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    Copywriting In 2020


    Well it's 2020 folks! Such a cool number.

    This is a great time to reflect on the past, and plan for the future.

    Here are just some of my disjointed thoughts on what's coming up. None of these are hardcore predictions you should follow, it's just some fun brainstorming to get my writing fingers warmed up for 2020!


    New ways of spreading information or services:

    As technology moves forward there are more and more ways to transmit information. Here's a short list:

    copywriting history graph


    Methods of spreading information or services:

    Imagine you wanted to teach something to the internet, the primary method to do this has changed. In 1990 it would be soooo cool if you put a free text file with how to play the guitar. In 2020 you would probably put out a series of videos to teach guitar, create a piece of software or app that helps you learn, and then promote those on social media:


    Amount of effort to create vs output (1-5 Scale):

    Here's a rough estimation of how much effort (in my experience) it takes to create something, versus how much output or return you get from it:

    [table id=44 /]



    Technology will continue to expand the reach of individual writers or creators:

    I'm not a fan of the theory that computers will replace writers. Instead it will vastly increase the reach of writers who utilize technology rather than shun it.

    For example in the 1920's your "Circle of Opportunity" as a writer would be limited to people in your geographic area that your words could physically be delivered to, like in a newspaper:

    1920's opportunity circle writer

    You were limited to a small "Circle of Opportunity" back then.


    But thanks to the internet and all this new technology, a writer can now reach a potentially MASSIVE audience with those same words.

    circle of opportunityThose same words can now reach everyone thanks to technology.


    Most likely the evolution of technology will keep pushing forward...

    Evolution of writing technology


    ...until information is just installed in our heads:

    The closer you can make your product to that scene in The Matrix where they need to learn to fly a helicopter, and the computer just uploads it to Trinity's brain, the better.


    We are quite a while away from that, so in the meantime a combination of all formats is good.


    2019 Copywriting Course stats:

    • Jan 2019: 4 posts.  183,359 visits.
    • Feb 2019: 2 posts.  170,899 visits.
    • Mar 2019: 6 posts.  234,000 visits.
    • Apr 2019: 4 posts.  247,171 visits.
    • May 2019: 6 posts.  299,653 visits.
    • Jun 2019: 6 posts.  259,830 visits.
    • Jul 2019: 7 posts.  285,420 visits.
    • Aug 2019: 4 posts.  295,727 visits.
    • Sept 2019: 14 posts.  322,999 visits.
    • Oct 2019: 4 posts.  345,928 visits.
    • Nov 2019: 7 posts.  333,760 visits.
    • Dec 2019: 6 posts.  288,464 visits.
    • 2019: 70 posts made.
    • 2019: 38 pages made.


    Plan for 2020

    To be completely honest I don't have any specific year-long goals for 2020. I am generally a good keeper of monthly goals (like my last several years of monthly goals listed on my personal blog), and every month I make my monthly goals and stick them on a wall or mirror.

    Monthly Goals Planner


    For now the only goals I have for 2020 are:

    • This year I would like to be able to sight-read sheet piano music.
    • Instead of texting friends to work together when needed, to pre-schedule work sessions (I get far more work done when on a video call or working with others).


    Anywhoozle, welcome to 2020, and I look forward to talking to you more :-)


    Neville N. Medhora


    P.S. Do you have any goals or habits you'd like to get better at in 2020?? Comment below so we can keep you accountable!

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    Hey Neville great breakdown of where things are going. This post made me realize I don't have any good goals, so going to go now and figure them out.
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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Hey Jimmmy, glad this pushed you in the right direction!


    I also don't have many resolutions per say, but more "habits" I want to stick to better (like pre-planning work sessions).


    Hope you find some goals or habits that are worthy to you and you can stick to!

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    Guest Kian Paras


    Insightful as always, especially on the content and copywriting direction. This also got me to think about my own 2020 direction.


    This is not the post for it but speaking of your goals in your other blogs, your retirement/financial independence/living of interest post for August was really interesting and curious how you bring that to 2020 and beyond. As a naive mid-20s something like myself saving up for further studies abroad and generally just figuring things out, I can't even imagine doing that now huhu!


    Thank you so much as always for all the help, content and generall tremendousness and hope you and your team have a charming 2020! :)



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    Guest Wilson


    Hey Nev!!


    Great article, as always - I always enjoy reading your emails! Also, your book has really helped with my writing.


    My goal for 2020 is to make a stable side-income from writing. Whether it is content writing, or copywriting, I want to make at least a couple of grand a month from my skill-set as a writer.

    That being said, I'm still at the stage of finding a particular project to pursue and in the process, carving a niche for myself as a writer. I really wish I could just dive into just something and get to work. Would you suggest finding employment as a staff-writer?


    I would appreciate any advice you have on this matter! 



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    This year:

    2. I have quit cafes as I aim to have a saving year.  I have bought coffee and heating milk and water on stove (tastes nice with warm milk if making at home)


    2. Stop Yelling... I have small kids and I would like to never yell at them or partner.


    3.  Be more fun...  I am thinking to do that I have to go out in the morning, take kids to beach and do stuff I like.   I am less a fan of the park.


