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    Three important copywriting lessons. Cheat sheets. And a dog. (don't ask).

    Neville here, and I'm pretty damn excited about something: I'm sending out a PHYSICAL product to you!! When I teach you something, I usually use video, text & images.....but it's always delivered over the web. How often have you been on the web trying to read or watch something, but instead you get distracted by something else? ALL THE DAMN TIME right? I mean....how am I supposed to compete for your attention when there's an endless parade of games, cat videos and porn on the web?? A FOCUSED MIND: Well there's always been one medium that I've learned from the most (aka the lessons taught usually sunk in a lot harder).....and that's books. Normally when I'm reading a book I'm not doing anything else. I also read with a pen, so I jot down notes in the book as I'm reading. This might seem like a small detail, but interacting with the content you're reading makes it sink in much much much much deeper. It's why I would always print out long articles online to read them. A CLEVER SOLUTION: So I wanted to teach your brain something new.....but also create a whole experience around it so you learn better. And I'm calling in The NevBox. It's a physical package you get in your physical mailbox. You order it from this page, you wait in anticipation to get it, and a few days later a REAL thing shows up at your door (it's like Christmas....but for nerdy adults)! Inside The NevBox are several things (I will purposely be vague to keep it secret, and keep you in anticipation):
    Day 1 Lesson: The 1st day you open this lesson.  It will teach you a very, very valuable copywriting skill that lets you get inside a customers head without having to do all the research.  No matter what industry you're in, this will help you speak the exact language of customers so you don't bore them with what YOU think is interesting. It helps you go straight for the real issues they want solved.
    Day 2 Lesson: I've got a story for you.  It explains a method of keeping someone's attention, and shows you how to apply it to anything you're writing (an email, a love letter, a speech, a sales page....whatever).  You will look at everything you write that day, in a totally different light.  
    Day 3 Lesson: There's a seriously-important lesson in life in this one, and also a very small gift for you.  I hope this letter gets passed onto someone else in your life. A friend, a family member, a spouse. 
    Cheat Sheet & Swipe File Starter: A good copywriter has a curious mind, and saves tons of files, interesting articles, ads, cheat sheets and tactics for inspiration later on.  This is called a"swipe file."  I've included a few small items to get your own started.  Hopefully you end up framing a few of the things inside. 
    I've been told the first lesson alone is worth WAY more than what I'm selling this whole package for. But as with any product I sell, I want you to get at least 100x your investment back in the 1st year, and 10x your investment in the first month. If you apply any of these methods to your business life, you will hopefully see those results. These lessons are meant to be read over the course of 3 days. They are also packaged to keep you curious about the next one. So pay close attention to how everything flows, because..... I want you to notice when I use bolding, or centering, or italics. I want you to notice how I hook you in. I want you to notice how I use odd analogies to help you memorize better. I want you to notice your own emotional state during reading. By being aware of all this, you'll improve your own writing. I literally want you to steal the tactics and concepts I use to write to you. This NevBox was designed with YOUR experience in mind. I look forward to spending 3 evenings with you in your favorite reading spot!   "SO HOW DO I GET MY NEVBOX?" If you want to get in on this experience, I highly suggest you do it now by clicking the "Buy Now" button below. Once these are gone, there will be no more. Literally. This isn't a digital product I can sell over-and-over, it's a physical product that I must build and will soon be GONE. When making these my apartment looks like an Office Depot exploded in it. There's 1,000's envelopes everywhere, boxes all over the place, 8,000+ sheets of stapled paper, plastic baggies, shipping labels and all sorts of other crap laying around: nevbox-buncha-stuff The first batch of these I ever made (200 of them) sold out within 72 hours of mentioning I made them.  And lemme tell you....PEOPLE LOVED THEM!  They even passed them around families and offices to learn the lessons inside.  People told me it was the first time in years they had FUN learning something! So click the buy button below, and within a few days you will get your NevBox experience in the mail. (U.S. mailing addresses preferred, but will ship internationally also at no extra charge). All boxes will be shipped out via USPS (United States Postal Service): nevbox-stacked-desk2 Your NevBox will arrive in 2-4 business days from shipping time (7-14 days if international). For your $97, you will get something REAL which will stay will you forever. I have included certain print-outs and cheat sheets which some of you will hang up or even frame. (I personally have 4 framed Ogilvy advertisements above my desk for inspiration). Also, since this is a physical product optimized to make you absorb the lessons....once you read each letter, the lesson will be burned into your brain. That's what you're paying for. You can also hand off these letters to a loved one to help THEM in their career. So long as you can checkout with the PayPal button, there is a NevBox in stock and ready for shipping.

    Click the PayPal button below to have a NevBOX shipped to you for $97. Make sure to enter your proper SHIPPING address into PayPal. First come, First serve!


    Sincerely, Neville Medhora - Creator of the NevBox
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