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    Graduation is simply understood as the act of getting a diploma or any academic qualification such as degrees, masters, etc. where the individual becomes a graduate. The day the individual graduates, is known as graduation day. This is also known as convocation, commencement or invocation. Certain countries celebrate graduation from when a child moves one step up from either primary to secondary school or high school and out. In the ceremonies of colleges and universities, the faculty and degree holders will wear an academic dress to celebrate the occasion.

    First thing first, it is important to keep in mind that giving out a graduation speech would be in front of not just one’s peers but the whole faculty, parents and guardians as well as graduates from various fields. So addressing them is the first point. Next, as there will be a vast audience, the key point is to make sure the speech has clarity and is meaningful rather than just a bunch of words placed together to sound very inspiring. In addition to this, it is also best to keep it short and simple so the audience will pay attention rather than getting bored out of their mind.

    Before preparing the speech it is advisable to make a list containing these key points. Consider when drafting the speech.

    Looking at famous influential people’s convocation speeches all suggest one thing. Nobody had a clue as to what the contents of a speech should be, so basically just jot down what you believe in that really matters, the experiences you’ve gathered throughout your journey till this moment and of course the famous life quotes you gathered from the internet. Next, organizing the contents of your speech as in what you will speak about first, step by step till the final world is important. This helps you muster up a proper planned and well thought out speech instead of one that is delivered without a proper point. Selecting a theme is the complex part of creating a speech. The unlimited amount of topics one could possibly speak of doesn’t help the situation but no matter what the topic it always comes down to either about life lessons, trusting/figuring out one’s self, dreams and passions in the big world, always have a positive outlook etc. When it comes to length of one’s graduation speech like mentioned above it is essential to keep in mind that, grabbing your audience’s attention is your main objective. Therefore, maximum timing of 12-15 minutes would do, giving enough time to maintain the excitement and focus of the listeners in the crowd. Clichés are expressions or ideas that have been over used giving it no value or effect anymore. Avoiding these kinds of expressions is for the best; beginning to a new me, change the world, etc. and finally add in a few memories from high school or college and do not forget to thank the faculty on behalf of all graduates for their support throughout the years.

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