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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday September 16th, 2022)


    This is a fun Friday email for you, I hope you enjoy!
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    There's a saying: "When everyone zigs....you zag." 

    Since many ads are very polished and professional, using "ultra crappy marketing" can sometimes catch attention. 

    Like this hilarious Instagram ad from Kapwing:


    That totally grabbed my attention compared to most polished Instagram ads!

    This reminds me of another “shitty advertising” example like this Microsoft Paint graphic designer hiring banner 😂


    Or this amazing Microsoft Paint “Need 4 Speed” ad that did really well on paid platforms for a short while!


    Inspired by all this crappy marketing maybe I'll make this our new logo 😂



    From ages 25 to 40 I’ve NOT noticed massive changes in peoples general disposition.


    I’ve seen people change habits, levels of partying, time they wake up etc….but their overall disposition (levels of happiness/sadness) is roughly the same.

    This means if you're always grumpy, it's your responsibility to figure out ways to curb your grumpiness. 

    True or false in your experience?


    Should you buy a new iPhone 14?

    People complain about the cost of upgrading phones, but if you do simple math your phone is technically the device you should spend the MOST money on.


    If your phone is used for 2+ years, and it's with you 2 hours/day, a $1,000 iPhone will cost:
    • If you use it for 1 year, it costs $0.28/hour
    • If you use it for 2 years, it costs $0.14/hour
    • If you use it for 3 years, it costs $0.09/hour
    • If you use it for 4 years, it costs $0.07/hour
    • If you use it for 5 years, it costs $0.06/hour

    I personally use my phone *technically* 24hrs/day for:
    • Communicating with the world
    • Controlling my house
    • Photos/memories
    • Handling work
    • Waking me up
    • Texts/Calls
    • Creating

    It's a digital link to the online world which I earn income from, so the numbers get even crazier if I factor in 24/hour a day usage:


    If you upgrade to the newest phone:
    • Every picture you take is so much better.
    • Every swipe you make is slightly faster.
    • Every feature is slightly improved.
    • Every app is slightly faster.

    Multiply this by several thousands swipes/clicks per day and that adds up quick!

    By the way for the screenshots I'm using are from a calculator I built to help me determine what price to pay for stuff:

    Run any of your purchases by this calculator to justify (or not justify) new purchases!


    I saw this driving the other day, and it might be one of the most direct slogans I’ve ever seen 😂

    It says:
    "EARTH RIDES. Like Uber but with Teslas."


    This slogan (in my opinion) is good and bad:

    Good: In 5 words it tells you what the company does. 

    Bad: A service just like Uber except only with Teslas seems....meh. Not sure how this would fully sustain itself. 

    I'm guessing they're betting that Tesla will create a fully autonomous car requiring no driver. While this seems like it will be true, they might be a few years too early (with regulation and such).


    Should you start a podcast? 
    Should you create an online course?
    Should you make a community for your course?
    Are all creators just turning into one-person media companies? 

    These are all questions I discuss with Jay Clouse in this interview:





    We discuss:

    • Who should (and should not) sell online courses

    • Why you should create a community (and our experiences creating them)

    • Making money through different streams like courses, workshops, memberships, affiliates, sponsorships, podcasting, consulting, and email.

    • Benefits of community + downside of starting online communities.

    • Checkout the YouTube interview here.


    Here's a a quirk about copywriting: 
    It’s easy to review pieces of copy others wrote, but very difficult to review your own!

    It’s called “Being Inside the Box” when you’ve been exposed to your copy so much it’s hard to improve it.

    Raise your hand if you can relate 🙋🏼‍♂️


    It's this weird irony that the more you're exposed to a piece of copy, the harder it is to "make better."

    This is why every week I've been doing 10 minute customer calls (current, past, and future customers) talking to people about what they want from our courses and content. For example here's my calendar for later today:


    Reply to this email with "I WANNA TALK ON THE PHONE" if you wanna chat for 10 minutes!

    Hopefully you enjoyed these tid-bits!

    Neville Medhora



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    Recommended Comments

    Yes, Yes, been following SWIPE on my email for awhile, finally I can comment on it. Yes. 

    My 2 cents to answer "Wisdom" not true. ex: grumpy = not happy = not content with present.

    Age grows uncorrelated with contentment, what it means, our ages keep goes UP, but contentment always UP and DOWN, sometimes we feels content, most of the times don't.  

    Edited by Dee Yan
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    • Administrator

    YES good to have ya @Dee Yan

    I do agree contentment can go up and down as situations change. 

    I have noticed that some people in general have a "happier" disposition to any situation, and some have less happy. 

    Just a vague observation, not a rule at all 🙂 

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    1. those ghetto ads are awesome
    2. people generally staying the same from 25 onwards.

    I agree. Another way I like to think about this is.

    Awesome people keep getting more awesome.
    Shitty (negative) people keep getting more shitty.

    Some exceptions to the rule, but still feels like 99%.

    3.. Good call, iPhone = Purchased.

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    • Administrator

    Awesome Mike!

    1.) Agree.....NEW LOGO 😂



    2.) Love this way of thinking about it. I love when people change, but beyond 25 if someone's a lame-o...I've rarely seen that change. 

    3.) YES we're iPhone 14 pre-order buddies now 🙂 

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    Your e-mails are insightful, helpful, and hilarious 🙂

    I work in sustainability communications, and I'm considering focusing on copywriting as a core skill set because I believe the right communication can change behaviors and mindsets. I haven't taken your course yet, but curious to know if you've had any experience working with mission-driven organizations, and what that's been like.

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    • Administrator

    Thank you Mansi! 

    Good communication can well...literally help change the world, especially inside mission driven orgs! 

    And yes we talk about non-profit copywriting quite a bit inside our Office Hours!

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