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    (Click each image to download as PDF)

    The Problem Solving Checklist:


    I once made a small document that I could reference whenever I had a problem. It would help me feel better if I was crabby, or better help me solve a problem.


    The Experiment That Got Me Into Copywriting:


    In 2010 I was running an eCommerce company and a friend convinced me to try something called "copywriting." I wasn't convinced this "copywriting" stuff would work, until 120 orders flooded in.


    The Kopywriting Checklist:


    I originally made this checklist as part of my paid materials for people who were in a rush to write copy (under 45 min). Till this day this guide is passed around offices as a template for how to write.


    Enjoy. Use Wisely. Have a prosperous New Year. Sincerely, Neville N. Medhora.

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