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    Before I could start giving some advice on how to write a magazine pitch as a duty of mine I should first explain or make you realize what the word pitch means in a writers world or field. The pitch what means here is not exactly the pitch you would have in your mind right now. No! It is not about the sound vibration of your voice and I am not talking about any topic close to music. The pitch in a writers world mean the potential or expected article or description and the reason on why it should be important or matter to the editor. A pitch can be exposed verbally or in a written statement in convincing your editor towards giving him the answer towards his question on why you are the perfect person to get it written by.

    When writing a pitch there are a few points to consider in getting your editor to get himself convinced towards giving you the chance of a life time. Therefore it is best to first give the editor a brief explanation about yourself as a passionate author and state why you would be interested to create such a piece of work and what has inspired you to do so. If there are answers towards the reason for your inspirations it is better to explain a bit about it as well so that the editor would realize you are talking or stating something realistic.

    Give your editor a brief description of what you intend to write about. It is better to keep it simple and short as this is a pitch to get your editor on hold. By reading the summary of the story what you would be writing about it would give the editor a certain idea regarding the talent and skills you possess which could actually add up for you to gain different sides of opportunities in future as well.

    If you are having an idea of writing about a story, it is best to describe why this story has inspired you to write about it and provide publicity over it. Explain why it matters to you and the main points which were unforgettable and what you think readers would enjoy the most and what they would also gain by reading a story of yours.

    It is important you remember the fact that even if it the first time you are writing a pitch to an editor you have to prepare it to a level of something which would create an everlasting impression so that you would be able to grab the present opportunity in hand and be the special author who is able stand out from the crowd. Which could give you some sort of hope in making you believe that you would receive the next project to your hand. It is indeed not easy to get your words pitched to editors that easily unless you know them personally. As many emails floor in to an editor’s email box I am sure all of them want to get that guys attention which would also create a huge competition in even getting the editor to actually read your pitch. I hope you would realize how perfect your first impression pitch has to be in putting all the other authors down and standing up from them as a different and unique competitor. So next time you would thinking of writing a pitch to an editor I believe you should start of at least a week ahead to get it to ultimate perfection.        

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