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    Neil runs a company called FlackBox that sells very technical training. This is hardcore technical training for Cisco and NetApp enterprise software. He only sells two training courses:

    #1.) A $10 Cisco CCNA (routing a switching) course:

    #2.) A $190 NetApp training course:

    Well recently Neil's company got acquired by larger company Digital Revolver, so he decided to do a quick flash sale of his two courses. This acquisition happened very quickly, and Neil realized he had less than a week to sell his courses before he had to pull them off his website and transfer ownership. So Neil decided to get some copywriting help from Copywriting Course on how to structure this flash sale and write the emails. He bought the Copywriting Course and 2 consulting sessions with Neville for this. So with a little guidance from Copywriting Course an email sequence with 4 emails (there were only 4 days left for Neil to sell his product) was created:

    neil-sale-resultsJust 4 simple emails created $27,802 in 4 days.

    What's interesting to note is Neil (and his company FlackBox) don't have a "wacky" or "funny" writing style, but good copywriting principles carry over into any businesses regardless of their front-facing image. So let's give a round-of-applause to Neil for allowing us to publish this information (as most business owners rarely give out this much private information). Below you can see the hand-crafted sales emails made with relatively plain language, yet good copywriting principles:                  

    Results from Copywriting Course:

    After Neil got some personal help from Copywriting Course and some office hours sessions, he sent over these results: So the moral of this story is that learning copywriting can be an enormously valuable skill to learn. It's not as difficult as people think, and copywriting isn't about "being funny" or "saying outrageous things." It's about learning the psychology and steps that lead people to believe your product is a great value for them. If you'd like to get the same training and live help Neil got, consider joining The Copywriting Course. Sincerely, Neville Medhora
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