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    Here's an example of one of my "content" autoresponders:copywriting coruse autoresponder

    This particular one is 25 emails long:

    24 content emails

    • 1 hard sales pitch email

    If I ONLY sent out this autoresponder, it would keep engaging a user for a little over 3 months....all on autopilot!


    This is why autoresponders are shockingly useful tool for selling things online:

    They allow you to "nurture" or "warm up" a customer over time, rather than just hammering them with sales.

    Slam people with sales, you risk annoying them:



    Nurture a customer slowly, they look forward to reading and potentially buy!


    Autoresponder are just an email sequence on time delay. That's it.

    It can look like this:

    EMAIL 1: New member signs up for email list, welcome them.

    EMAIL 2: Send helpful info about product.

    EMAIL 3: Sales pitch

    EMAIL 4: Good content

    EMAIL 5: Good content

    EMAIL 6: Good content

    etc etc etc...




    We are going to be creating a 3-email autoresponder for people in June:

    I want you to join the Copywriting Course for one year, and to entice you to do it now, we're including everyone who signs up right now in a cohort class called Autoresponder That Sells.



    A metric ton of live help:

    Look at this totally nuts calendar of calls we're doing for members:

    schedule ats

    These are live video "Office Hours" style calls where we sit on a call for an hour+ and help whoever shows up directly.

    If you need help coming with ideas for something. We got you.

    If you need help positioning something. We got you.

    If you need help wording something. We got you.

    If you need help pricing something. We got you.



    We'll share screens and WRITE:

    The beauty of this cohort is that everyone will be working on their autoresponders together, and you can watch as we build them out for other people and other industries:

    office hours ats

    Most people just run their copy through our 24/7 forum and get help there, and some prefer to show up on calls and have myself and Dan re-write their copy.

    Whichever you choose is fine with us, so long as we help you build an Autoresponder That Sells!



    By June 30th, 2021 you will have an Autoresponder That Sells:



    - Build your autoresponder to sell a product or service -

    - Same price as a year of Copywriting Course -

    - One time payment, no recurring fees -

    - Learn a powerful marketing skill -

    - All the live support you need -

    join now blue


    Neville Medhora

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