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    cold email experiment knocking doors Purpose of this experiment: See if it's possible in a scaleable way to get cold leads and sell something. Experiment:
    1. Get 100 leads from Upwork.
    2. Write a 4 day email series offering a discount.
    3. Send out, see if any sales come from it.
    Hypothesis: This will probably get a 1% conversion rate. Also seems a bit aggressive and makes me nervous about triggering spam.

    Step 1.) Get 100 Leads From Upwork

    Part of this experiment is to to be lazy ass hell, so we're outsourcing the lead generation aspect to Upwork. This can often be a tricky proposition because:
    • The leads could be "publicly available" contacts which get spammed all the time.
    • The worker might half-ass this job and not find relevant people.
    • The leads are super ice cold (meaning no relation).
    Here's the template we're gonna post on Upwork to get this list of leads:    

    Step 2.) Write a 4 day email series offering a discount.

    Now to full automate this process we are going to be using a simple autoresponder with some basic logic built in. This is already a service nicely done by MailShake so we'll be using them. It basically keeps sending out an email series, and knows when someone does or doesn't respond.

    Email 1:

    Day/Time: 7am EST Monday. Purpose: Personalized introduction showing what we've done for other companies. Subject: Quick Question About --company-- & Copywriting Course  

    Email 2:

    Day/Time: Wait 3 Days for No Response Purpose: If they haven't responsed, use this to remind them Subject: Re:  

    Email 3:

    Day/Time: 1 Day After Last Email Purpose: Tell them you helped another company just like them. Subject: Another company  

    Email 4:

    Day/Time: 1 day after no repsonse Purpose: Let them know this is the last chance. Subject: Closing your account  

    Positive Response:

    Day/Time: Right after they respond positively. Purpose: Send them information on how to buy if they are interested. Subject: Re:    

    Step 3.) Send out, see if any sales come from it

    So...you might be wondering what the results were. Well here they are: Leads sent to: xx Open Rate: xx% Unsubscribes: x% Responses: x% Sales: x% ROI (Return On Investment): Money in: $20 Money out: Sincerely, Neville N. Medhora
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