This would turn one-off work into evergreen promotion!


    I get a lot of questions (especially from non-techie people) on how I make money from what I do, specifically copywriting stuff: 

    So that's where the income comes from this business comes from. 


    Most of the money comes from Copywriting Course and consulting, but I would like to make this email and the advertising income much higher starting in 2023.


    Do you know one reason why people love this Friday S.W.I.P.E.S. Email? 

    It's because I give all the information inside the email itself.

    Instead of giving you an "assignment" of having to click out of the email to see content, I just include it all here.....so you don't have to interrupt your flow of reading this email on your computer or phone. 

    If you write a blog post about pandas, just include it in the email, don't make people click out to read it!


    The counter-case for this is when you need someone to take an action that can only be done on your website such as:
    • Placing an order.
    • Signing up on a form.
    • Watch a video or listen to a podcast.
    • Use an interactive widget on the website.

    In these cases it's best to send to a website.

    One of the reasons people love email newsletters so much is the information is all inside a single email! 

    No need to click outside, use multiple browser tabs, or wait for websites to load.


    If you notice, in this entire email you didn't have to click outside of it even once to get more information 🙂

    Anyways, I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora



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    Sometimes I feel guilty reading your free stuff with sooo much useful information therein. 

    Your free information is incredible all these years I've been subscribed to your newsletter.

    Thanks for these gifts that drop into my email every Friday.

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