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Words that sell, brands that succeed.

Recent Office Hours Sessions

Re-vamping first email in a launch sequence to be more value-giving to the reader

SEO’ing a post to be number 1 for a large keyword for employer

Figuring out a new lead getting tactic on Office Hours, RR got a lead DURING THE OFFICE HOURS from the test!

1 month old email list resulting in 2 real estate listings + several advertisers!

Completely renewed sales pages with better copy learned in CC Office Hours

New podcast ranking #1 in Apple Podcast on a MAJOR term, and gained 45 new members day of release and counting.

Going over the first email in a sequence, and adding several forms of social proof.

Going over an SEO post, and adding examples to rank higher (already #4).

Reviewing a Valentine’s Day luxury travel booking, and simplifying the pages.

Going over engagement tactics for social media posts, specifically on University Facebook pages.

Marketing tactics for an upcoming real estate conference, with intent to get leads for a newsletter.

Created SEO strategy to make a post already ranking well, do even better.

Legal marketing agency allowing RR to take over email list for one day, so creating offer to get people to schedule a 15 minute call.

Shortening and formatting an email with too many testimonials, and consolidating some on the call.

Updating a $1,000/hr coaching listing on a tutor directory, fortunately the coach is a gold medalist olympian, so added results from his career to the page.

Signed up more clients for a directory listing, and made a plan to systemize getting more in 2023.

Reviewing and improving a math video designed for high schoolers.

Added 25% more emails to a new AirBnB email list, and planned out a giveaway for next week.

Re-writing a YouTube script for a solar panel company, added a stronger hook and a reason to buy now.

Improving an email sequence to give out golden nuggets of information to keep people reading.

Going over the B2B facing landing page for restaurant clients

New real estate newsletter list already getting advertising inquiries, and made plan on how to charge

Going over a video-form testimonial and improving it.

Making a plan to add advertising revenue to a paid directory

Updating digital product sales page for a gold medal olympian coach

Reviewing a content email for list and making it so good people screenshot it

Doing an SEO review, and finding out all the results on Google for the keyword are highly localized, so modifying for that.

Validating a newsletter project started 20 days ago, at 140 subscribers, and went through more strategy to get even more subs.

Talking strategy over the B2B and B2B versions of a product, and how to market them differently (or not).

Implementing the 70% Content / 30% Sales rule on an autoresponder sequence of emails.

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