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    The difference between selling and educating (The 70/30 Rule):

    Let’s change your mindset about "selling" right now. Trying to sell too hard is the single biggest rookie mistake people make. Let's learn how to still sell hard.....without annoying people and making them leave.

    Features VS Benefits

    Many people tend to accidentally confuse their readers by simply listing out "impressive sounding" features. This video will show you how to write out the BENEFITS instead, and even marry the two together: Let's get started.....

    Write what appeals to your customers...and how to find it.

    If you want to make articles that are ASSETS in the future, you've gotta write about things people want to hear about. Not just random blog posts. Here's exactly how to find all that info, and build you own "copywriting swipe file" to keep ideas: We're going to train some dogs in this video.....

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