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    How to get your business in front of new audiences (Email Templates)


    The quickest way to spread your message is to get in front of other established audiences.

    • This is why someone goes on a press tour before launching a book. 
    • This is why someone goes on a podcast tour before releasing a product.
    • This is why celebrities will go on The Tonight Show before a movie release.

    Here are email templates you can send to “audience gatekeepers” to get on their radar.

    The aim is to get them to open the doors to their audience and introduce you with trust and authority.


    #1.) Tell Your Friends

    Your friends already like you and want to support you - but they might not know what you have going on! So, send them an email letting them know when you have important news. 


    You know that book I’ve been working on all year? It’s finally published! 

    If you’d like to check it out, reply to this email and I’ll send you a copy (I’d appreciate a review in return!).

    Are you game?


    #2.) Friends of friends

    Your network is probably much bigger than you think it is. The best way to reach your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections is to ask your friends to share your news with their friends. You can send them an email with the message you’d like to be shared already pre-written, like this:


    As you know, I’m launching my agency on the 1st of next month. 

    It’d mean a lot to me if you could help me spread the word! Here’s a message you can copy/paste into an email or a tweet (or both!).

    Hey! My friend Bob is launching his marketing agency on October 1st. He’s offering 50% off his services for friends and friends of friends who book through this special link (___). Please share!

    Also, here’s the tweet thread I made about it (if you just retweet it, it’d help a ton!): ______

    Thank you so much!

    #3.) Authors in your space

    Published authors have built-in authority and, usually, dedicated followers. If you can get an author in your space to share your work, it’d be a big win. Try reaching out with a message like this:

    Hi Seth,

    I recently wrote a 12-tweet thread that’s based on the 12 books you’ve written. 

    It’s gotten some exposure already: 


    …and I think your audience would like it. I included non-affiliate links to the Amazon pages for each book, so I think it’ll turn into some sales for you. 

    Would you be up to retweet or quote tweet the thread?


    #4.) Local business owners

    It’s easy to turn yourself into a connector for business owners around you. But, try and do more than just networking - turn it into a chance to create a win for the business owners AND their audiences. 

    One way to do that is a panel event. You can do this at a live venue or on Zoom. 

    Hi Bob,

    We haven’t met yet, but I own ____, a marketing agency here in San Francisco. 

    I think we share the same audience - tech startup founders. 

    Would you be up for some collaboration that’d be a great win for that audience?

    I was thinking we could partner up for a webinar where:

    I’d teach the basics about Twitter growth for founders.
    You’d teach the basics about email list growth. 

    How does that sound? Does anyone else come to mind? Maybe we could make this a bigger event. 

    If you’re interested, reply and let me know! 

    #5.) Local newspaper

    Local newspapers can be a great way to get the word out. The most direct way is through traditional advertising…but you could also explore other options, like publishing an op-ed on your topic. The most important thing to do is introduce yourself to the editor and start a relationship. 

    Hi Bob,

    I’m the owner of _____, a new restaurant here in downtown Pleasanton. 

    I’d like to learn a little more about how [the newspaper] works in getting the word out to local readers. 

    I’m up for an ad, an article, or whatever other channels you think would work best. I’d like to do something special for your readers specifically, and I’d like to speak to you about a couple of ideas.

    Worth a quick chat?

    #6.) Competitors

    Your competitors don’t have to be your enemies. Sometimes, competing brands can be excellent allies in your marketing - just be direct, honest, and try to create wins for everyone. 

    Hey Bob!

    I’m thinking of doing some content for my audience about how to grow on Twitter.

    I know technically we’re got competing services….but I thought this might be a great chance to get to know each other a little better and see if we can create something awesome for the Twitter crowd. 

    What do you think?

    #7.) Non-competitors

    Your target audience uses many different tools, right? So, reach out to those other tools and ask them if they’d like to collaborate or do a promo exchange. This is an easy way to create a win for the same audience. 

    Hi Bob,

    I’m a realtor in Dallas and I have an email list of ~10,000 RE investors in Texas. 

    I recently surveyed the list and found that 80% of them don’t use any budgeting software, but want to try one out.

    Thought this was a great chance to reach out to personal finance companies like [their company]. We could:

    Do some co-promotion.
    Collaborate on some content. 
    Hold an event to train each other’s audiences. 


