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    Having an idea of entering the medical school and learning how to provide that unforgettable and prestigious service to the community would indeed be one of the greatest achievements in your life. In order to enter the medical school, students would have to write a personal statement on why they chose this field.

    When writing a personal statement addressing to any field there are a few common tips or else dos and donts you would first have to consider about. It is always best and advisable to keep the usage of your relevant language as simple as possible, precise and clear. Good medical students and doctors who are known as one of the most intelligent people in the community always keep their words limited and direct. So as you would be writing a personal statement, do not forget to keep this important point in mind.

    Stating about the reasons which inspired you to take this important decision which would change your life is another factor which would add up your points in getting your personal statement in to an unforgettable one. It is always touching and interesting for you to express the reasons which made you make such an important decision in your life. Readers too would love to read these points and have a better understanding about you and your background, talents, skills and capabilities which could be a key factor for you to become a popular student in medical school.

    Providing a small brief explanation about your personal life, academic achievements and non-academic achievements, talents, skills, capabilities is also a good fact mention in your personal statement. The story of your life in a small picture and the background effect of your upbringing and the life with your siblings would create a smooth sequence in making your reader have a better image about you and your strengths.       

    Since you are a medical student and you are obviously writing it to the medical school I believe you would understand the formality of doctors as we all see doctors as a group of well-educated serious people who are not hear to hear your jokes. So no jokes , silly fonts, odd combination of colors and mainly no informal language which are not appropriate and decent enough to be stated in your personal statement as these points would give a lot of weight and formality towards your personal statement. As all doctors expect respect and students too should learn to adhere and keep up to that respect which is intended to be maintained by the most important people in the community.

    Once you are done writing your personal statement, it is best to give it off for a feedback run. Asking a friend or a known doctor to go through your personal statement before submitting it would help you clear out those doubts and unclear statements. It’s okay to get stuff wrong and hear negative feedbacks from your friends as that is the reason you actually gave it to them. To get it to a better level than what is was. The next time you would be thinking of entering the medical college or helping out a friend to write a personal statement I believe you would have to consider the above facts in getting your statement approved fast.     

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