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    1.) The Kopywriting Checklist: Sold over $60,000 worth of these on AppSumo...you get it for free.  Follow along to write good copy in less than 45 minutes. 2.) The Copywriting Quick-Sell Experiment: This was the first copywriting experiment I performed, and it got 120 sales in 2 hours.  This blew me away and taught me a lesson I've kept using for life.  Full scripts included so you can copy. 3.) The "How To Become A Copywriter" Guide Book: It shows all the options of freelance writing, corporate writing and more.  Amazing resource if you're curious about copywriting and possibly charging good money for it.
      Enter your email and I'll send you the 3 guides immediately. My email list is essentially an entire free course on copywriting, so I think you'll learn a ton from each email also.
    “Yours is the most valuable email I get every week (out of maybe 510 marketing mails).”
    — Fabiola Christensen
    Sincerely, Neville Medhora (The dude sitting in this chair): Neville Chair
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