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How To Remind Someone Through Email


Here's the quickest, easiest, and non-douchiest way to remind someone to respond to your email:

Send them back an email that says:


That's it!  Just reply back to the email thread with the word "bump."

I learned this a while ago from my friend Sungho.  Leave it up to an Asian to come up with something so elegantly simple ;-)


The first time I ever saw this "bump" method in action was in 2011 when Sungho sent me a time-critical email......and I didn't respond:


A quick "bump" from him, and the burden once again fell onto me to respond.  AND he didn't sound annoying!

So next time you need a time-critical email answered, give it a bump!

Use this trick wisely my friend,

Neville Medhora


P.S. Share this trick with your co-workers:



P.P.S. Check this out if you wanna see some other people's email open rates.

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Guest Kalo


It works!

I've just used it on Reddit DM and I got an instant reply in an hour or so.

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Guest Andre


Neville, where do you write "bump" ...in the subject line or the body? And does this do anything technically (i.e. causes email to resend etc) or is this just a keyword that people typically respond to?
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Of course, the "kicker" to your suggestion would be to explain (what I had to immediately look up, for I'd never seen this term before), is that "BUMP" is (apparently) an acronym for "Bring Up My Post" ( i.e., "please check out the e-mail I recently sent to you"). The "sub-text", of course, being "...which you did NOT previously answer." But, as you well noted, it's a delightfully NON-aggressive way of saying that! Thanks!
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Guest Jennifer


My girlfriend does this to me Magen she sends text messages.
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Neville bout to get me fired 😂

I'm looking to try it out this week.

Bring on some some more Email tips. Thanks Neville!

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