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    review thumbs up thumbs down A critical review is your personal evaluation of a piece of creative work. This includes books, restaurants, theater, movies, software, and fashion just to name a few but the list goes on and on and on.  

    Why write a critical review?

    Is your teacher is making you?  Is it your job to write reviews for the New York Times? or maybe you just enjoy helping others not waste their hard-earned money? Before you can review something you have:
    • Read the book
    • Try the product
    • Eat the food
    • Watch the movie
    • Use the service

    What to include in your review?

      To write a great review, you need to become an expert at what you are reviewing.  An easy way to do that is to take notes and photos. take photos   I like to break my notes down into positive and negative.  Here is a little chart I created for this steak from Stickman's Steak Shack.

    Stickman's Steak Shack

    restaurant positive negative chart Let's work on each step together: critical restaurant review example    

    Critical Book Review Example:

    What if we were to write a review on this book?

    I have to go book book review

    Let's write down the positive and negative points:

    I Have To Go by Robert Munch 

    Book positive and negative chart Let's work on each step together book review  

    Critical Review Cheat Sheet:

    Introduction - What are you reviewing. Summary - Description of what you are reviewing. Critique - Your opinion. Conclusion - Your call to action.
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