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    Creating Digital Assets

    See this dude with the cool 1980's sunglasses, he's never heard of ANY of these jobs:


    Just a few years ago these jobs didn’t exist or would be considered super dumb:

    • YouTuber
    • Blogger
    • Funny TikToker
    • Podcaster
    • Newsletter writer
    • Professional nomad
    • Digital teaching
    • Online coaching
    • Software designer
    • UX designer
    • Graphics designer
    • This list goes on.....


    Let's say 1980's Dude wanted to publish a newsletter that goes out to 100,000 people:

    newsletter-1980.pngHe wants to write about Game Boys and Star Wars.

    Back in the day you'd need a big team of people to pull this off!

    Writers, printers, art directors, illustrator, photographers, assistants, distributors, payment processors, post office runners, huge amounts of shipping supplies, a warehouse etc...

    It would be a massive undertaking requiring a lot of up-front money and time and people.

    But thanks to the internet JUST ONE PERSON can do this by themselves. In fact I'm writing this in gym shorts and a pizza shirt right now at home:

    neville-pizza-shirt.jpgIt’s OK to be jealous of my awesome shirt 😏

    The distribution power of the internet allows people to become 1-person media companies, then use that platform to parlay into bigger things:

    • Software Company
    • Investor
    • Promoter
    • Product Creator
    • Big Media Company
    • Consulting Firm
    • Agency

    This means people get to do more and more of what they love doing, or what they are good at:

    what to build venn chart


    Like this guy who just creates small web development courses and sells them on GumRoad:Selling software on gumroad

    He just sells small digital products that add up to a full time living.

    The coolest thing about having digital products to sell is they take advantage of code and media, currently the two most scaleable assets on the planet.

    Code can be run trillions of times for nearly zero money. That means if you build a piece of software, it can run indefinitely while you sell it over and over:

    scaling with code


    Media (like videos, articles, podcasts, or VR experiences) can also be run trillions of time for nearly zero money.

    Also ANYONE can make media, whereas only a few million developers in the world can create shippable code.

    This means someone can record a YouTube video one time, then have it played millions of times by a computer:



    I'll be doing an experimental cohort of students next month where we all work towards shipping a small digital product by the end of March 2021:

    • It will be super high touch & personalized help.
    • I'll be personally working with the crew the whole way.
    • 1 to month to create, publish, and promote a digital asset.
    • Also get 1 year of access to CC for further personalized help.

      10 people only.

    It's kind of a fun project inspired by our Writing Wednesday co-working sessions.

    On a small calls of ~10 people you can work together pretty well over video chat, and get to know each other.

    I hope to have a 100% success rate with these 10 people, and plan to work with you directly the whole way through. If you're interested signup, I think it'll be a fun March!


    Neville Medhora - Digital Asset Creator


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