    #8.) Sponsor a Podcast

    Podcasts are a great way to reach your audience and many podcasts have advertising slots or sponsorship deals. Email the host and ask them what their process looks like and what type of services they want to promote.  

    Hi Bob,

    Love the pod! Some of the best real estate content out there!

    I’m a personal finance coach - I specialize in helping people get their credit cleaned up before applying for a mortgage. I’ve coached 100+ first time home buyers in the last year.

    I’d be interested in either grabbing one of your ad slots or sponsoring a whole episode. 

    Can we talk sometime this week?

    #9.) Do a Podcast Exchange

    Podcast hosts are usually looking to grow their audiences too. One way to create a win-win for you and them is to offer to do a podcast exchange. This is easy to do and it creates a real relationship between you and them. 

    Hi Bob,

    Love the pod! Some of the best real estate content out there!

    I’m a personal finance coach - I specialize in helping people get their credit cleaned up before applying for a mortgage. I’ve coached 100+ first time home buyers in the last year.

    I’ve also got a podcast of my own where I interview specialists connected to the buying process. 

    Would you be up to do a podcast exchange? Here’s an idea:

    #1) You appear on my pod, we talk about how to find the best realtor in town.
    #2) I appear on your pod, we talk about how to get your credit in shape. 

    Let me know what you think!

    [Your Name]

    PS My podcast stats:

    10,000 downloads/month. 
    54 episodes as of this month. 
    Featured experts like ____, ____, and ____

    #10.) Sponsor a Newsletter

    Email newsletters are still the most important marketing asset of many digital businesses. Sponsorships are becoming more and more common, so try reaching out to someone with a relevant newsletter and offer to sponsor an issue. 

    Hi Bob,

    I think we have similar audiences!

    I run a community of ~1,000 people trying to develop better sleep habits.

    Since your crowd is all about biohacking for performance, I figure a large portion of your audience would be interested in sleep improvement. 

    I get your weekly emails and I’d love to sponsor an issue or grab one of your ad slots. 

    What do you think? 

    #11.) Do a Newsletter Exchange

    Newsletter “exchanges” happen all the time - they can involved paid sponsorships or they can be as simple as a friendly “I’ll mention you, you mention me” in a set number of issues. This is an easy, non-intrusive way to get in front of another audience.

    Hi Bob,

    I think we have similar audiences!

    I run a community of ~1,000 people trying to develop better sleep habits.

    Since your crowd is all about biohacking for performance, I figure a large portion of your audience would be interested in sleep improvement. 

    Would you be up for some co-promotion between our email newsletters? 

    My email stats:
    4500 subscribers
    50% open rate
    10% click through rate

    If you’re interested, I’d like to jump on a call and talk out a few ideas that’d be genuine wins for our readers!

    #12.) Announce a giveaway on social media

    Giveaways are a great way to grab attention. All you have to do is pick a giveaway tool (like KingSumo), set the terms, pick the prizes, and then announce it on your social channels. 

    Hey LinkedIn friends!

    On September 1st, we’ll be running a giveaway for ecommerce professionals.

    It includes:

    10 books about ecom, digital marketing, and copywriting.
    2 courses about Shopify setup and optimization.
    1 ticket to this year’s Traffic and Conversion Summit. 

    All you have to do to participate is:

    #1) Register here: _____
    #2) Follow our account: _____
    #3) Share it with at least one friend

    Get started by clicking here → ______

    #13.) Introduce yourself on social media groups.

    If you pick this one, you’ve got to be careful not to spam people. Don’t just join a group and start posting links to your site. Instead, try and add real value to the conversations people are having. 

    If you build up some recognition in the group, you can ask the mods for permission to post a link to your site (as long as it’s genuinely valuable):

    Hi bobthemoderator! 

    I put together a free course about how to price your freelancing services, and I’d like to share it with the group. 

    It’s 3 emails long. 
    It’s based on 10+ years of my own experience.
    By the end, they’ll know exactly what to charge.

    I definitely don’t want to spam the group or break any rules! 

    What do you think? Would you like to review it? 

    #14.) Find local Meetup groups

    Meetup.com is a site where people can go to find local events and groups. If you find one that lines up with your business, reach out to the group owner and offer to do something specific for their members. 

