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    In order to make a good first impression, it is important that you have a strong opening statement. In the opening statement, the lawyers get a chance to introduce themselves, their clients and the case. It is the part of the trail that will get the jury and judges on your side and set the scene for the rest of the case.

    So here, we have a few tips that will help you in writing an ideal opening statement.


    A clear and strong introduction is very important in the opening statement. You should make sure that the jury and judges are familiar with your name. Do not forget to introduce your client and that counsel that is on your side.

    Tell your story

    It is important that the judges and jury are aware of the reason you are here for so tell them the story of your client. Make sure that the statements you give are organized according to the evidence that jury will hear in the case. Your story must be sensible and make sure that jury is comfortable with you because only then they will believe what you have said.

    Bonding process

    It is the most important phase of the opening statement where you have to make ties with the jury and begin the bonding process. You have to make sure that:

    • Your body language must be positive and confident during the process
    • When you are explaining the case you must smile when appropriate.
    • The themes you present should resonate with the jury as they will make your verdict stronger


    Give the overview of the evidence and the witness that you would like to utilize in the case. It will help the judges to know what they have to deal with in this case. As well as it would be easier for you to later, take your case towards a positive turn.


    As a lawyer, you should be upfront and honest. You must agree with the negative fast about your client in a case when they are highlighted. Let the jury know to look past these facts. Make sure that in your opening statement there is a good ratio of facts because that will have a strong impact in the minds of judges.


    At the end of the opening statement, you must let the jury know about your thoughts on what you want the verdict to be. It is important that you are sincere and confident.

    When you are stating your opening statement, it is important to maintain an eye contact with the jury and the people that are present in the court. As it will give the impact that, you are stating the truth and will make your case stronger.

    With these tips, you can write some of the best opening statements. It is important that you write the opening statement before time. As when you will revise the statement it will allow you to make the required additions.

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