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    This little trick is only for Mac users: Writing can be distracting because your computer screen is distracting.  Fortunately there's a 100% free way to avoid distraction on your Mac computer:
    Step 1.) Open up Text Editor. This is a free text editor on every Mac. Step 2.) Press [CONTROL] + [COMMAND] + [F].  This will make the text editor full screen. Step 3.) Press [COMMAND] + [PLUS SIGN] to make the text larger. Press [COMMAND + [MINUS SIGN] to make the text smaller.
    That's it! This little hack will blank out your entire screen into one big writing space:

    See it in action::


    Screen before writing trick:

    Mac Writing Distractions


    Screen after Distraction Free Writing Trick: Mac Distraction Free Writing Trick

    It's pretty easy to see why a writer will have an easier time cranking out quality work in this zen-like environment. No distracting icons. No distracting menus. No distracting programs. Just pure white & black writing space. As a copywriter who writes all day for a living, I find this trick incredibly helpful.  The sheer nothingness on the screen except the text helps clear my thoughts and come up with ideas faster. I personally like making the text ridiculously large, because every time I press a key it fills up a bunch of the screen which makes me feel more productive :)   If you have a Mac computer with newest operating system El Capitan installed, give this a try and write on that big white space. Mmmmmm.....writing never felt so good :) Sincerely, Neville Medhora P.S.  If you need help getting started writing....here's How to Kill Writer's Block, and here's a bunch of Copywriting Guides. P.P.S.  If you want more writing writing tricks like this, signup to my email newsletter. P.P.P.S.  If you have any cool writing tricks you use, list them below in the comments.
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