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    How Copywriting Course Turned Me Into a Writing Machine

    good copy generator machine

    This year has been a HYPERJUMP for my writing career…

    • I escaped the feast-and-famine cycle and landed steady freelance writing work
    • My travel blog is finally ranking in Google and gaining traction
    • My writing skills, speed, and confidence have skyrocketed

    And it turns out, all these accomplishments can be traced back to one common factor...

    The Copywriting Course.

    Now, in case we haven’t met—I’m Mitch 👋🏼.

    Neville hired me last year to help run the Copywriting Course community.

    Originally I thought it’d just be a temporary “stepping-stone” job. Little did I know that joining the community would be a launchpad for nearly every aspect of my online business.

    That’s what I want to share with you today.

    And the best part is, even though I work for Copywriting Course, all of these benefits are accessible to every Copywriting Course member.

    So without further ado, here are nine ways Copywriting Course has transformed my writing career.



    #1.) I’m surrounded by copywriting every day

    Before joining, I had a lot of copywriting “head knowledge” that I didn’t know what to do with.

    I read all the books, took all the courses, landed a few clients here and there…

    But I didn’t have a place to consistently apply, test, and sharpen everything I’d learned.

    That changed the moment I entered the Copywriting Course forums.

    I went from reviewing 3 pieces of copy per month (if that) to critiquing 5+ projects per DAY.

    mitch copywriting course profile

    Not only that, but I also get to see the copy reviews done by two other professional copywriters (Neville and Dan), which is a learning experience in itself.

    The cool thing is, this copywriting immersion opportunity is available to all members. Anyone can review and re-write another member’s copy. Not only will this solidify all your theoretical copywriting knowledge, but you’ll also be working towards getting Copywriting Course certified.



    #2.) I’m no longer embarrassed to show people my portfolio

    Speaking of helping others out in the community, I can now list 100+ different companies in the “Businesses I’ve helped” section of my portfolio.

    So instead of getting embarrassed and defensive when a potential client asks about my experience…

    I say, “Sure, here’s the list.”

    copywriting portfolio mitch

    Now that is some killer social proof.

    This is an awesome opportunity for members as well. One of the hardest parts of breaking into copywriting is landing your first clients with no experience (if nobody will hire you, how are you supposed to get experience??).

    For KK members, it’s as easy. Just poke around in the forums, break down someone’s copy, give them suggestions, and BOOM!

    You’ve now done a copy critique for a real business.

    Do a handful of these, and you’ll have a juicy portfolio to show your first “real” clients.



    #3.) I’ve connected with business owners who value my skills

    In the forums, you have the opportunity to help businesses of all sizes. While many are just starting their entrepreneurial journey, you never know who is going to blow up into a huge success.

    And judging by the level of hustle and dedication I see going on, it’s only a matter of time before this happens.

    Here are just a few people I’ve got my eye on…

    rob r postRob runs 'The Dad the Best I Can' podcast and just published an awesome parenting book.


    shaggy goal postShaggy is working hard in the trenches building up his freelance copywriting business.


    mike-post-kk.pngMichael created a Tech House Music online course and is constantly running promotions and optimizing his sales funnel.

    Participating in the forums has allowed me to network with tons of people I otherwise would have never met.

    And when it comes to running a business online, the bigger your network, the better.



    #4.) I earn a steady paycheck from anywhere on Earth

    Well...as long as I have internet.

    This year I got trapped on a remote island in Cambodia when COVID shut down the world.

    All the other stranded travelers were freaking out as their bank accounts were sucked dry.

    Not me.

    While everyone else was penny-pinching in rustic accommodation and scrambling to find a way home…

    I was sipping piña coladas, freelance writing, and earning a steady paycheck from my beachfront bungalow.

    Without the freelancing skills I picked up in Copywriting Course, being quarantined in paradise would’ve been WAY more stressful.



    #5.) I learned to make awesome images

    I never thought making images would be one of my favorite parts of Copywriting Course.

    Heck, before KK, I had no interest in graphic design. I didn’t appreciate the power of images.

    Now, I’m obsessed with them.

    They make my content fun to read. They help me stand out from the crowd. And they make complex ideas easier for readers to understand.

    stickman holding boring vs fun page

    As you can see, I’m by no means an expert graphic designer. But even just knowing the basics sets you apart from 99% of other writers (who only know how to write).



    #6.) My blog is starting to feel legit

    Before KK, I had a butt-ugly travel blog with essentially zero search traffic.