    Hi Bob, 

    I see you’re the owner of the Denver Foodies Meetup group.

    I’m a food photographer also based in Denver and I recently released a course on how to take pro food photos at home with nothing but your iPhone.

    Do you think your group would be interested in the course or a workshop on the topic? 

    #15.) Chamber of Commerce

    Your local Chamber of Commerce is there to help develop local businesses, and it can be a great place to make connections. Try and keep your offer specific, simple, and local.

    Hi Bob,

    I know you folks at the Chamber of Commerce are known for the annual networking event!

    I own a marketing/web dev agency and have worked with ~20 local businesses to build their sites. 

    Would you be up to mention my agency in the emails you send out to event attendees? I’d love to help improve some local businesses and I’d be up to create a special offer for your list!

    #16.) Coworking spaces

    These days, it seems like every big city has a bunch of great coworking spaces. Members range from freelancers to remote teams to full-blown offices. Coworking space managers are important local connectors, especially in the remote work and startup scenes. 

    Hi Bob, 

    We might have met - I come to the coworking space every time I’m in Montreal. 

    I recently started a new service, coaching remote teams to communicate better and use collaborative tools like Clickup. 

    Do you have a process to put on a free 60-minute presentation/workshop for your members? 

    If so, I’d like to run it in early November and I’d ask for 1-2 email blasts to your email list.

    How does that sound?

    #17.) Conventions

    In-person conventions were traditionally the place to go to meet new people and make deals in your industry. The internet’s changed that, but conventions are here to stay! If you’re planning on participating in one, reach out to the organizers ahead of time and ask if you can do some promo. Like the other suggestions here, make your ask specific!

    Hi Bob,

    I’m looking forward to the American Roofers Conference in February! 

    I’m not a roofer - I run an ads agency that specializes in roofing and solar, and I’ve been attending the ARC every year since 2018. 

    While working the floor is great, I’d like to reach more attendees. I’ve gotten great results for my clients and I think I can help a lot of your members. 

    What promo options do you have? I’d be interested in a feature on the event emails and/or landing page.


    #18.) Accelerators/Incubators

    Accelerators and incubators are where you can find some of the best local startup talent. If you have a business that relates to startups/tech, these organizations can be a great place to get in front of a new set of people.

    Hi Bob,

    I’m a startup pitch coach who helps founders prep for fundraising rounds. 

    I think my services line up perfectly with your startup teams - would you be up for a free workshop where I teach the basics of a great pitch deck?

    I can do it live or virtually! I’ve done this in Durham, San Francisco, Toronto, Austin, and several other cities - happy to send some testimonials/examples if you’d like.

    Let me know what you think!

    #19.) Pitch nights / Hackathons

    Related to accelerators and incubators, pitch nights and hackathons are events that cater to startups. They’re intense and don’t offer much casual networking - but if you can offer some free value, you’re likely to get a warm intro!

    Hi Bob, 

    I’m a CPA who works exclusively with startups, and I work with over a dozen startup orgs around the country.

    I have a great workshop that I run through with founders, teaching them how to set up the basics of their business accounting in one weekend so that they’re ready to take funding.

    I know you have a big pitch night coming up on October 12th - would you like to share a recording of my workshop with your members? Might be a good resource for the successful pitchers!

    Top 20 networks (maybe by size)

    • Facebook (2.9 billion monthly active users)
    • YouTube (2.2 billion monthly active users)
    • Whatsapp (2 billion monthly active users)
    • Instagram (2 billion monthly active users)
    • WeChat (1.26 billion monthly active users)
    • TikTok (1 billion monthly active users)
    • Telegram (550 million monthly active users)
    • Snapchat (538 million monthly active users)
    • Pinterest (444 million monthly active users)
    • Twitter (436 million monthly active users)
    • Reddit (430 million monthly active users)
    • Quora (300 million monthly active users)
    • Skype (300 million monthly active users)
    • Microsoft Teams (270 million monthly active users)
    • LinkedIn (250 million monthly active users)
      (source: Buffer)


    Hope you enjoyed and learned!
    Copywriting Course

    P.S. You may also like this blog post of how to request meetings over email.


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