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    Free Craigslist Hiring Course for you!

    My white friends are always dumbfounded when on my birthday I PAY FOR EVERYTHING.


    It‘s customary in brown countries to pay for your own damn birthday.

    And it kinda makes sense!

    I‘M inviting YOU to hang out with me, so obviously I don‘t expect YOU to pay for everything.

    Well anyways, today is actually my birthday!

    This November 17th I‘m turning 32….and in the same spirit, I‘d like to give YOU a free gift.  It used to be a 5-star paid course I sold, and now I’m giving it away to you for my birthday!

    It‘s called the Craigslist Hiring Course


    …..and it’s yours 100% free!

    Use it for yourself, send it to your colleagues, give it with your boss….whatever serves you best.

    This is a hiring method used at AppSumo, by me personally, and now a bunch of other companies to hire people.

    WARNING: A lot of Human Resources (HR) people at smaller companies hate this method because it damn near puts them out of a job.  Which if you’re a startup, is GREAT for you!

    I know not everyone is at a stage of hiring people, but I HIGHLY suggest you run through this course real quick to at least see how. It‘s a pain in the ass to hire people, so here‘s an easy and novel way how.

    This method literally cuts my hiring process down from a MASSIVE undertaking….to instead a small process that requires maybe a phone call or two before a highly qualified person is doing work for me.

    Anyways, for my birthday, I sincerely hope you enjoy the Craigslist Hiring Course!

    Click here to start the Craigslist Hiring Course —> 


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    Another November Brother here! Mine is on the 8th. I am reading all your posts here Neville and the comments on the "How would you make..." posts where outstanding!
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    Guest How To Advertise On Craigslist Effectively - ShivarWeb


    […] here each month. The section is broken down by industries, and it’s an excellent resource for companies looking to hire, as well as individuals looking for […]
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