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    Emails are the perfect combo of an instant message and a letter and they are upgrading fast. With messengers like the Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp we have such mediums to talk to the people around us be it friends, colleagues, acquaintances etc. However emails still to date carry that professional tag upon them, as in you wouldn’t ever send an application to your HR Manager on Whatsapp, now would you? Not unless you want to get fired.

    Emails provide that professional backdrop to all of your tasks that might or might not be so professional.

    Some people are still adapting to the changes of email world, and so they fail miserably. One such feature is closing or ending of an email. Many people struggle with how to end their emails. It is not exactly a letter so you can’t sign it off so what to do? Well worry not, as we are here to answer your query.

    Following are the 7 important dos and don’ts you need to learn to perfectly end your email.

    • Your relationship with the recipient

    No matter what you are about to type in, you definitely have something in mind regarding the person it will reach, so you should stop to consider your relationship with that person. When you will do so, you will end your email accordingly.

    • Include your brief information

    Include all your related information however, keep it short. Just add your full name, contact number and preferably your designation in the company. Do not project a whole list of links that promotes your achievements and projects.

    • Title and company

    For suppose you are sending a professional email but to someone outside your company then you should add your job title and your company’s name for sure. And even any toll free number or helpline your company may own.

    • Sign off

    Signing off is more of a necessary function than a formality because it indicates that the email has ended and none of it is left behind or gotten erased, and reached the recipient whole.

    • Avoid unprofessional closings

    Unless you are sending email to a very close friend, keep your closing very professional. Avoid unprofessional closing at all costs even if you are sending it to a work buddy, do sign off your email with your contact information, full name and designation.

    • Avoid big logos

    As you may send emails outside your company, you may add a footer of your company’s logo but avoid it being oversized as it may take up space and can be very distracting too.

    • Avoid quotes or inside jokes

    Seriously, there will very few people that may appreciate your levity and a lot more who would misinterpret it for something you didn’t mean to say. So before you learn the hard way, just take our advice to not use any inside jokes or quotes as a closing.

    So concluding, these were 7 most important dos and don’ts that you can easily follow when writing an email and end it perfectly. As all’s well that ends well!


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