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Questions To Ask For Your Business

Click "Generate" to create 3 more thought-provoking questions:

  • Why did you decide to start this business?
  • Can you describe your product in one sentence?
  • What main benefit does someone get if they buy your product?
  • What is the best method you’ve found to sell your product?
  • Why did you start a business in this specific industry?
  • What would you do if you had to start this business again from scratch?
  • Do you have a 1 year plan? 5 year plan? 10 year plan?
  • Do you want to run this business forever, or eventually sell it?
  • If someone gave you $10million to grow your business, how would you use it?
  • Who are my competitors?
  • Who in my industry would I most like to be? What specific aspects of their company do you like?
  • Which channel brings in the most customers? Can you double down on that?
  • What’s my company's value proposition?
  • Have similar companies to mine been sold for a lot of money?
  • What can this company realistically grow to?
  • How are my prices compared to my competitors?
  • What if I 5x my pricing? Could I serve my best customers better?
  • What bigger company would want to buy me? Why?
  • What’s a bottleneck in your company? Is there a way to clear that?
  • If you were to disappear for a week, which process in your company would break first?
  • Is your income one-time or recurring? Is there a way to make it more steady?
  • If you were starting over, would you start this business again?
  • Which book influenced you? Can you re-read it and implement strategies?
  • Which person in your company could you NOT get rid of? What are their good qualities?
  • Which person in your company can you get rid of? Can you divert their pay into something/someone more useful?
  • What would Warren Buffet do with your company?
  • What would Elon Musk do with your company?
  • What would Mark Zuckerberg do with your company?
  • What natural advantage do you have over others? Can you double down on that?
  • What are YOU truly good at that few others can do? Can you double down on that talent?
  • Which industry could you make more money doing what you do now?
  • You only get to keep ONE customer…who would it be? What about them makes them ideal? Can you find more like them?
  • Where do you think your industry will be in 5 years? 10 years?
  • If you wanted to sell your company today, would you be able to do it? What’s holding you back?
  • Do you track all your numbers properly? Do you review them?
  • You only have 1 hour a week to grow your business….what would you do during that hour for most impact?
  • What makes customers smile when they buy your product?
  • Do your customers tell their friends about you? What do they say?
  • Define your ideal customer in one word….
  • What outcome do you want in 5 years from this business?
  • What about your company are you proud of?
  • What about your company are you embarrassed of?
  • What’s an example of a customer success story?
  • What’s been your most popular piece of content so far? Can you do more like that?
  • What specific pain point are you solving? Be specific.
  • What background do you have that increases your credibility for this business?
  • Who does something similar to your company, but in a different industry?
  • How are you different from competitors?
  • In 3 months what could be the biggest change you make to your business that would get more (or better) customers.
  • Would you want to work at your own company as an employee?
  • If you didn’t own the company, would you buy your product? How much would you pay?
  • What do you think customers secretly think about your product, but don’t tell you to your face?
  • What accomplishment or number would make you “feel awesome?”
  • When you daydream, what do you envision your company as?
  • How do customers find your company?
  • Who has been the biggest advocate and seller of your product?
  • What features of your product do customers use the most?
  • If you could change one thing about your business, what would that be?
  • What marketing tactic brings in the most amount of sales?
  • Which time of the year do you make the most sales?
  • What is the slowest time of the year for your business? Are there ways to improve that?
  • What started your interest in this industry?
  • What other services do your customers pay for in your industry?
  • Can you go through your checkout process as a new customer….what parts can be improved?
  • How long does the average customer stay with your company?
  • What end result does your customer want from your company?
  • What challenge is your customer REALLY trying to solve?
  • Do you have a list of audiences you would like to reach?
  • How often do you make goals for your business? Every month? Every year?
  • What is something your competitor does better than you?
  • What is something you do way better than competitors? Does that activity bring in sales?
  • What’s something that brings in sales….but you hate doing? Can you have someone else do it….or make it more fun for yourself?
  • Do you regularly call your customers on the phone and speak with them?
  • How often do you interact with your paying customers?
  • Let’s say you had only one customer, how would you serve them versus what they get now?
  • Is there a different industry that would appreciate your services more? That would pay you more?
  • Is there something in your business you could outsource to someone on UpWork or Fiverr?
  • What item do you want to buy from the money you make from this business? Can you make that motivate you?
  • How much money would it take to “level up your life” right now? How can you make your business hit that number?
  • Which social network brings you the most customers?
  • If you could build an audience on any platform, which would it be? Are you willing to spend 1 to 3 years of time on that platform?
  • How big is your email list, and how are you growing it?
  • What’s an untapped market for your services?
  • What’s a weird way a customer uses your product?
  • Is it possible to double your business this year? What would you have to do for that?
  • Do you have any sources of low-maintenance passive income? Can you create any? A book, a course, a digital product?
  • Is there a process you do right now that could be automated?

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These questions are designed to help you grow your businuess.

This "Business Question Generator" can create thought-provoking questions for you!
→ On load it gives a randomized business question.
→ Click "Generate" it comes up with 3 more questions.
→ It gives a text field where you can write out your answers.
→ You can see 85+ more of these questions here.

Hope this helps you grow your business more!
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