    4. I write.. but I just don't have my heart in writing for others right now.  My aim this year is to create an enviro blog website and monetise it. Am thinking afiliates.  This month my aim is to put it through the audience & niche test as so far just a passion and maybe I could promote afiliates thing.

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    Guest Cerinah


    Hey Nev,


    Thanks  for your email!


    My goals this year:


    1) I have embarked on finishing my ACCA course 7 papers remaining. I want to get done with them this year 2020. Taking my first exams in March, Two in june, two in September and two I Need December. I pray I pass all of them and get my certification.


    2) No more carrying computer back home as it keeps me awake the whole night surfing the internet. I want to leave it at work and enjoy bed time, and incase I carried it home, I don't want to open it till I get to office the next morning.


    3) I want to get website development, content creation deals out of my country. I am in Uganda operating a marketing Agency called Trillion Ventures. (www.trillionventures.net) and I would like to be able to attract business from overseas.


    4) Nev, I will be starting a new project on profiling entrepreneurs and giving them online visibility. Project will start in February, I hope its sustainable as it will be completely funded by wellwishers.

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    Neville, I have a laundry list of goals I'd like to achieve in 2020:


    -- Read the following books, cover-to-cover: Principles by Ray Dalio and An Elegant Puzzle -- Systems of Engineering Management by Will Larson


    -- Learn videography


    -- Make creative writing a habit the way I have with journaling (something I have to do to survive)


    I am a systematic thinker and a creative; I need to be better at both, and I need to learn to integrate those aspects of myself.  After all, it's the stuff of genius!



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    Guest Sheila


    Ramit Sethi - who I think you know, Neville? - has an old professor at Stanford named BJ Fogg who has a book coming out called Tiny Habits. Fogg's offering a tiny and free course to help get 3 tiny habits installed into the brain in 5 days. I took the course and then wrote 35,000 words in the month of our lady of Nanowrimo. That was November. In December, I've managed to keep the writing up and also did some work-outs in my office and started keeping better care of my teeth. Without extra motivation or the usual other roller coaster of hand-wringing and also patting myself on the back for fulfilling a goal.


    I like how you use pen and paper, Nev, for your goals. And how you keep things simple. Which I've combined to the Tiny Habits so that soon I will be so accomplished that you will see me wearing a cape, a pair of boots, and also a pair of my underwear on the outside of my clothing (I shall become that super).


    Here's the course, fyi. I get nada out of sharing that info. But really loved it. I think others in your kopy commentariat might enjoy it, too.


    Peace out.

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Hey Wilson, glad my stuff has pushed you in the right direction!


    I would say before you make a couple grand a month, you have to make SOME money first, and this post might help:



    Inside the paid Kopywriting Kourse we go over how important it is to first make a small amount of money from a gig, and then more opportunities start to flow after that first one!

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Hey Stace, this is a great set of goals! My thoughts:


    1.) This is a good one for a lot of people, it also saves a lot of time. I'm a big fan of free coffee in my building, although I do brew my own tea all the time.


    FYI if it's just straight caffeine you want, I might suggest caffeine pills....they have all the caffeine you want, without all the other junk in coffee!



    2.) Oh this is a good one. I still believe in once-in-a-while cracking the whip on people if they really misbehave, but overall it's best not to turn everything into an argument or yelling (it just stresses EVERYONE including yourself out)! Great goal.


    3.) This is great! I would highly suggest you PRE-SCHEDULE your fun activities....therefore if you're feeling moppy and lazy, you still have to do them.


    4.) I would suggest the first part of this experiment NOT involve monetization. That's a wrong reason to start writing (at least the people that just want money rarely last). Try for the first quarter of this year just writing for fun. Publish everything publicly, share it, have no ulterior motive. If you last past 3 months, THEN start monetizing :)


    Great goals Stace!!

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Hey Cerinah these looks like some great goals! Here's my thoughts:


    1.) That's awesome, and congrats!


    2.) Restricting access to most devices is wise, especially at night. Pick up some good books instead to distract you, it'll help you sleep at night. I do this with my Amish Hours:



    3.) Sounds like a good goal, maybe make some more "habits" that will accomplish this goal such as: "Talk with 3 businesses this month about web development."


    4.) Sounds like a fun project, best of luck!!

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Hey Yodi, those sound like very accomplishable goals!


    I would make sure you take some action that FORCES these things to happen. For example your "Learn Videography" goal can be enforced by stuff like:

    Signup for a cheap Udemy videography course.

    Make yourself post 1 video per month on YouTube.

    Signup for a videography coach.

    Join a videography Meetup group.

    Basically taking steps to MAKE SURE you get the goal done is always best!

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Hey Sheila yeah Ramit is my buddy (he's the only person online that's hairier than I am) 😂


    Thanks for sharing the knowledge, I'm not familiar with that specific piece of work but the concept of Tiny Habits is great! Taking little baby steps to accomplish a bigger thing is solid advice.

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    Guest Emmanuel Uzoezie


    ...until information is just installed in our head.


    I can't stop laughing when I got to that part. It shows how insatiable humans can really be, and how our quest for knowledge can lead us to limitless ends. Besides, you have a pretty nice stats up their. Thanks for sharing these info.

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