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    Here are a bunch of PROVEN scripts and templates you can use to get gigs as a copywriter or any other type of free lancer. You can Quick Jump to any template from here:

    Email Copywriting Template for $100:

    This is a handy template to sell people your email copywriting services as a beginner:

    Photography Service Template:

    Let's say you've got a nice camera, and want to make a bit of money from doing some photography, this is a script that's worked over and over for people to drum up new clients:

    Wordpress Page Building for $100:

    This is a proven template (has been used successfully many times to get client work well into the thousands of dollars) for setting up Wordpress websites for people. Wordpress is super easy for some people, but others find it very complicated and hard. Well let's accept money from those people who find it hard, and build their Wordpress websites for them! Simply copy/paste this template (just change your personal details) into your personal Facebook status update.

    Editing Services:

    This is a template requested by Nadia to sell her proofing and editing services:

    Wardrobe Stylist for Men:

    Let's say you've got a flair for fashion, and you want to help someone local build a wardrobe, here's a hand template to post to friends and family in your area.

    Making Messenger Bots:

    There's always new technologies coming around that go through "hype phases", which is great because if you learn that technology a lot of people will want your services during that phase. Right now "Facebook Messenger Bots" are making some buzz, so here's a template offering that service:

    Cold Calling for Validating Ideas:

    This is a script that brought Deon a client in under 2 minutes, then 4 more, then $1,000+ gigs. We wrote Deon this script so he could cold calling services to a list of customers. Here it is:

    Converting Blog Posts into Multiple Forms of Social Media:

    This is a super cool idea that's been getting very popular lately. It also doesn't require a tremendous amount of technical skill, but just a little (photo editing, a bit of writing etc).

    Catering Business:

    This is a fantastic script written by Nikhil to promote his dad's new tandoori chicken catering services. Since he is posting this to family and friends on his personal FB account, he even asks for some help naming the business at the end:

    Facebook Ads for Lead Generation:

    If you are trying to run Facebook Ads for a specific niche, you can use this script. Swap out the niche and any relevant numbers. This script is trying to sell Facebook Ad services to yoga studios:

    Prototyping a Business or Tech:

    Let's say you've got a lot of experience in an area (such as eCommerce for this example), and you want to help others save time and money by advising them. This script will offer that as a service:

    Amazon FBA Review:

    Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is a decently hot thing right now, and a lot of people solely sell through Amazon. If you are experienced with Amazon FBA, you can do a "product review" of someone's product listing for them. Even if you help them bump up the conversion just a little, it can make a real difference in sales.

    Linux Installation and Help:

    This script was requested by Samuel to see if he could help people install Linux:

    Warm Calling Customers:

    Let's say you're good on the phone and would like to call customers for a business, this script could help:
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