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    How To Sell <u>Without</u> Selling (An Easy Formula To Follow)

    Most people hate having to use high pressure sales tactics to get people to buy stuff. Especially with the internet creating far more informed consumers who are less likely to fall for tricks than in the past.

    Here is a great principle that will make you (and your customer) feel much better about your marketing:

    Video Length: 2min 45sec. YouTube Link [


    The marketing world has a scammy connotation sometimes, as it well should. People blatantly shove stuff in your face and try to get you to buy with high pressure tactics.

    Especially in the internet marketing world you'll see countless "over the top" claims like this:

    scammy sales pages and hardsells

    Needless to say, most people don't want to resort to lying and exaggerating just to make a living.

    But take comfort, that this scammy style of selling is changing. One shining beacon of hope for this change is software companies.

    You can see tons of SaaS page examples, and none of them have the hypey sales tone or exaggerated claims as typical marketing products.

    The reason is:

    It's hard to "exaggerate" or "fake" what a piece of software can do!

    It either does it, or doesn't do it. It's a binary decision with only two outcomes.


    So let's take a page out of the way much software is sold, and apply it to our own marketing.

    The Magical Formula for "selling without selling" is:

    In all the AppSumo deals I created, this 70% content + 30% sales formula was always adhered to. When you zoom out on a deal, you can see the 70/30 split in action:

    Advertorial Example AppSumo Prey


    So make sure to tattoo this 70% Content 30% Sales formula on your forehead:

    70 percent content 30 sales tattoo on head



    Neville N. Medhora

    P.S. Here's some further reading on this: 

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