    Honestly, I was embarrassed to call myself a blogger, and whenever any of my friends asked to see it, I changed the subject.

    Not anymore.

    Copywriting Course taught me how to make dope content that I’m proud to share (go check it out!).

    Best of all, Google seems to like it too.

    google analytics project unthetheredWe’re headed in the right direction! (Especially for a travel blog during a pandemic).

    This growth is partly from KK training on how to use SEO, custom images, and unique and actionable content.

    But it’s also from Neville’s writing feedback.

    See, Neville isn’t afraid to tell you if something sucks. And since I publish articles on his blog, he really doesn’t hold back.

    Constructive criticism isn’t always fun, but it’s the fastest way to sharpen your writing chops. And those who take advantage of unlimited copy critiques in the forums know first-hand how valuable it is.

    daniel-kk-postDaniel uses the forums regularly to optimize his sales pages.



    #7.) I finish writing projects 2x faster

    I used to spend a ridiculous amount of time crafting the “perfect” blog posts.

    I re-wrote things dozens of times. Progress was painfully slow.

    But after contributing daily in the forums and writing several articles for KK each month, my writing speed has doubled.

    Client projects that used to take me eight hours now take me four. That leaves loads of time each week to work on my blog, find new clients, and travel to awesome places.

    peruExploring Peru in between client work

    Best of all, my writing is more relatable now. Instead of wasting time figuring out the most eloquent way to say something, I just write how I talk. And people like it 🙂.



    #8.) I get inspiration and ideas from other KK members

    A side benefit of spending so much time in the forums is I get a constant flow of new ideas and inspiration for growing my blog and freelancing business.

    Here are some of my favorite threads:

    • The monthly goals thread is a place where everyone posts their goals for the month. It helps me stay accountable and not procrastinate.
    • The “wins” thread is an awesome place to celebrate and keep track of all the big (and little) successes you’ve had recently.
    • Speaking of successes, this thread—started by a brand new KK student—reminded me how much can be accomplished in just a couple weeks of focused work (and inspired me to stop procrastinating).
    • This monster thread follows one student’s journey from setting up his website and opt-in, to eventually publishing his first book (and every step along the way).
    • This thread gave me some gold nugget ideas on how to get quality survey results from readers and customers.
    • In this thread, I learned about a new free SEO tool that helps you find long tail keywords and understand your audience better.
    • This short thread is packed with powerful tools to help come up with trending content ideas (which I now use weekly to get blog post ideas).
    • This thread taught me a valuable lesson on how to properly set my freelance prices.
    • In this thread, I found some cool templates and tips for connecting with potential clients on LinkedIn.
    • This thread got my idea juices flowing on creative ways to incentivize email subscribers to do me favors.

    I could go on and on.

    Not a day goes by where I don’t pick up new ideas and inspiration from other members.



    #9.) I no longer have to “fake” my confidence

    Before KK, I was a decent writer.

    • I got A’s in English class
    • I never received negative feedback from clients
    • People liked my blog posts (granted my mom was the only one reading)

    ...but I still felt like a fraud.

    After all, I don’t have any formal writing training. I went to school for athletic training, not internet marketing.

    Who was I to call myself a writer (much less a copywriter)?

    I think this feeling is quite common.

    Fortunately, Copywriting Course demolished those doubts. Since joining, I have...

    • Helped over 100 businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.
    • Written over 50 articles for the Copywriting Course blog.

    I can’t pinpoint the exact moment, but one day I realized I was no longer “faking” my confidence. It was real.

    I’m actually doing this!

    KK members are getting results from my advice.

    My articles drive a decent chunk of traffic to the KK blog.

    And—despite the pandemic shutting down travel—my travel blog is somehow growing.



    Final Thoughts on Copywriting Course

    When I first started with Copywriting Course, I had no idea it would lead me to where I am today.

    I thought I’d just binge-watch all the kourses, pick up a few copywriting tricks and client-getting strategies, and earn some money in the process.

    But that’s not what happened.

    I quickly realized Copywriting Course is more than just a course…

    • It’s an interactive community of go-getters who support each other’s growth.
    • It’s an environment that makes it almost impossible NOT to step up your game.
    • It’s a place where anyone can leverage the forum for experience and connections.
    • It’s an opportunity to get unlimited feedback on ideas (and accountability to follow through with them).

    So if that’s what you’re looking for, come check us out!

    Hope this helps!


    Mitch Glassmitch glass


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