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    Let's quickly learn about how to write a cold email that has the highest chance of getting responded to:
    Notice how different these two cold emails are: cold email comparison The crazy thing is, the shorter email on the left will get a far higher response every single time. This means less work, and more results!

    Understand "The Gatekeeper" is getting bombarded:

    Here's an interview with Collin Sutton. He's the director of social media marketing for OMD. This means he's constantly bombarded with 100's of emails and calls to get his business. This interview demonstrates how much he's sought after, and why he answers only 1 out of 30 cold emails....and what ACTUALLY catches his eye in a cold email to get him to call them back:

    Let's write a cold email:

    Watch as we type out a simple B2B email. It's not as complex as some people make it out to be:
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