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    • The Copywriting Course Guide 


      How Get The Most Out of Your Posts:

      Here's 3 quick tips on how to get the most out of your posts in the community, and how to get the best feedback from all the professional copywriters:


      Tip #1.) Try to keep things in the thread.
      Tip #4.) Try to post a single thing at a time.
      Tip #3.) Ask specific questions.

      If you have a vague question or just want live help, then come on over to an Office Hours and talk!



      How To Watch All The Courses:

      You can go straight to the Courses page to see a full listings of courses to start, or use the right sidebar menu to jump directly between all the course content at any time: 




      How To Search The Kopywriting Kourse:

      On the top-right of your Members Area there is a handy search box. This will instantly search our entire members database for any topic you'd like: 


      For example, if you search for "Cold Email" your search will bring up all the content about cold emails including course content and Office Hours recording clips, and member questions. 



      How To Attend An Office Hours And Ask Questions:

      If you are a current paying member of the Kopywriting Kourse, you will have access to Office Hours.

      Just click the "Office Hours" tab at the top of the page to see the next Office Hours. You can ask questions directly on the Office Hours page, and your question will be answered live!

      Go here to see the Office Hours schedule (not available to non-current members of Kopywriting Kourse). 



      How To Post In The Forums:

      You can always comment on anything in the forums, or click "Start New Topic" in the forum of your choice to get a new conversation going:




      How to edit your profile:

      At the top-right of this page you'll see your profile icon. Click that, and then click "My Profile" to see your full profile.

      You can also access your profile from the Account tab:




      How to get Kopywriting Certified:

      One awesome part of being a Kopywriting Kourse Member is the opportunity for you to get a certification that you've completed these courses and more importantly: Participated!

      We don't believe in simply making people "tell us they watched some videos" to give out a Kopywriting Kourse Certification, we want involvement! So to get certified if you have 50 or more posts in the Members Area, you can get certified! 

      This includes:

      • Commenting on Office Hours.
      • Replying to conversation threads. 
      • Asking questions. 
      • Replying to questions. 

      Being involved in the community is the fastest way to get an official Kopywriting Kourse Certification! 

      You will then get an Official Kopywriting Kourse Certification Badge on your profile. You can use this certification on LinkedIn, Facebook, or wherever else you display your talents.


      How to see your subscription settings:

      Under the "Account" tab, select the "Subscription" option. This will pull up your current paying status for Kopywriting Kourse. 


      From here you can also manage, update, or cancel your Kopywriting Kourse subscription. 



      How to get more Office Hours:

      You can get more Office Hours by going to the Subscriptions page.

      An active Kopywriting Kourse subscription gets your full access to the Office Hours, Community Forums, and full archive of live trainings!



      How to get support on your account:

      If you need help with anything you can always enter a support ticket here and we'll take care of you.

      If you have any other questions please contact us Mon-Fri (9am - 5pm CST):
      Email Support: Support@KopywritingKourse.com
      Text/Call Support: 323-393-3323


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