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    How many squares of toilet paper do you use?

    How many squares of toilet paper do you use?

    This is an important question:

    How many squares of toilet paper do you use per wipe?

    At home I typically use 3. I feel this is the optimum amount for safe coverage without being too wasteful:

    3 squares toilet paper

    I personally think the "ball-up-and-scrunch" method for wiping is not only inefficient and wasteful.....but also less comfortable and gives a more unreliable wipe.

    I personally like to fold one end till the 1/6th mark first:

    3 squares folded toilet paper

    Then I take that remaining 1/6th as a "handle" and fold it back over:

    3 stacked toilet paper squares

    This 3-Square-Stack is the right size and density for maximum comfort, efficiency, and economy. In public I'll use 4-5 squares per stack depending on ply thickness.

    In public, the goal is often to get OUT of the restroom quick as possible.

    So to shave a full minute off time, I invented this new method about 2 years ago, and I believe it's an innovation in toilet paper folding technology:

    I will "pre-prepare" these folded stacks of toilet paper during downtime, so when cleanup time comes, I'm ready to go without doing any additional pulling and folding!! Generally 6 stacks are sufficient:


    In a public restroom you don't have much clean space, so I rest these stacks in the safe confines of my clothing:

    6 stacks ready toilet paper pants

    I'm not sure if they award Nobel Peace Prizes for innovations like this, but please recommend me in the upcoming vote.

    I once encountered a person who said they wrap their hand in toilet paper for each wipe?? I called the cops on them immediately for this egregious waste:

    toilet paper mitten wrap

    We're trying to live in a society here people....


    So....how many squares of toilet paper do YOU use per wipe?

    Leave your answer in the comments below!



    P.S. It's totally understandable if you use a fake name in the comments!

    P.P.S. While it's ok to be descriptive, please try not to use much graphic language or be too gross.

    P.P.P.S. Example responses might include:

    - "3 squares."

    - "6 on the first, 3 on the rest."

    - "I only use Japanese toilets and therefore need none."

    P.P.P.P.S. Want to see a visual representation of everyone's answers?

    You can see them all in this Google Spreadsheet:

    google sheet visualization example

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    Guest Tom Sharp


    I have no idea, as my butler does it for me, with squares of silk, and I have no idea what happens to it afterwards.
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    Guest Piiiills, baby


    Toilet paper? I use the carpet, naturally. A small video demonstration "attached" above.
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    I've never really measures before. More testing is required. Estimated 18 squares
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    I have no idea. I never count squares. I just fold over a comfortable amount & go to town. However, you pre-folding your TP in advance on your downtime Neville to save a minute is pretty anal.

    Apparently you musta had an 'a-ha' moment sitting on the can to come up w/ this topic of diskussion.

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    Depends on the quality (how many ply and size of the sheets) of the paper!! Single ply about 5?
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    I personally use the Eatons Catalogue in my outhouse.

    PS this is brilliant copy

    PPS you win the Nobel Piece Prize

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    Guest Kushal samaddar


    I didn't use toilet paper... In India most of the ppl use water instead of paper and all...
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    Generally 10-15, but I'm in Asia right now and they have little toliet hoses to help you out. Makes your time on the bowl and conserving paper much easier :)
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    Guest Gwen Cole


    4 times 2. This is the weirdest blog post I've ever seen. Congratulations.
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    Guest Bevan Hirst


    hahahahaha! Brilliant, love your work Nevman

    I also use 3 squares, as the perfect trade off between comfort and environmental management!

    Prepping during 'downtime' is a fascinating idea :D

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    Guest Manoj Philip


    Bidet all the way! Jk, as much as I need to get the job done. Then I use wet wipes afterwards to get that "extra clean" feel.
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    At home I use quality paper so 2 squares at a time. Usually x 3. Great post will be interesting to see how many respond. And much better than being concerned at the goings on of politicians. Cheers david
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    Guest My name is not Jasper


    Just use as much as you need bro. Keep that butt clean naw mean?
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    Can you come teach this 3 square method to my toddler? She prefers 24 squares, balled up.

    My personal strategy is four squares, or baby wipes, until I purchase one of those Tushy bidet attachments.

    If you don’t have a pack of environmentally- friendly wipes on the back of your toilet yet, prepare to have your life changed. Totally 80/20’s your wiping experience.

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